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Detoxification:  A New Year, A NewYou 




The new year is a time for new beginnings. Whether it be mental, emotional, or physical, we let go of the old patterns of being to make room for the new. 


In this issue of our Pacific Naturopathic newsletter, Dr. Connie muses on the letting go of concepts, and writes on the many choices available to anyone who wants to detoxify for the new year. Dr. Marcel explains the concept and the need for metabolic detoxification. Dr. Corrine offers simple tips for detoxification. See the box below Dr. Corrine's article for Cleansing and Detoxification Specials at Pacific Naturopathic, as well as a bonus Stress Reduction Program. Be sure to also check out the note on Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center for cleansing protocols available at our center in Hawaii. (Dr. Connie has been buying Alaska Airline tickets, direct from San Jose and Oakland to Kona, for less than $400 roundtrip. Now is the time to act!!)


--Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel



Dr. Connie Thought's on Eliminating Old Concepts
Dr. Connie on Modes of Detoxification
Dr. Marcel: on the Magic of Metabolic Detoxification
Dr. Corrine on the Need For Detoxification
Detox Offerings at Pacific Naturopathic
Rapid Pain Relief With Elijah Free
Pacific Naturopathic Gift Certificate
Meet Nancy Schuet: Certified Neuro-Reflex Therapist
Two Types of Thermograpy Offered at Pacific Naturopathic
At Pacific Naturopathic, We Help You With Colds and Flus
Hawaii Retreat Center: A Typical Day
Transformational Stress Reduction Services Offered at Pacific Naturopathic
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Dr. Connie's Musings...
Connie Hammock
One of Dr. Connie's Favorite Places to Muse is at the
Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center in Hawaii


Eliminating Old Concepts



At Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center, on January 1st each year, we gather with friends, neighbors and guests around the Peace Pole in our hidden garden. Through music, poetry, and extemporaneous expression, we collectively set the intention of peaceful and calm relationships on the planet.


Prior to declaring new intentions, it is helpful to eradicate thought forms

fire ceremony
Burn away old concepts

that prevent the realization of those New Year's resolutions and intentions.  Fire ceremonies

are one way to do this. In a fire ceremony,we write those thoughts that no longer serve us, and burn the paper on which they are written in a bowl of fire. Another technique that is often used is to wear a thick rubber band around your wrist, and snap yourself each time you dwell on an unwanted thought. (This technique works on learning through avoidance of pain, but be gentle!)



Weed old concepts

In preparing the gardens for the peace pole gathering, I've found that pulling physical weeds is another powerful way to uproot mental weeds from consciousness, allowing space for those new intentions and resolutions. As I pull each weed, I consciously eradicate one dysfunctional thought or another .... a powerful cleansing with instant and tangible results.


As this issue of the newsletter is focusing on cleansing and restoration of health, I might add that, in working in the Peace Garden, there is the vitalizing energy of the air and of the sun (the vix medicatrix naturae, or healing power of nature, that infinite source that heals and harmonizes all processes of body, mind and soul). The physical contact with the earth balances the earth element within each one of us, and the contact with the earth's stabilizing electromagnetic energy prevails over the destabilizing electromagnetic frequencies we pick up as we wander through the electronic vibrational field that now cloaks our world.


All of that through the simple act of weeding!


Find out more about Dr. Connie's consulting services at 


Modes of Detoxification

Connie Hernandez, N.D.


Shanti Rubenstone, MD 


Most commonly, when thinking of purification, cleansing, or detoxification, people think of the diet they will choose to follow... which foods to eat and liquids to drink, which not to eat, and when. A great deal of the discussion in a consult re cleansing is about these things.


There are many potential additions and revisions to the dietary protocol. In planning a detox, it is therefore helpful to know why and from what you intend to detox. Is the detox a quarterly or semi annual cleanse for reasons of health? Is the detox intended to prevent or treat a particular condition? Is there evidence of heavy metal toxicity above and beyond the norm in contemporary society? Is there an increased need to address radiation contamination or electromagnetic influences? Or do you just want to pull yourself out of lifestyle habit patterns which aren't working for you?


According to your needs and preferences, you and your health practitioner can choose from many modalities to assist you in your cleansing: flower essences, orchid essences, homeopathics, nutritional therapies, herbal formulas, spagyric drainange remedies, affirmations, home hydrotherapy practices, freeing body work, foot reflexology. These therapies are directed at kidney, liver, and colon function, and at cleansing the lymphatics and extracellular matrices. Nasal lavage with a neti pot clears the nostrils, frees the breath, and clears the lungs.


infrared saunaIn addition to the above modalities, I encourage my patients to use their skin as the body's largest organ of elimination. Infrared sauna is the ideal way to do this. Toxins melt away with the sweat. In the infrared, there is a lower ambient temperature in the sauna itself, and a deeper penetration into the body than there is in a conventional sauna. Numerous studies have shown the efficacy of sauna treatments in eliminating toxins from the body.


Elimination through the skin is also fostered by dry skin brushing and various baths. We all have access to baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and Epsom salts, and these are cleansing on many levels. Advanced detoxification through bathing is available in the form of Dr. Chi's botanical formulas, chelating bath salts from Dr. Gordon, and bulk magnesium flakes.


There are safe and effective chelators which can be used whenever

heavy metals are involved, and there are chelators which require testing to see if your body in general and kidneys in particular will handle the chelation process. If your body is well and able, you would then do a pre and post urine test with and without the chelator to see what you have in your body and what the chelator effectively chelates out.


good thoughtsTaking detoxification to an entirely other level, we advise clients to work to eliminate unproductive thought forms. We advise fire ceremonies and other rituals of cleansing, and the use of affirmations and declarations to bring conscious and superconscious awareness to the process, augmenting the efficacy of these more mental methods with flower essences and other energy medicines.


At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer a generic 10 day protocol which can be tweaked for your needs in a 30 minute consult prior to your beginning. We recommend a pre consult and another 30 minute consult midpoint in the cleanse, so we can help you assess where you are and re-introduce a wider diet. (If you've done the protocol before, simply reorder the cleanse protocol from us or through our Metagenics store on line.) If this is all totally new to you, and you'd like a more thorough evaluation, please schedule a first office call if you're not already a patient, or an hour long return office call if you are a patient.


Find out more about Dr. Connie's consulting services at:  


Metabolic Detoxification: So Much Better Than Fasting 





A systemic cleansing and detox is definitely the way to go after each holiday. It is the key to fighting high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other health-related illnesses.
-- Lee Haney


Years ago, when I was first starting to tune in to natural medicine, fasting was one of the pillars of health maintenance and restoration. I tried the Master Cleanse, the grapefruit juice cleanse, the watermelon cleanse, the cider vinegar cleanse, plain old water cleanse, and many more. Water fasting is no longer advisable. In fact, it may be downright dangerous.


During fasting, fat cells are rapidly broken down. Fat cells are where most toxins are stored and releasing them so quickly into the body can overwhelm the liver and other detox organs and create a potentially dangerous situation. Consider the following:


-- Each year, more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment. Many of these chemicals accumulate in the body and dramatically impact overall health.

-- We can't avoid the toxins.We are all exposed to them in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. What many people do not know is that we also produce toxins within our bodies in the processes of digestion and elimination that also accumulate in body tissues.

-- Symptoms of toxic overload are vast and varied and include physical fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, joint pain, asthma, allergies, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, gas, pre-mature graying, high cholesterol, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, frequent headaches or migraines, skin blemishes, excessive gas, bad breath, constipation, diarrhea, allergies to foods and chemicals; environmental sensitivity, chemical intolerances, sugar cravings, sleep disorders, depression and others.

-- Severe illnesses result from toxin buildup in our tissues, including many cancers, and neurological, cardiovascular and digestive disorders.


Nothing new, right? Most readers of this column know that we are poisoning the planet and ourselves as well. Enough bad news. A bit of good news is that modern naturopathic medicine has an evidence-based method of helping reduce the toxic overload - metabolic detoxification.

detox pathwaysMetabolic detoxification is exactly what the words mean: the elimination of toxins from the body's cells that we have been exposed to externally from environmental sources, and internally from products generated by ongoing, normal daily cellular processes, like hormone processing. The liver is the principal player in the detoxification process, and modern studies clearly show that the liver's detoxification system is nutrient-driven. This means that the liver cells involved in the detox process need certain nutrients to do their work. Low nutrient levels equal poor detox function.


The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However, when any of these systems is compromised, impurities aren't properly filtered and every cell in the body is adversely affected.


Detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and restore your ability to maintain the highest level of health possible.


The cleanses we offer at Pacific Naturopathic supply nutrients that are designed to give the liver, as well as other organs and tissues, the necessary nutritional support for the detoxification process.


Don't be taken in by faddish, unsupported claims found on the internet. Most of these programs are not science-based, and some actually deplete the body of the vital nutrients and energy that support the natural elimination process.


One note of caution: detoxification is not for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children. Although people with chronic degenerative diseases, like cancer, multiple sclerosis and others can greatly benefit from metabolic detoxification, they should be monitored by a qualified health care practitioner. If you have questions about whether detoxing is right for you, seek guidance from your health care provider.



Find out more about Dr. Marcel's work with men at:

  Cleansing and Detoxification: Feel Better Fast! 



We are surrounded by an increasing number of pollutants, from our environment, our foods, radiation, and even energetically from our society. 


The physical and emotional stress caused by pollution can lead to multiple disease conditions, including multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, obesity, chronic infections, and many others. 


To decrease the toxic load on our bodies and minds, a detox program that includes nutritional as well as physical components can be very helpful. 


First and foremost, getting rid of known offending agents such as allergic foods or allergens in our immediate environment is very important. The longer we can avoid known pollutants, the quicker our bodies can heal. To help the healing process and aid the movement of toxins out of our bodies, we can use nutritional support, making sure we are drinking plenty of water, eating more fiber, and adding in cleansing foods like broccoli and beets and utilizing nutritional supplements that can help the liver and kidneys, two main detox organs. 


castor oil packA physical way of promoting detox and supporting the liver is through the use of castor oil packs over the liver in the evening. Another physical method is through the use of Epsom salt baths, which helps to eliminate toxins through the skin, another major organ of elimination. 


Even plain old exercise can help with detoxification by increasing circulation and eliminating toxins through the skin via sweating. There are many different components to a detox program, including support for the mental and emotional processes that occur during a detox. For more information about our programs or for a program more tailored to your needs, please contact us at Pacific Naturopathic.



Please call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Corrine or if you would like more information or have any questions: (650) 917-1121.


Find out more about Dr. Corrine's work 


Cleansing and Detoxification:  
 Pathways Offered at
 Pacific Naturopathic


Choose the Program That Works For You, 
or Let us Help You Design One That Does

10 Day Detox Program........................................................................................$225

  • Includes two 30-minute consultations with a Naturopathic doctor and detox supplements


28 Day Detox Program.........................................................................................$495

  • Includes three group consultations with a Naturopathic doctor and detox supplements

Group consultations will be held on February 6, February 20, and 

March 5 at 5:30 PM   Must reserve in advance. Call 650-0917-1121.


Stress Relief Program..........................................................................................$275

  • Includes initial 30-minute consultation withDr. Corrine Wang, stress supplements, and three 30-minute craniosacral treatments


Rapid Pain Relief  

With Elijah Free

Elijah Free, MH, CMI, CMT  

Elijah Free

Elijah Free's approach to helping his patients deal with physical pain has been described as bordering on miraculous.  Elijah is also a Master Herbalist who designs and produces all of his own herbal products for his healing practice. He is an herbal product designer for Ridgecrest Herb Co. Elijah also holds a patent for his herbal fibromyalgia formula.   



To contact Elijah, please either call the clinic at 650-917-1121 or e-mail at [email protected].


To learn more about the healing work of Elijah Free, please go to his web sites:

Rapid Pain Elimination
Apprentice to Angels
Searching for a Meaningful Gift For a Friend or Loved One?  
Give the Gift of Health! 

Gift Certificates For All Practitioners and Services Available at Pacific Naturopathic

passion flower

Looking for a conscious, meaningful, caring gift for a birthday or special occasion? A gift certificate to a Pacific Naturopathic practitioner lets a special person know you really care about their well-being. 



Gift certificates for all practitioners and modalities offered at Pacific Naturopathic are available by phoning our front desk at 650-917-1121, or just stopping by.


Let Me Introduce Myself...                   Nancy Schuet, Certified
Neuro-Reflex Therapist

nancy schuet

Let me introduce myself.  I am Nancy Schuet, Certified Neuro-Reflex-Therapist. As a CNRT, I trained intensively in foot reflexology and advanced massage techniques relating to feet.  I apprenticed at the Neuro-Reflex Therapy Institute in Modesto, Ca., and have upgraded my skills through an ongoing relationship with the Universal College of Reflexology.  


Neuro-Reflex therapy was developed by a Registered Nurse and a reflexologist especially for those with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Neuropathy clients derive relief from the numbness, burning and tingling so often a problem for them, enabling them to sleep better and get on with daily activities with less pain.


I have also found that adaptations of CNRT techniques relieve pain on the soles of the feet, such as that of plantar fasciitis. Massage and reflexology techniques isolate and work out tightness in the musclesreflexology and tissues of the feet. If you have any pain on the bottom of the feet, I find that CNRT can lessen it. I often treat people who have been somewhat helped, but not cured, by physical therapy or by inserts received from podiatrists. My take home techniques further promote pain relief.


The European Reflexology I've learned through the Universal College of Reflexology emphasizes the detoxification, allergy relief, and digestive betterment that can be obtained through foot reflexology. I am always learning new techniques. Very soon, I'll be adding relaxing facial reflexology to my offerings at Pacific Naturopathic.


foot floppingI have been in practice in Mountain View in a chiropractic office for the past 8 years and I have been rewarded by helping many people feel better. As you might imagine, I have accumulated quite a bit of word-of-mouth knowledge and practical information from my clients.  I've learned, for example, what to do if your second toe is longer than your big toe.   Give me a call and I can help you with it.  


I am so excited to be joining the Pacific Naturopathic healing team. I hope to meet you soon.


To schedule an appointment with Nancy please contact her at 408-891-4759 or email her


 Click here for more information about Nancy's work




Two Types of Thermography Offered at Pacific Naturopathic 



At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer two types of thermography, both of which address physiologic change in the body. Readers may be more familiar with Breast Thermography (see below), which helps us determine differences in vasculature and temperature between the breasts.


The other type of thermography offered at Pacific Naturopathic is called Contact Regulation Thermography (CRT). 


CRT: Safe and highly informative

Contact Regulation Thermography screens the body from head to pelvic floor, measuring the temperature at 119 points. The first measurements are taken with the body at rest. After a 10 minute cold challenge, temperatures are taken again to assess the body's response to stress.


Evaluation of temperatures can help determine points of inflammation in the meridian and musculoskeletal system, can pinpoint areas of lymphatic congestion, can detect hidden imbalance, and can track referred pain.


Your temperature measurements are evaluated in the context of a data bank of thousands of scans. You are provided with a comprehensive written report of findings, and given the opportunity to discuss the implication of those findings with Ardell, who has extensive training in CRT. Should the scan indicate a need to address an underlying imbalance, Ardell will recommend that you see your health care practitioner, or make an appointment with one of the doctors at Pacific Naturopathic.




The cost of a CRT is $275.  To schedule an appointment, please phone 650-917-1121.



Breast Thermography 

at Pacific Naturopathic: 

Non-Invasive, Painless, Safe

Normal thermog photo
Normal Thermographic Pattern

A goal in breast thermography is the tracking of breast tissue changes. In the complementary packet we send to each client after their initial breast thermogram, we include instructions in how to do lymphatic breast massage. When we are looking at a breast thermography report in which the risk rating is average, but in which we are not alerted to an immediate need for further evaluation, we often recommend lymphatic breast massage. It's easy to learn, and pretty much works for you if you just do it.


Comparative breast thermography after 3 months of lymphatic breast massage generally indicates a lower risk rating, resulting from tissue changes brought about by work with the lymphatic system. To augment the efficacy of the breast massage, we advise the use of our European spagyric drainage remedies. Itires is a low potency combination homeopathic directed at eliminating waste through the lymphatic system. It comes both in a cream form, which can be massaged over the breasts and lymph nodes, and a liquid form, taken at 15 to 20 drops three times daily.


(Itires, of course, is beneficial in whole body lymphatic detoxification as well, and, in that case, may be combined with apo Hepat and Renelix, spagyric drainage remedies directed at liver and kidney detoxification. Ask us about these any time you have an interest in cleansing protocols.)







The cost to you of breast thermography is $225.




Find out more about thermography at Pacific Naturopathic at:


Thermography at Pacific Naturopathic

Now at Pacific Naturopathic: Effective Care for Acute Conditions                               
colds flu

Not feeling well and not sure where to go or what to do?


Naturopathic medicine offers highly effective, non-invasive therapies for many acute conditions.   

Our new associate, Dr. Corrine Wang, is now available and offering treatment for acute conditions for new and existing patients at Pacific Naturopathic.


Appointments will be 15 minutes up to an hour at a very affordable introductory rate of $30 per 15 minute increment.


Office visits are preferred, but phone-in consultations are also available if needed.


Acute conditions can include any recent onset of symptoms such as:

-       Colds and flus

-       Ear pain

-       Sinus infections

-       Stomach pain

-       Nausea and vomiting

-       Bladder infections

-       Skin infections

-       Allergies

-       Acute pain

-       And more...


Please call to schedule an appointment or if you have any further questions: (650) 917-1121.


Visit Dr. Corrine's website 



Cleansing in Hawaii at 

Pacific Naturopathic

Retreat Center 


Openings From February     


The Infrared Sauna at Pacific Naturopathic Hawaii


The New Year has brought new guests and new life to Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center. The general vacation theme seems to be rest and relaxation. The infrared sauna (see comments on infrared and detox above) and hot tub have been in great demand. And the most frequent feedback is that folks are stunned by the beauty of the pastoral setting, and the pervading peacefulness.


In the gardens, our guests have been delighted this month by the jaboticaba and the starfruit. Jaboticaba are like enormous concord grapes, which grow from the trunk and branches of the Jaboticaba trees. Starfruit are, as the name implies, star shaped when sliced, and are

Jaboticaba fruit

tangy, juicy and unlike any other fruit you may have tasted. An added bonus this month are the coconuts coming on for the first time this year to the palms we planted almost ten years ago.


Just as we offer cleansing protocols through Pacific Naturopathic, we also offer cleansing protocols through PNRC. At PNRC, there is the benefit of the infrared sauna, hot tub/cold tub, and colonic services on site. You can book a minimum of 3 nights to a maximum of whatever we have available for your own cleansing retreat in Hawaii. Call Dr. Marcel at 808-775-1505 for more information. 



Pacific Naturopathic's Hawaii Vacation Rental 

Pacific Naturopathic's Hawaii Detox Facility 



Transformational, Stress Reducing, Feel Good Services Offered at
Pacific Naturopathic   

Reduce Inflammation and Stress:

La Stone Body Therapy with Ardell Hill


      la stone 

Reducing inflammation is a key to treating almost every condition, from Alzheimers to arthritis to cancer to cardiovascular disease. LaStone Therapy reduces inflammation through therapeutic placement of cool stones over areas of the body that are inflamed. The entire body is supported as the temperature differential enhances the flow of blood and lymph.


A LaStone therapy session begins with warming the entire body to soften chronically tight muscles.  Warming the muscle relaxes both the muscle and adjoining tissues and calms the nervous system.  Using the cool stones, where needed, stops the pain-spasm-pain cycle and brings in fresh oxygenated blood.


The use of warm and cool stones together helps the body remember how to regulate itself and stop patterns of inflammation.


LaStone therapist Ardell Hill approaches  LaStone Therapy sessions with a wide range of experience which she tailors to meet your individual needs. She draws from modalities including Swedish massage, Cranio-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki, all of which are enhanced with the use of warm and cool stones. 


To book a LaStone session with Ardell, please phone Pacific Naturopathic at 650-917-1121. 

Find out more about Ardell Hill 

An Invitation....


Because we would like to make this newsletter responsive to you and your needs, you are invited to send health questions you would like to see addressed to us at

[email protected]     


We would also like to invite you to share with other readers your experiences of health remedies that have worked surprisingly well for you.

A Little About us...

 At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer evidence-based, integrated approaches to most acute and chronic health concerns. Bone health, breast health, men's health and prostate care, hormonal balance for both women and men, elimination of all types of bodily pain -- both mechanical and metabolic -- acute and chronic, autoimmunity, cancer, cardiovascular health, inflammation, digestion, pediatrics, and metabolic cleansing are particular areas of interest to our practitioners. To encourage patient participation, we offer both guided self-help protocols and comprehensive doctor assisted protocols.  Our patients tell us they particularly appreciate our doctors, practitioners, and staff for our caring attitudes and commitment to service. Please phone 650-917-1121 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Shanti Rubenstone, MD