September 2011

USA, Russia, EU, China
What's Happening with the World's Satellite Navigation Systems?

[SIGNALS exclusive] The Compass ICD, expanded QZSS, GLONASS launches, GPS budget issues and Galileo reprofiling created a buzz at the Institute of Navigation's recent GNSS conference in Portland, Oregon. (more)

LightSquared Interference to GPS Reports Pack the Room at ION GNSS 2011

[SIGNALS exclusive] A panel of GPS experts raised new doubts about the proposed broadband system's handsets and LightSquared's claim that it can co-exist with satellite navigation systems. (more)

United States
GeoReader Smartphone App Wins Hearts and Minds
[SIGNALS exclusive] A new GNSS Android application inspired by its creator's love of roadside historical markers won the "People's Choice" award at the USA Challenge event at ION GNSS. It talks to you about locations as you pass by and allows you to enter your own favorites as well. (more)
IFEN - The Leader in GNSS Test Solutions

[ADVERTISEMENT] GPS, GLONASS, Galileo... and more to come.  Are you ready for the future?

Take full advantage of our unique GNSS test range and laboratory test solutions, enabling you to meet the coming era of Multi-GNSS systems with your GNSS products and services. [more]


Next Generation GPS

Find out how GPS III's technical features and operational requirements will bring improved performance and new capabilities to the constellation from the company now working on the third generation of satellites. (more)

U.S. Congress
Looming Budget Hurricane Could Swamp GPS

The last-minute deal between Congress and the White House that raised the debt ceiling also set caps on Department of Defense (DoD) spending and a decision deadline that could trigger automatic cuts amounting to an additional $54 billion that would take effect in FY13. (more)

U.S. Department of Defense
Air Force Space Command Leader Says LightSquared Would Jam GPS

Gen. William L. Shelton, Air Force Space Command, told Congress on September 15 that the proposed broadband wireless service would degrade or render useless billions of dollars of equipment essential to military operations. Ordinarily, you'd think that would do the job... (more)
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