JUNE 2010
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We're Moving!
Dr. Connie: Opportunities for Expansion
Dr. Marcel: Springtime Allergies
Thermography: Welcome Ardell Hill
Hawaii Retreat Center Re-opening
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**Tuesday, June 29: First day of seeing patients in our new offices.  Please see article in this newsletter.

**Tuesday, July 20 at 7:30 PM at East-West Bookstore (650-988-9800) at 324 Castro Street in Mountain View: Elijah Free will offer a free demonstration of his Freeing technique. He will also speak on "Healing Structural Pain and Fibromyalgia."

**Wednesday, July 21, 7:30 PM at East-West Bookstore (650-988-9800) at 324 Castro Street in Mountain View, Dr. Shanti Rubenstone will speak on "The Joy of Life."

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Please phone Pacific Naturopathic at 650-917-1121.  The clinic is open M-F 9am-5pm.  The clinic is closed daily from 12-1:30pm.

Big changes are afoot at Pacific Naturoapthic.  Most exciting is our move to a new location. Dr. Connie writes of the process of expanding through times of change. Dr. Marcel writes of a change of season physical challenge. In Palo Alto, we are welcoming Ardell Hill, our new thermography technician. In Hawaii, we are reopening Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center. And we solicit your input for further newsletter topics.

We wish you all a relaxing summer, and welcome you to our new space on your next visit.
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We're Moving: Close By, More Parking, Light-Filled New Offices and
Changes in Our Offerings

rees bldg

Pacific Naturopathic is happy to announce our move to a stunning and convenient new location.  We will be just blocks from our current location, near the corner of San Antonio Road and El Camino, next to Chili's, a stone's throw from Trader Joes, across from Whole Foods, on the first floor of the Rees Building. We are the last double doors on the right if you enter through the front door, and the first doors on the left if you enter through the back. There is oodles of parking all around the building. Handicapped access is through the front door. 

We've also had to change our phone number.  AT&T cannot guarantee this (650-917-1121) will be our number, so if this doesn't work, phone our old number (650-857-0226) for the forwarding message.

For the move, Pacific Naturopathic will be closed from Thursday June 24 through Monday June 28.  We will reopen at our new location on Tuesday, June 29.  Please listen to our phone messages and see our Facebook page for last minute updates.

In our next newsletter we'll invite you to our near-future office-warming gathering, complete with door prizes!


Our new address is:

Pacific Naturopathic

2570 W. El Camino Real  Suite 111

Mountain View, CA 94040


Opportunities for Expansion

~Connie Hernandez, ND

Connie Hernandez, ND

There are moments in each of our lives which demand that we rise upwards, expand outwards, enlarge our vision of who we are, what we can offer, how we can be. Pacific Naturopathic was presented with such a moment several weeks ago when we received a card from the county informing us that our office had been sold from underneath us and would be reconstructed into a dental office.


From that moment, I, as the person responsible for Pacific Naturopathic here on the Peninsula, fell back on the practice of a powerful mantra taught by Paramahansa Yogananda. 


"I go forth in perfect faith in the power of infinite good to bring me what I need at the time that I need it." 


The universe responded, first in the person of D.K. Foster, Business Transformation Consultant,   (www.tenacityu.com), who held my hand and helped me navigate through the world of commercial real estate, as we rejected one location after another due to no handicap access, unsavory restrooms, difficult locations, or untenable build out and lease expenses.


As we were preparing to settle for an affordable out of service acupuncture clinic in a not altogether desirable location, but with the potential for being workable, cozy, and welcoming, I received a phone call from another angel, in the person of Tom Rees. Tom had heard from his wife, Pacific Naturopathic friend and patient Mary Rees, that we were needing to relocate. He thought he might be able to offer us a solution.


Tom's graciousness and can do attitude has made possible our move to a stunning new location on the first floor of the Rees Building in San Antonio Center. It is an expansive and lovely space. We are able to continue offering breast thermography, the work of Elijah Free, the naturopathic services of Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel, and the transformational counseling services of Dr. Shanti. Stay tuned to learn of the other services we will be adding to our current services.


Needless to say, we are thrilled, and full of gratitude. The outward expansion has opened our hearts to the goodness and abundance available to each one of us, and the ever present opportunity to stretch beyond the confines of our self definitions, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, and to reach for that which will truly serve us and serve others as well.

Find out more about Dr. Connie's consulting services at


Ahh... Springtime! Such Sweet Misery!

~Marcel J. Hernandez, ND

Agatha Constance, ND
"Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night."  ~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

Indeed.  Much of the "shrieking" of springtime is done by the stunning variety and number of pollens flying through our blue summer skies.  And with the pollens comes a symphony of coughs, sniffles, gasps, discharges, throat-clearings, gurgles and whining.  A not so silent misery.

What is one to do?  We can't just lock ourselves in a room during pollen season with a HEPA air filter keeping the air clean!  It's absolutely gorgeous outside!  There are seeds to be planted, mowing to do and picnics under palm trees to attend to!

Fear not!  Natural therapies can not only help alleviate your symptoms, they can help reduce your body's hypersensitive reaction to allergic insults.  Natural approaches also eliminate the threat of toxic chemical exposure posed by modern pharmaceuticals.

Here are a few tips to lessen the impact of pollens on your body:

1) Stay well hydrated to keep your protective mucus membranes moist.  Coffee, soda and sugar-laden beverages or beverages with artificial sweeteners do not count. Water does!

2) Get plenty of rest.  Sleeping in a room with a HEPA air filter going helps reduce your exposure to allergens.

3) Clean your house. Dust, vacuum, remove carpets, eliminate mold.

4) Avoid known food allergens to further reduce the overall allergenic load.  If you don't know what you are allergic to, know that the most common food allergens are cow's milk products, wheat, corn, soy, eggs, shellfish, chocolate, caffeinated beverages and foods containing artificial preservatives, colorings and flavorings.

5) Reduce reactivity by eating only organic foods.

6) Throw sugar and simple carbohydrates out of your diet. These foods acidify your body and increase reactivity.

7) Do a spring cleanse.  There are simple and comprehensive approaches to cleansing toxic accumulation from your tissues.  For most people, allergic symptoms diminish or disappear during a cleanse.  Consult with your health provider for advice on what is best for you.

8) There are numerous herbal and nutrient strategies for clearing nasal passages, draining sinuses, reducing throat tickles and coughs, stopping the involuntary flow of tears, clearing the ears, enhancing mucus membrane integrity, slowing the release of histamine, reducing inflammation and restoring immune system balance.  Again, you might consider involving your primary care provider in developing a specialized approach to your specific needs.

OK.  Once you get your symptoms under control, seriously heed the advice of one of America's foremost sages:

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  ~Robin Williams

Please note that the suggestions mentioned above do not substitute for evaluation by a licensed medical practitioner.  The symptoms of other more severe respiratory and systemic illnesses can be mistaken for allergic reactions. 

Find out more about Dr. Marcel's work with men at:

Breast Thermography at Pacific Naturopathic: Welcome Ardell Hill!

Shanti Rubenstone, MDWith great pleasure and satisfaction, we welcome Ardell Hill, Thermography Technician,   as a member of our team.  With a deep and comprehensive resume and a commitment to breast health education, Ardell brings caring and experience to our thermography department. 

In our new office, Ardell will also be offering her hands-on skills.  She is a Master at Reflexology and has years of in-depth study and commitment to other kinds of body work and energy modalities which she incorporates into her approach to working with people. She is the author of "Spiritual Reflexology : Spiritual Gifts of the Body," which is available for sale in our office and also directly from Ardell or Amazon.com.  At Pacific Naturopathic, we are extremely fortunate to have her as part of our team.

Please phone the front desk at 650-917-1121 to schedule your appointment. Ardell is available for thermography on Tuesdays.

Please visit Ardell's web site for more information:


Hawaii Retreat Center Re-opening!

Shanti Rubenstone, MDAs many of our long-term patients know, for the past ten years Drs. Connie and Marcel have owned and operated a healing retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii. On this beautiful land overlooking the ocean on the lush Hamakua Coast, Drs Connie and Marcel have planted over 40 species of exotic tropical fruit, nut, and medicinal trees, and tended gardens of fragrant tropical flowers, organic vegetables, and culinary and medicinal herbs. The center's property is the source of those magnificent macadamia nuts that sell-out in the clinic within days of putting them out.


Last year, the retreat facility was closed by the county, as no business other than agriculture is permitted on agricultural land.  Tomes of evidence were submitted, and the community rallied to protest the county's stance and to support the use of the property as a healing retreat center.  This spring, the county planning commission responded to the will of the people, reversed their position, and unanimously voted to make the land and the facility a healing retreat center in perpetuity.


We are therefore re-opening the center, and accepting reservations for vacation and healing retreat stays. Guests are free to roam the property, graze the tropical produce, enjoy the private, outdoor spa and de-stress to the max.  Minimum visit is 3 nights. If you're seeking rest, rejuvenation, and a naturopathic cleansing program, we recommend at least 6 nights.

See our websites for details.  Phone 808-775-1505 for reservations, or email [email protected].

www.hawaiipeacegardenvacationhouses.com  www.naturopathicretreatcenter.com

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At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer evidence-based, integrated approaches to most acute and chronic health concerns. Bone health, breast health, hormonal balance, autoimmunity, cancer, cardiovascular health, inflammation, digestion, pediatrics, and metabolic cleansing are particular areas of interest to our practitioners. To encourage patient participation, we offer both guided self-help protocols and comprehensive doctor assisted protocols.  Our patients tell us they particularly appreciate our doctors, practitioners, and staff for our caring attitudes and commitment to service.