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Premier Issue 2010
Welcome to the first issue of Inside GNSS Magazine's electronic newsletter, SIGNALS.

In between issues of the printed edition of our magazine, the PNT systems develop, innovate, set standards, spend money, sell products and jockey for position - and we intend to tell you all about it.

I hope you find this quick digest of the latest developments in global navigation satellite systems useful and enjoyable.
Best regards,
Glen Gibbons
Glen Gibbons Editor

Bernard Gruber NEW GPS WING COMMANDER [SIGNALS exclusive]. Col. Bernard Gruber, commander of the 45th Space Wing Operations Group at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, will take over command of the GPS Wing by this summer. Changes may be in store. (More)
ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET. . . . It's finally a go for the European GNSS. The European Space Agency signed the three key contracts for Galileo's full operational capability on January 28. For the first time, ESA acted on behalf of the European Commission, a major milestone in Europe's complicated cooperation agreement between the agencies. (More)
BEIDOU-2 GEO SATELLITE LAUNCHED: A Long March rocket sent up a second geostationary satellite on January 17 from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The spacecraft joins another GEO satellite and a lone MEO satellite, the beginnings of a Chinese GNSS scheduled to be completed by 2020. (More)

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3 NEW SATELLITES GO LIVE. Activation of three GLONASS-M satellites launched last December 14 has brought the Russian GNSS constellation back up to 18 operational space vehicles as of Feb. 2. Of the 22 satellites in the Russian constellation, two are undergoing repair, two are being decommissioned. Six more are needed for global coverage. (More)
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