September 21, 2012

NextGen Equipage Fund Takes Off While FAA Works to Cut Program Delays, Cost Overruns

[SIGNALS Exclusive] A public-private partnership created to reduce the financial burden involved in implementing the nation's GPS-based, next-generation (NextGen) air transportation system has raised its first rounds of financing and is now negotiating contracts with its charter customers. (more)

GPS Civil Funding - The Check is in the Mail

Not only have the GPS civil program funds been held up for months, but when the promised amount finally arrives, it will -again- be far short of what was budgeted. (more)

[ADVERTISEMENT] KVH Industries, Inc.

Fiber Optic Gyroscopes 

Gyroscopes are critical in applications from guided weapons to unmanned systems and optical assemblies. Gyros used are selected based on factors including cost, size, accuracy, and durability. Fiber optic gyros offer precision, reliability and affordability in a small package. This report describes how KVH Industries' sensors compare against other technology. [more]

China Launches Two More Compass/BeiDou-2 Spacecraft

China successfully launched another two Compass/BeiDou satellites into space at 3:10 a.m. Beijing time on Wednesday (September 19, 2012), according to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua. (more)


ITT Exelis announces groundbreaking GPS Interference Detection and Geolocation capability   

Exelis GPS Interference, Detection and Geolocation (IDG) will provide near real-time positioning of intentional and unintentional GPS jamming sources through a network of sensors and advanced geolocation technology. [more]

Genene Fisher: Bringing Space Science Down to Earth

If we were to think of the GNSS enterprise as a ship sailing the high seas of space, then space weather expert Genene Fisher would be up in the crow's nest, on the lookout for asteroids instead of icebergs. (more)

Fractured GNSS Fairy Tales: What's not to like about GPS?

It's free, it's worked great - without failure, really - for nearly 20 years, and it has delivered to the world's citizens an affordable, accurate, and widely available capability for precise location and timing unprecedented in human history. (more)

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