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This newsletter was created with YOU in mind - that's right, you right there - you know who you are. So tell us what you think. We'll do our best to keep you informed with the news you want to hear about DACC. E-mail to submit your thoughts. 


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DACC Newsletter

September 25, 2012

Greetings from Delaware Area Career Center!  We hope all students are enjoying their DACC experience.  We have a few items to update you with; hopefully you will find DACC's newsletter informative and useful.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the South Campus Director at 740-201-3210 or North Campus Director at 740-203-2201.

R. Dale Hayes, South Campus Director

Mary Titus, North Campus Director



Upcoming Events

 September 26, 2012-Parent Teacher Conferences (4:30-8:00PM)

  • To schedule a conference please contact Deb Pemberton at North Campus (740) 203-2201 or Anita English at South Campus (740) 201-3210


October 19, 2012-Cota Day (No Classes)


October 22-26, 2012-Ohio Graduation Test (Juniors & Seniors Only)


October 26, 2012-End of Grading Period 1


October 29, 2012-Beginning of Grading Period 2


Stay up to date on all of our upcoming events on the  DACC web site.

 DACC Promoting Parent Partnerships

Parent-teacher conference night is soon approaching and you will have the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with your high school student's teacher(s). What better time for some helpful tips on how to get the most out of partnering with your high school student's teachers, administrators, counselors, and other school officials. DACC parent-teacher conference night is scheduled for September 26th from 4:30-8:00 p.m.


1. Show up on conference night. Showing an active interest in your son/daughter's education is critical to their academic success. Make sure you know when parent-teacher conference night is and if you can just stop by or need to schedule a conference time. Remember that an invitation to parent-teacher conferences does not mean your child is in trouble!!


2. Come prepared. Before the conference, be sure to have a list of topics and/or questions you wish to talk about with the teacher(s). If your son/daughter is not planning to accompany you to the conference, be sure to ask them about how school is going and if there is anything he/she wants you to discuss with his/her teacher(s). Make sure you arrive on time for your conference and have a set agenda and stay focused, as it will help keep the conference from going on for too long a period. It is good etiquette to leave on time so other parents have equal time to speak with the teacher.


3. Share information about your son/daughter. You know your son/daughter best--what motivates them and how they best learn. Share what you have learned from prior work with other schools and teachers. Keep in mind that teachers need to know important information that will help them understand your child's needs. 


4. Bring your son/daughter along. What better way to learn about what kind of work they are doing in class than to have them personally share some of their work during the conference. It also provides an opportunity for your son/daughter to hear firsthand what they are doing well and what needs to be improved. Remember, today's lessons are the foundation for future success.


5. Partner with the school and teachers. Share your e-mail and/or cell phone number and stay in contact with the school and/or your son/daughter's teachers. Let them know when it is best to call. Teachers and school officials want to be available to talk, but they don't want to jeopardize your job. If evenings are the only time available, then let them know that. Be open-minded about suggestions from the teacher. Ask what you can do at home to support your child's academic progress.


6. Follow Up. If your son/daughter did not accompany you to the conference, share with them what was discussed. It is critically important to follow up after the parent-teacher conference to find out what's changed or different. What good does it do to have a plan in place but not evaluate it a few weeks after the conference? How will we know if progress is being made or whether to change the plan if we don't follow up? Teachers also have a responsibility to follow up if they promised to talk with the principal about a concern or need to get back with you regarding a question you have.


7. Get Involved. Ask about volunteer opportunities available at the school. There are committees to join, snacks that could be prepared and donated to celebrate student success, and community-school activities to get involved with. The more involved you are at the school the more you will feel a part of the school community.    

I hope that you have found these tips interesting and helpful. Please check out the following links for more tips about getting the most out of parent-teacher conferences:


If you have any suggestions for future topics or wish to comment on the column, please e-mail me at      Please feel free to stop by my office on parent-teacher conference night. I look forward to meeting you in person. 

                  ~ Mr. Tom Wilson


Big "E" Eastern States Exposition

Students from the Landscape and Turf Management program competed at the Big "E" Exposition in Springfield, Massachusetts.  A team made up of students Erin Lockwood, Brandi Rohr, Jake Norman, and Kyle Wharton took 5th place in the Nursery/Landscape FFA Career Development Event.  Erin Lockwood also took 7th Place in the Individual Competition.  

Spirit Week
Spirit Week is next week (October 1-5)!  The themes will be Twin Day; Sports Team Day (Only Jerseys); Grandma/Grandpa Old Sweater Day; Plaid Day; and Home School Spirit Day.  Each day the students will receive a ticket for being present.  This will allow them to participate in a raffle for prizes at the end of the week. They will receive two tickets that day if they dress up according to the day's theme!  Prizes will be a gift card of $25 for each campus. Parents; don't be alarmed if you're students are dressing a little "strange" next week!
Academic Hybrid Program

The Academic Hybrid Program started on Friday, September 21st.  The Academic Hybrid Program allows students who meet the requirements to have the opportunity to complete academic assignments in an alternate setting.  They must report to their labs at the regular start time.  Students who participate are responsible for their own (mid-day) transportation.  If your student is eligible, but prefers to attend, they are welcome to be at DACC and follow his/her normal schedule. 


To be eligible a student must:

  • Have a "C" (73%) or better in all academic classes and lab
  • No (0) unexcused absences and no (0) documented discipline

 Students are expected to log onto Blackboard to complete their assignment(s) for the day.  All assignments will be due the following Monday.  Each teacher may choose to have a different method to submit completed assignments (via email, Blackboard, etc.).  If students have difficulty on an assignment, teachers will be available via Blackboard to assist them. 

Students who do not meet the requirements that week will come to class on Friday to work with their teachers on an individual basis until they are back in good academic standing.  Students will be notified by their academic teacher each Thursday if they are required to attend class on Friday.  Parents will also receive notification of eligibility by our Honeywell Alert.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mary Titus (Building Director) at (740) 203-2202. 

More information can be found on our website at



A great way to check your students progress is through our website on the parent tab using PowerSchool (on the left), following the provided link, and then entering your parent login as received in a letter that was sent home in August.  If your login is not available to you, please call Diane Reynolds at North Campus (740) 203-2268 or PJ Taylor at South Campus (740) 201-3211.

Honeywell Instant Alert System

Parents are encouraged to update information for the Honeywell Instant Alert System as their phone numbers, emails, or other contact information changes.  Current updates are critical for emergency closings and messages, as well as for the weekly Thursday contact to parents of juniors and seniors for Hybrid Friday.  Instructions and more information on the Honeywell Alert System can be found at

Important Extension Numbers 


North Campus 

     Director: Mary Titus, 740-203-2201  
     Administrative Assistant: Debbie Pemberton, 740-203-2201
     North Attendance: Diane Reynolds, 740-203-2268

     Vocational Special Education Coordinators:

                Sheree Ellis, 740-203-2264

                Linda Teach, 740-203-2270


South Campus

     Director: R. Dale Hayes, 740-201-3210 
     Administrative Assistant: Anita English, 740-201-3210
     South Attendance: P.J. Taylor, 740-201-3211    

     Vocational Special Education Coordinator:

                Jackie Johnson, 740-201-3245       


Guidance: Emily McKinney and Kathy Tornes,

                 740-201-3211 or 740-203-2214 


Give Us Your Feedback!
This newsletter was created with YOU in mind - that's right, you right there - you know who you are. So tell us what you think. We'll do our best to keep you informed with the news you want to hear about DACC. E-mail to submit your thoughts.