April 2010

Seeking Bright Ideas. Enter your original GNSS application idea in the USA Challenge and win a cover story in Inside GNSS plus $1,000! The newest regional contest in the 2010 European Satellite Navigation Competition accepts submissions May 1 - July 31. (more)
Shanghai NaviForum Focuses on Compass. (GNSS SIGNALS exclusive) Looks like China is ready to talk about Compass-Beidou. Satellite navigation's national importance and status updates are the promised topics at the 2010 NaviForum conference in Shanghai September 1-3. (more)
GPS Cooperation Moving Up on U.S. Space Agenda? (GNSS SIGNALS exclusive) U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn spoke at the March Space Symposium in Colorado about new space policy and priorities for national security uses of space. GPS interdependence featured prominently in his speech. Meanwhile, other developments suggest changes may come in GPS policy. (more)
Going Up: The first IIF Satellite. The "Follow-On" space vehicle is at the Cape Canaveral launch site and fueled. A final launch mission dress rehearsal (MDR) is scheduled April 26 to May 7. (more)
Spikes in Frequency Found on M1 Satellite. Researchers at Belgian receiver manufacturer Septentrio have investigated what they describe as anomalies in the signal from the Compass (Beidou-2) M1 satellite, launched in 2007. (more)
Free at last! The Galileo ICD! Two reasons to celebrate: Manufacturers, application designers and service providers may now use the Galileo control document as an official - not draft - guide and they may do so at no cost. (more)

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GAGAN Setback. India's first GPS/SBAS payload, the GAGAN transmitter on the GSAT-4 geostationary satellite, disappeared into the Bay of Bengal on April 15 when its ill-fated launch vehicle veered off course. (more)
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