November 2011

Galileo Regains Momentum with Financial, Management Proposals

[SIGNALS exclusive] After years of arduous political navigation filled with delays and disappointments, Europe's GNSS program appears to have found firmer ground as it heads into a crucial deployment phase. (more)

LightSquared Postpones International Expansion Effort

[SIGNALS exclusive] LightSquared has dropped, for now, efforts to expand its wireless broadband plans to markets in other countries. (more)

IFEN - The Leader in GNSS Test Solutions

[ADVERTISEMENT] GPS, GLONASS, Galileo... and more to come.  Are you ready for the future?

Take full advantage of our unique GNSS test range and laboratory test solutions, enabling you to meet the coming era of Multi-GNSS systems with your GNSS products and services. [more]


Russia Adds Another Satellite to GLONASS Constellation

Russia launched a single GLONASS-M satellite into orbit on Monday (November 28, 2011) from the Plesetsk space center north of Moscow. (more)

GPS Timing Used in Experiment to Measure 'Faster Than Light' Particles

No sooner had GPS positioning helped validate key aspects of Einstein's general theory of relativity in the Gravity Probe-B program than GPS timing has been cited as helping bring his special theory of relativity into doubt. (more)

EC Rolls Out Free Software for EGNOS Developers

The European Commission has introduced free, downloadable and ready-to-use software tools to help anyone develop enhanced location and timing applications that harness the power of Europe's European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS). (more)
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