July 2011


GPS Interference Test Results May Not Slow FCC Decision on LightSquared Deal

[GNSS SIGNALS exclusive] Despite evidence of the likelihood for harmful interference to nearby GPS and other GNSS L1 signals, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) appears likely to push ahead with approval of a revised LightSquared Subsidiary plan to build a dense U.S. network of high-powered ground transmitters for wireless broadband service. (more)

FAA Estimates $70+ Billion in Costs, Nearly 800 Deaths, Due to LightSquared Interference to GPS
A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) "conservative" assessment of changes in civil aviation that would result from the effect of LightSquared's wireless broadband transmissions on GPS would exceed $70 billion dollars, largely because of delays and changes in the planned rollout of the Next Generation (NextGen) air traffic control (ATC) system. (more)
EC Official Adds Galileo, EGNOS Worries to FCC's LightSquared-GPS Deliberations
Citing European Space Agency (ESA) studies that showed "harmful interference" to Galileo receivers operating up to 1,000 kilometers from LightSquared base stations, a European Commission (EC) official has told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about his "deep concerns" about the wireless broadband company's terrestrial transmissions in the 1525-1559 MHz band next to L1 GNSS frequencies. (more)
GPS Program

Successful Launch for Second GPS IIF Satellite

Boeing has received the first on-orbit signals from the second of 12 GPS Block IIF satellites it is building for the U.S. Air Force. GPS IIF-2, renamed Space Vehicle Number 63 (SVN-63), is functioning normally and ready to begin on-orbit maneuvers and operational testing. (more)
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USA Challenge

GNSS Experts to Judge 2011 Satellite Navigation Applications Idea Contest

[GNSS SIGNALS exclusive] Six judges - satellite navigation engineering experts from Stanford University, the Air Force Institute of Technology, Overlook Systems, NovAtel, KLA Global, the Institute of Navigation, and Inside GNSS - will select the finalists in the 2011 USA Challenge, one of 23 regional contests in this year's European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) (more)

Other GNSS Programs

China Announces Successful Compass/BeiDou-2 Satellite Launch

China launched another Compass/BeiDou-2 satellite at 5:44 on the morning of July 27 (Sichuan time zone). It is the ninth spacecraft in China's indigenous satellite navigation and positioning network and the fourth in inclined geosynchronous orbit. (more)
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