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Good or Bad?




Just because the level of obesity among Americans is at an all-time high doesn't mean that we are well nourished.  Over-fed, yes, but study after study has shown that most of our food choices do not supply the raw materials needed for us to be metabolically firing on all cylinders. For many years, our patients have been coming to us with complaints like fatigue, low energy, poor sleep, low libido, irregular cycles, low immune resistance, depression, and more. Naturopathic Doctors are specialists in changing body chemistry, so a large part of our approach in resolving these and other issues has been through the use of clinical nutrition and therapeutically targeted use of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and herbs.  People keep coming back to us and referring their friends, so we must be doing something right.


As we write, health freedom groups around the country are protesting FDA efforts to restrict consumer access to nutritional supplements. In his article, Dr. Marcel addresses this issue, as well as the issue of skewed media reports on the dangers of nutritional supplements. Dr. Connie sheds light on perhaps the most important nutritional supplement we can take (any guesses on what that is before you read the article?).  Dr. Connie also discusses take home messages from Steve Jobs's illness and passing. Dr. Corrine (for information about her see, the talented new Naturopathic Doctor at Pacific Naturopathic, writes on the uncertainties with purchasing over-the-counter supplements.


And while on the subject of talent, we welcome to the Pacific Naturopathic family Nancy Schuet, Certified Neuro-Reflex Therapist.  Nancy has extensive training and experience in the field.  You may read about her below and visit her web site at 


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Dr. Connie Thought's on Media Coverage on Steve Jobs' Passing
How To Choose Your Omega-3 Supplement
Dr. Marcel: on Dietary Supplements: the Real Danger
Dr. Corrine on the Uncertainties With Purchasing OTC Supplements
Meet Nancy Schuet: Certified Neuro-Reflex Therapist
Rapid Pain Relief With Elijah Free
Product of the Month: Raw Power Protein SUperfood
Two Types of Thermograpy Offered at Pacific Naturopathic
At Pacific Naturopathic, We Help You With Colds and Flus
Hawaii Retreat Center: A Typical Day
Transformational Stress Reduction Services Offered at Pacific Naturopathic
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 Dr. Connie's Musings...
Connie Hammock
One of Dr. Connie's Favorite Places to Muse is at the
Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center in Hawaii


Messages From 

Steve Jobs' Passing



The world, and Silicon Valley in particular, has been saddened by the loss of a man who changed all of our lives with his revolutionary and creative ideas. I loved that the media shared Steve Job's sister's comments re Steve's passing with all of us, especially those last six words. "Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!"


I did NOT like the media coverage of Steve Job's decision to work with his cancer first with alternative medicine. The media called the decision stupid. Whatever Steve Jobs was, he was not stupid. The media implied that conventional medicine could have saved Steve Job's life, if he had just had the common sense to walk the tried and true path. Steve Jobs never walked the tried and true path. His genius lay in thinking outside the box. And, while conventional oncology holds little hope for 95% of pancreatic cancer patients, it might be true that with Job's type of pancreatic cancer, he could have been saved. But it might not be true.


Steve Jobs had the funds to explore the best of cancer treatment alternatives from around the world, alternatives banned in the United States but available elsewhere. It is simply not true that there are no alternatives other than the treatments sanctioned by conventional oncology in the United States. Patients regularly travel to cancer clinics outside of the United States for treatment protocols, banned within the United States, but with proven success rates. The United States is not known for medical freedom.


It wasn't made clear in the media exactly what alternatives Steve Jobs sought. Dietary supplements, herbs, and dietary change were derogatorily mentioned, and tossed aside as though no sane individual could possibly imagine that any of these would have any effect. Literally thousands of studies dispute that notion. We're not talking 1000 mg of Vitamin C here. We're talking nutrients, botanicals and more in therapeutic doses and in integrated, synergistic treatment protocols. Furthermore, a number of successful cancer therapies were discovered through study of traditional medicines, and several chemotherapeutic drugs are derived from botanical medicines.

 steve jobs

Thinking outside the box opens worldviews. Radical alternatives save lives. It's good to remember that, years ago, it was medical heresy to suggest that the simple act of doctors washing hands between birthing babies in hospitals could save lives of mothers and babies.


Adjunctive cancer therapy can support the immune system, increase the efficacy of conventional medications and treatments, prevent or relieve side effects, enhance surgical outcomes, restore vibrancy post treatment, and address the cause of the cancer to help prevent future cancers. Conventional cancer therapy can sometimes save lives. The odds go up when decisions as to what therapy to use are not either or decisions.


Find out more about Dr. Connie's consulting services at 



Choices, Choices, Choices: Omega 3's


Connie Hernandez, N.D.


Shanti Rubenstone, MD



Visiting from rural Canada, friends of ours complained that there were just too many options here in California, making life all too complicated. We hear the same thing from clients faced with the ever expanding array of nutrients and other supplements that, upon reading the nutraceutical infomercials, seem indispensible to continued good health. Clients come in with bags of products, sometimes having given them all up in confusion and despair; sometimes taking hundreds of dollars of well researched but not necessarily needed pills and powders; sometimes taking inadequate amounts of supplements that might have helped had they been taken in adequate doses.


Where should a person begin with supplements? If I were to choose the single most useful supplement for most people, I would choose omega 3 fatty acids. Both because of the way that modern day food is produced, and because of unwise food choices, our diets are skewed away from omega 3 and towards omega 6 fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids are, among many other things, anti-inflammatory, brain and heart healthy, anti-depressant, and fundamental to the balance of hormones.


Fish and cod liver oil, but not vegetarian omega 3 sources, containfish oil preformed EPA (eicosopentanoic acid) and DHA (docosahexanoic acid) both of which promote anti-inflammatory molecules. Choosing the fish oils, we look for companies that assay every batch for heavy metal toxicity. To prevent burping up fishy taste, enteric coating helps. Triglyceride forms are the naturally occurring forms, and are better absorbed and more stable than ethyl ester forms. When dosing, we look at the total amount of EPA and DHA, rather than a simple omega 3 total. Therapeutically, the ratio would be at least 1200/800, while the maintenance dose would be half that.


metagenics fish oilOur go to companies for fish based omega 3's at Pacific Naturopathic are Metagenics for their high potency enteric coated triglyceride form EPA/DHA capsules (2 caps daily for maintenance, 4 for therapy); Integrated Therapeutics Eskimo for people who need smaller capsules, and are ok with a greater number of capsules (about 4- 9) ; and Nordic Naturals orange flavored Cod Liver Oil (1 to 2 tsps) for those who don't mind swallowing a liquid fish oil.


Krill oil, extracted from a tiny sustainably harvested shrimp like crustacean, has recently been heavily marketed as an alternative to


fish oil. The marketing is quite convincing, though generally comingfrom distributors of krill oil. We've yet to see the scientific studies proving its efficacy, much less its superior efficacy to fish oil, which boasts many studies testifying to its usefulness in treating conditions ranging from arthritis to blood lipid imbalance to mild to moderate depression.


Vegetarians can take in ALA (alpha linolenic acid), the precursor omega-3 to EPA and DHA, from flax seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts. There is an extracted microalgae source of DHA in Neuromins and NutraVege by Ascenta Health, but vegetarian EPA is yet to be developed. DHA is more specific to brain health than EPA, and arguably the more important, so vegetarians might do well to

Veggie sources of Omega-3 oils

combine Neuromins with an ALA source, and then work to optimize the body's ability to convert ALA by intaking adequate B3, B6, C, zinc and magnesium. Udo's Oil Blend is a tasty vegetarian ALA based oil that is taken at 1 Tablespoon per 50 pounds body weight. There is some evidence of moderate conversion values for this oil combination. NutraVege and Udo's Oil both contain other complementary essential fatty acids as well, making them a great choice for vegetarians.


Choosing to take one of these oils on a daily basis will benefit your health more than low potency multiples (though we do advise taking a high quality, high potency vitamin mineral combination in addition to the oils.) The main contraindication for fish oil consumption is taking it in concert with blood thinning medications, or near surgery, as it thins the blood. Flax oil is contraindicated in breast cancer, particularly when also taking tamoxifen, though flax seed itself is considered beneficial in endocrine related cancers. Choose your oils well and be a well oiled machine.

NOTE:  If you are one of our patients, you may purchase fish oil at our office either in person or by having it shipped. Please dial 650-917-1121 to order.


Find out more about Dr. Connie's consulting services at:  


Dietary Supplements:  

The Real Danger 




A recent observational study called the Iowa Women's Heath Study (IWHS) taking multivitamins and other nutrient supplements can increase the mortality rate in older women. This is absolutely absurd. Let's look at the study.


1)   For the study, women had to fill out forms detailing their dietary choices and the supplements they used. The results showed that women taking supplements had a one percent mortality rate above those who took no supplements. This statistic is meaningless in scientific evaluation. The study barely and incorrectly took into account the present health of the participants. In fact, the surveys the women took were conducted five times over an 18-year period asking them to do a recall of what they ate and drank and the supplements they took. I can barely remember what I ate last night, let alone last year!


2)   Although the study showed that taking B-complex, vitamins C, D, E, and calcium and magnesium was associated with a lower risk of death, this was not emphasized in the abstract of the study. Selective reporting of results is common in research, depending on the desired response to the study.


3)   The study did not specify the dosages of the nutrients taken or whether the nutrients were from natural or synthetic sources. Big mistake as many Americans operate under the illusion that if a small dose is good, a large dose is better. I did look for statistics on the American Association of Poison Control Centers web site and did not find a single death attributed to vitamin overdose. I did find analgesics, sedatives, antidepressants, cardiovascular drugs and antidepressants in the top 10 causes.


4)   The study mostly focused on iron and copper, both of which can be toxic when taken in large quantities (so can aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprofen and many OTC drugs, which kill an estimated 16,000 people a year). It's just not logical or good science to say that if iron and copper are toxic in large quantities, therefore other nutrients should be avoided as well. No doctor in his/her right mind would recommend iron to a non-menstruating woman unless anemia was present, and then iron would only be taken until the anemia was resolved.


5)   In the end, all the study did was count the number of deaths and make minor and arbitrary adjustments based on pre-existing conditions. It did not take into account any side effects from pharmaceuticals the women were on or whether or not they were on hormone replacement therapy.


6)   The study did not take into account the fact that doctors often prescribe supplements for their sicker patients, and people with health challenges tend to look for supplements that may help their condition.


7)   Observational studies like this one do not form a scientific basis for action. These studies can only be used as a guide for further studies. No thoughtful doctor would base a prescription on this type of study.


8)   Finally, are any statistics garnered from an older white woman in Iowa applicable to a post-menopausal woman of color in another state, particularly if one has a reasonable diet and the other is eating a Whopper, fries and coke for lunch?


The sad thing about this type of pseudo-scientific study is that American media handles this information in a tabloid manner, generating fear and anxiety and diverting attention from possible causes and solutions to diseases.


Scientifically validated study after study has confirmed that Americans suffer nutritional deficiencies as a result of poor diets and commercially produced foods devoid of nutrients and that a conscientious, evidence-based supplement program can save lives, reduce illness and contribute to longevity.


The real danger here is not vitamin supplements. The real danger is to health freedom in America driven by corporate greed. Big Pharma has for years been trying in various ways to restrict Americans' access to nutritional supplements, a $23 billion/year business. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies produce drugs that kill 90,000 to 500,000 people a year, depending on whether you believe the AMA's statistics or Ralph Nader's. Vioxx alone was responsible for 47,000 cardiac-related deaths before it was finally taken off the market. Nowvioxx pharmaceutical companies are trying to get the FDA to restrict access to supplements through the Dietary Supplement Act and are plying the media with misinformation and faulty science. Why? Here's a likely scenario: only low-dose vitamins and minerals will be available over the counter. Therapeutic doses of nutrients will only be available by doctor's prescriptions and will be manufactured by, yes, you guessed it, pharmaceutical companies, who lust after a major cut of the $23 billion.


As an example, the currently available pharmaceutical fish oil is both more expensive and less potent than fish oils bought off the shelves of your health food store or from your health care practitioner. Pharmaceutical niacin is also far more expensive than your readily available niacin supplement. Consumers are under the illusion that it's better to get the pharmaceuticals because they are "free", that is insurance pays for them. The illusion of "free" is dispelled when you look at your rising monthly insurance premium, or the rising costs of Medicare.


woman choosing supplements
Choosing supplements:
not always easy

Don't stop taking your vitamins. Most Americans need a good quality multivitamin, and vitamin D and omega-3 supplements. The positive message in this study is that nutritional supplements should be taken conscientiously and intelligently, like anything else you put into your body. And your supplement program should be evaluated by someone who is trained in nutrition and health.



Find out more about Dr. Marcel's work with men at:

  Over-the-Counter Supplements:        Are You Sure You're Getting
 What  You Think You're Getting?

Corrine Wang, N.D.


As the nutritional and herbal supplement industries continue to grow, there is a lot of confusion by consumers over what brands to buy. People are becoming overwhelmed by the choices that are continually growing. Because supplements do not have to go through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) before they are marketed, it is up to the companies themselves to check the efficacy and safety of their own products. This leads to a lot of variability in the effectiveness and safety of supplements, even when different brands of supplements claim to have the same dosage of ingredients.


How can supplements differ so much in their effectiveness and safety? For one thing, the processing and choice of ingredients can affect the bio-availability of the supplement. Lower quality supplements are also made with lower quality ingredients, decreasing their absorption and availability to the individual. In this case, people may actually be passing their supplements through their digestive tract with little digestion and absorption of the nutrients at all. For instance, calcium comes in a number of different forms, including calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Calcium carbonate is cheaper and can be found in most calcium supplements, but it is not absorbed as readily as calcium citrate. X-rays of some people who were taking calcium supplements have actually shown the calcium supplements sitting in their stomachs or intestines during the time the x-rays were taken. If the supplements are not even being digested and absorbed, they are completely ineffective for what they are actually being consumed for!


The other ingredients in supplements, which can be fillers or binders, can also affect bio-availability as well as causing problems for people who are sensitive to certain ingredients. Some supplements may contain synthetic ingredients or common allergic ingredients such as wheat, corn, or soy that can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Other problems can include not knowing where ingredients are coming from. The quality of herbal supplements can be an issue if we do not know how or where the herbs are being harvested, if pesticides are being used, or if there are heavy metals or other contaminants in the soil. The safety of the products can then be an issue for consumers.


Because of the variability in the quality of supplements, at Pacific Naturopathic we choose to work with professional lines of supplements that are guaranteed to have a certain standard.


Professional-grade supplements are tested and manufactured at a particular standard to ensure that the products are high quality, free of harmful ingredients, and are more bio-available to the consumer. This provides practitioners with the peace of mind that they are giving a product that will be effective for the patient as well as being free of extra ingredients that may cause allergies or sensitivities in certain people. 



Please call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Corrine or if you would like more information or have any questions: (650) 917-1121.


Find out more about Dr. Corrine's work 


Let Me Introduce Myself...                   Nancy Schuet, Certified
Neuro-Reflex Therapist

nancy schuet

Let me introduce myself.  I am Nancy Schuet, Certified Neuro-Reflex-Therapist. As a CNRT, I trained intensively in foot reflexology and advanced massage techniques relating to feet.  I apprenticed at the Neuro-Reflex Therapy Institute in Modesto, Ca., and have upgraded my skills through an ongoing relationship with the Universal College of Reflexology.  


Neuro-Reflex therapy was developed by a Registered Nurse and a reflexologist especially for those with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Neuropathy clients derive relief from the numbness, burning and tingling so often a problem for them, enabling them to sleep better and get on with daily activities with less pain.


I have also found that adaptations of CNRT techniques relieve pain on the soles of the feet, such as that of plantar fasciitis. Massage and reflexology techniques isolate and work out tightness in the musclesreflexology and tissues of the feet. If you have any pain on the bottom of the feet, I find that CNRT can lessen it. I often treat people who have been somewhat helped, but not cured, by physical therapy or by inserts received from podiatrists. My take home techniques further promote pain relief.


The European Reflexology I've learned through the Universal College of Reflexology emphasizes the detoxification, allergy relief, and digestive betterment that can be obtained through foot reflexology. I am always learning new techniques. Very soon, I'll be adding relaxing facial reflexology to my offerings at Pacific Naturopathic.


foot floppingI have been in practice in Mountain View in a chiropractic office for the past 8 years and I have been rewarded by helping many people feel better. As you might imagine, I have accumulated quite a bit of word-of-mouth knowledge and practical information from my clients.  I've learned, for example, what to do if your second toe is longer than your big toe.   Give me a call and I can help you with it.  


I am so excited to be joining the Pacific Naturopathic healing team. I hope to meet you soon.


To schedule an appointment with Nancy please contact her at 408-891-4759 or email her


 Click here for more information about Nancy's work




Rapid Pain Relief  

With Elijah Free

Elijah Free, MH, CMI, CMT  

Elijah Free

Elijah Free's approach to helping his patients deal with physical pain has been described as bordering on miraculous.  Elijah is also a Master Herbalist who designs and produces all of his own herbal products for his healing practice. He is an herbal product designer for Ridgecrest Herb Co. Elijah also holds a patent for his herbal fibromyalgia formula.   



To contact Elijah, please either call the clinic at 650-917-1121 or e-mail at [email protected].


To learn more about the healing work of Elijah Free, please go to his web sites:

Rapid Pain Elimination
Apprentice to Angels


available in our office


raw power


If we were designing a protein supplement, we would make it 100% organic, 100% raw, 100% vegan, nutrient dense, easily absorbable with no fillers and we'd use the best ingredients we could find anywhere. Fortunately, we found just what we were dreaming of - Raw Power Protein Superfood.


RAWPOW LABELIngredients: Brazil Nut Protein Powder, Hemp Protein powder, Maca, Goji Berry Powder, Mesquite Powder, Maca Extreme (all ingredients are raw, vegan and certified organic)


Hemp Protein Powder is a natural protein powder, containing over 50% protein. Hemp Protein Powder is made from hemp seeds, which have the most complete edible and usable protein in the vegetable kingdom. This high-performance protein powder is easily digestible with 65% globulin edestin and 35% albumin protein - more than any other plant!


Brazil Nut Protein Powder contains nearly 50% protein and provides antioxidant benefits with its high selenium content.


Maca Powder is an ancient superfood that was consumed by Incan Warriors to increase strength and endurance. Native Peruvians have traditionally utilized this South American root since pre-Incan times for both nutritional and medicinal purposes. Maca is a wonderful source of natural vital nutrients.


Goji Berry Powder is a naturally-concentrated extract of what is considered by many to be the world's most nutrient-rich fruit - the goji berry (Lycium). Goji berries have been used in traditional Asian medicine for over 5,000 years. Much has been written about the health-promoting properties of this amazing fruit.


Mesquite Powder is a traditional Native American food produced by gathering ripened seed-pods from the mesquite tree and grinding them into a fine high-protein powder (approximately 20% protein). For centuries mesquite has been a source of nutrition for Native Americans and indigenous peoples in the arid regions of the earth.


Maca Extreme is the most potent form of maca in the world. It is produced by juicing freshly-harvested maca roots and then drying the juice at a low temperature into a fine powder. Once it is dried, the powder is sifted so only the finest particles make it through into the final product, which produces a high-nutrient powder.


Raw Power! Protein Superfood Blend is for anyone who wants to add premium-quality, vegetarian protein and/or super nutrition to their diet!






Two Types of Thermography Offered at Pacific Naturopathic 



At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer two types of thermography, both of which address physiologic change in the body. Readers may be more familiar with Breast Thermography (see below), which helps us determine differences in vasculature and temperature between the breasts.


The other type of thermography offered at Pacific Naturopathic is called Contact Regulation Thermography (CRT). 


CRT: Safe and highly informative

Contact Regulation Thermography screens the body from head to pelvic floor, measuring the temperature at 119 points. The first measurements are taken with the body at rest. After a 10 minute cold challenge, temperatures are taken again to assess the body's response to stress.


Evaluation of temperatures can help determine points of inflammation in the meridian and musculoskeletal system, can pinpoint areas of lymphatic congestion, can detect hidden imbalance, and can track referred pain.


Your temperature measurements are evaluated in the context of a data bank of thousands of scans. You are provided with a comprehensive written report of findings, and given the opportunity to discuss the implication of those findings with Ardell, who has extensive training in CRT. Should the scan indicate a need to address an underlying imbalance, Ardell will recommend that you see your health care practitioner, or make an appointment with one of the doctors at Pacific Naturopathic.




The cost of a CRT is $275.  To schedule an appointment, please phone 650-917-1121.



Breast Thermography 

at Pacific Naturopathic: 

Non-Invasive, Painless, Safe

Normal thermog photo
Normal Thermographic Pattern


One of the many advantages of breast thermography is that the technique is non invasive, painless, and does not expose you to radiation. Any discomfort caused would be due to the necessity of your acclimating to a cool room prior to the imaging procedure. In a thermography session, you are asked to disrobe from the waist up, and to stand with your arms in various positions to allow for thermographic pictures of all aspects of both breasts. Thermographic imaging is computerized imaging which detects temperatures and vascularization throughout the breasts. Your experience is the same as the experience of being photographed.


The data from your session is uploaded and sent to Dr. Robert Kane, a leading authority in the use and interpretation of breast thermography. Dr. Kane trains thermographic technicians (such as Ardell, our technician at Pacific Naturopathic) and evaluates thermographic images sent from practitioners around the country. Dr. Kane generates a report assessing hormonal stimulation of the breasts (as discerned through vascular patterns), giving a risk rating for each breast, advising whether follow up is necessary, and suggesting when best to do follow up thermographic imaging.


Dr. Connie receives Dr. Kane's reports, and makes a brief call to each client to explain Dr. Kane's interpretation, and to clarify what follow up might be necessary. With clients who are already with Pacific Naturopathic, Dr. Connie uses her clinical judgment and knowledge of the patient to augment Dr. Kane's recommendations. When necessary, Dr. Connie may recommend a visit to address hormonal imbalance or higher risk ratings, or she may recommend an anatomic testing method. With clients sent from other health care practitioners, Dr. Connie will recommend follow up with those practitioners if indicated.  




The cost to you of breast thermography is $225.



Find out more about thermography at Pacific Naturopathic at:


Thermography at Pacific Naturopathic

Now at Pacific Naturopathic: Effective Care for Acute Conditions                               
colds flu

Not feeling well and not sure where to go or what to do?


Naturopathic medicine offers highly effective, non-invasive therapies for many acute conditions.   

Our new associate, Dr. Corrine Wang, is now available and offering treatment for acute conditions for new and existing patients at Pacific Naturopathic.


Appointments will be 15 minutes up to an hour at a very affordable introductory rate of $30 per 15 minute increment.


Office visits are preferred, but phone-in consultations are also available if needed.


Acute conditions can include any recent onset of symptoms such as:

-       Colds and flus

-       Ear pain

-       Sinus infections

-       Stomach pain

-       Nausea and vomiting

-       Bladder infections

-       Skin infections

-       Allergies

-       Acute pain

-       And more...


Please call to schedule an appointment or if you have any further questions: (650) 917-1121.


Visit Dr. Corrine's website 




Amazing Sunsets at 

Pacific Naturopathic Hawaii



Openings From December and Into the New Year    

11 11 Sunset
Sunset from the lanai, November 8, 2011


There are some moments in life that are absolutely precious and transport consciousness to a level where all personal concerns seem irrelevant and small.  One of these moments happened on November 8, when yet another fairyland-like rainbow infused sunset over the Pacific carried us into transcendence.  Earth magic events happen almost every day here in Hawaii, and the effect is deeply soothing and restorative.  


Many readers have told us that they are waiting for the right time to reserve.  The truth is that the right time will never arrive unless you grasp the moment and make it happen.  Come, treat yourself as well as you deserve. You could be here soon.    




See our websites for more details. Phone 808-775-1505 for reservations, or email    


[email protected]

Click HERE to Visit Our Hawaii Retreat on yelp 


Transformational, Stress Reducing, Feel Good Services Offered at
Pacific Naturopathic   

Reduce Inflammation and Stress:

La Stone Body Therapy with Ardell Hill


      la stone 

Reducing inflammation is a key to treating almost every condition, from Alzheimers to arthritis to cancer to cardiovascular disease. LaStone Therapy reduces inflammation through therapeutic placement of cool stones over areas of the body that are inflamed. The entire body is supported as the temperature differential enhances the flow of blood and lymph.


A LaStone therapy session begins with warming the entire body to soften chronically tight muscles.  Warming the muscle relaxes both the muscle and adjoining tissues and calms the nervous system.  Using the cool stones, where needed, stops the pain-spasm-pain cycle and brings in fresh oxygenated blood.


The use of warm and cool stones together helps the body remember how to regulate itself and stop patterns of inflammation.


LaStone therapist Ardell Hill approaches  LaStone Therapy sessions with a wide range of experience which she tailors to meet your individual needs. She draws from modalities including Swedish massage, Cranio-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki, all of which are enhanced with the use of warm and cool stones. 


To book a LaStone session with Ardell, please phone Pacific Naturopathic at 650-917-1121. 

Find out more about Ardell Hill 



The Bio Mat  


Individual Yoga Instruction

With Tushti Conti


biomat 2 stones 
Years of focused meditation and yoga practice allow Tushti to bring an inner calmness and spiritual loveliness to her work with people. With her BioMat work, she creates a soft, muted environment to float away in.  The Bio Mat is an affordable $45 per session.

ananda yoga
As a yoga instructor, Tushti has a reputation for being gentle and precise, and working at the level of her students.  One-on-one yoga sessions with Tushti are a very affordable $70/hour.  Tushti also teaches group classes at the Ananda Yoga Center.  Please see sidebar for class details.

To schedule an individual yoga session or a profoundly relaxing 30-minute BioMat session with Tushti please phone Pacific Naturopathic at 650-917-1121.  BioMat sessions are available on Wednesdays for a very affordable $45.  Personalized yoga sessions are 55 minutes long and cost $70.


An Invitation....


Because we would like to make this newsletter responsive to you and your needs, you are invited to send health questions you would like to see addressed to us at

[email protected]     


We would also like to invite you to share with other readers your experiences of health remedies that have worked surprisingly well for you.

A Little About us...

 At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer evidence-based, integrated approaches to most acute and chronic health concerns. Bone health, breast health, men's health and prostate care, hormonal balance for both women and men, elimination of all types of bodily pain -- both mechanical and metabolic -- acute and chronic, autoimmunity, cancer, cardiovascular health, inflammation, digestion, pediatrics, and metabolic cleansing are particular areas of interest to our practitioners. To encourage patient participation, we offer both guided self-help protocols and comprehensive doctor assisted protocols.  Our patients tell us they particularly appreciate our doctors, practitioners, and staff for our caring attitudes and commitment to service. Please phone 650-917-1121 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Shanti Rubenstone, MD