May 18, 2012

First GPS III Launch Delayed by Up to a Year, OCX by Two Years

[GNSS SIGNALS exclusive] The launch of the first GPS III satellite has slipped to 2015 and completion of the ground control system is now delayed by up to two years, according to the chief of the Air Force's space operations. (more)

MBOC Patent Dispute Could Affect U.S. Military, European Civil Users

[GNSS SIGNALS exclusive] U.S. warfighters could be affected and European navigation users could end up paying more if the British are able to enforce a patent on technology at the heart of the new GPS and Galileo civil signals. (more)

GPS-Aided Monitoring of Parolees: No Privacy Issues, Just a Large Addressable Market

[GNSS SIGNALS exclusive] Amid a growing controversy over GNSS-aided tracking of private citizens, a recent study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) may point toward a politically acceptable, large - and largely untapped - market: monitoring criminals released early from prison. (more)

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On-demand Webcast: Understanding Specs for FOGs 


For precision navigation, stabilization, and pointing applications, fiber optic gyros are a high precision, rugged, and cost-effective alternative to MEMs, or ring laser gyros. Download the webcast to learn about gyro applications, FOG Theory of Operation, and gyro signal content and specifications [more]

LightSquared Vows to Fight for Wireless Broadband Plan Despite Bankruptcy

Thwarted thus far in efforts to convert satellite spectrum into a terrestrial service, LightSquared Inc. and 19 affiliates have filed for bankruptcy. But the would-be wireless broadband provider said it had not abandoned efforts to build out a nationwide network of transmitters that extensive tests have shown would interfere with GPS receivers. (more)

China Plans Another BeiDou Dual Launch in August

China will launch another three satellites for the BeiDou-2 (Compass) system by the end of the year, according to officials speaking today (May 18, 2012) at the China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2012) in Guangchou. (more)
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