August 2011

It's Not Over Yet: FCC May Require More Tests by LightSquared

[SIGNALS exclusive] Amid White House efforts to keep a lid on the process and a looming hearing in the House, the furor over LightSquared's interference to GPS appears likely to compel the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require another round of testing - this time of the wireless broadband company's lower L-band frequencies. (more)

2010 USA Challenge Winner to Test Mobile Voting App at ION GNSS

[SIGNALS exclusive] The USA Challenge will give ION GNSS participants a chance to pick their favorite satellite navigation application from this year's contest using eVotz, a mobile voting platform that won the competition last year. (more)

Launch Failures Plague Russian Space Program, Delay GLONASS Schedule
A series of mishaps in Russia's space program may delay the long-awaited completion of the GLONASS constellation. If the Soyuz carrier is cleared for further use, news sources say Russia may move ahead with a launch in September. (more)
IFEN - The Leader in GNSS Test Solutions

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Take full advantage of our unique GNSS test range and laboratory test solutions, enabling you to meet the coming era of Multi-GNSS systems with your GNSS products and services. [more]

2SOPS Takes Over IIF-2, Moves to Replace SVN-30 with Spare

Command and control of the second GPS Block IIF satellite has been turned over to the 50th Space Wing's 2nd Space Operations Squadron (2SOP) at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. (more)

LightSquared Charges That GPS Receiver Manufacturers "Ignore" DoD Standards

Harbinger Capital Partners' company, LightSquared, has opened a new rhetorical front in its battle with almost every public and private interest in the GPS community over efforts to convert L-band frequencies into terrestrial wireless broadband services. Receiver manufacturers "chose to ignore"  Defense Department standards, they said in an August 11 letter to the FCC. (more)
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