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Whale breach Alaska 2007 

Whale Breach

Alaska 2007

Star Flowers

In Loving Memory
and Respect
  Little Star White Dog
April 2000-August 15 2011


Vol. 2, Issue 10      September 2011
kona's touch

Our Tribute to Little Star  


Hello Friends,


I've taken a few month's off from Waggin' Tales this summer. As many of you know, the kona's touch family has been devastated by the loss of our canine pack leader and one of two of the founding members of kona's touch. Little Star White Dog came to us on January 12, 2001, and kona's touch, inc was launched shortly after.  


Little Star took her last breath in the early evening on August 15th, encased in the loving arms of her humans. 


Little Star was our 11 year old Lab/Collie/White Shepard X who was diagnosed in February with Lymphoma and given two weeks to live. It was characteristic for Star to rally and stick around with us for the last 6 months to help ease this monumental ache in our hearts. Our Healin' News this month is a departure from our usual type of info to bring you an article I had recently submitted to a contest. Now available to share with you here. 


I have had many different thoughts about this newsletter. In the end, after a long break from writing, I have come to the conclusion that to just put out my newsletter without a tribute to Star would be impossible. One of the most important relationships I have as a writer is with my readers and it is the great feedback I get from all of you that showed me what to do. So this issue we dedicate to Little Star White Dog. I will remain as you have always required of me, honest, open, and for now, with a broken heart. 



Be gentle, after all isn't that what you would want for your best friend,

Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA

Owner and Founder

Loose Leash Talking

My Training Parnter, Til Death Due Us Part 


Star agility stairsI remember when Little Star and I we were going to the graduation of our intermediate agility class. We practiced all of our contacts in the yard all week, our yard being more of an agility course than the pet store where classes were held. She was great all week. I was nervous when we left and she was excited, as she was every Sunday morning.


We got there and started to perform all that was asked of us, all of the things we had rehearsed. Then the teacher threw something at us we had never tried. It was a walk up the moveable stairs that they use for getting inventory off the top shelves of the warehouse. That was the final for the graduation and the teacher wanted Star to go up the stairs with me. They were open like fire escape stairs and Star was scared,  but she wasn't too scared with her partner. I knew she would trust me and go up the stairs and I knew I could keep her safe. I used the words she was familiar with from some of the other agility obstacles and she cautiously followed me up the stairs. We stopped for a picture on the top and we went down with no problem and received our diploma. 


See full article 


Healin' News


My Spirit Guide   


"The white dog stayed by the water for a long time. She was there every day. She stood by the water's edge, very still. She just watched the waves. She watched the water. Sometimes she walked along the shore. I wondered what she was thinking, walking along like that. She looked thoughtful."


Little Star wooIn January 2000, I was at a week-long seminar on the West coast.  Off topic -- well ,on topic for me -- I participated in a "Find Your Spirit Animal" class. There, I was guided through a scene where I supplied my favorite beach. I was introduced to a white dog, my spirit guide. It was a wonderful experience and I left secure knowing I would be guided in life by a strong, beautiful gentle white dog. 


Two days later a psychic told me that a very furry dog would be entering my life and she would make a huge impact. I told her about my spirit animal journey and that must be the dog she is seeing. She smiled, "No, this is a dog that will come into your physical life, a real dog, and there will be a lot of fur." I told her that wasn't going to happen. I was fine with my pack of two at home and in fact, on the beach a few months before, had just declared my life was perfect. I was the happiest I had ever been.

We agreed to disagree, although that funny look in her eye made me nervous. I went home from the conference feeling exhilarated, and educated with all my new information. I didn't think of the psychic again for six years.


Within a few months, my perfect life started to unravel. One of my real dogs became ill and she was gone before I knew it. She was my soul mate, and I was devastated. I had learned about traditional "old fashioned" dog training at her expense, and I had spent the last ten years undoing the wrong that I had caused her. It was only a few months of her early life that I had used punishment-based training, but I had a lot to make up for.






kona's touch offers positive dog and puppy training or consultation for Chicago's North Shore. Our positive training and consultations help you and your dog to create a respectful, loving relationship.

At kona's touch, we use peaceful clicker training techniques based on scientific knowledge and years of experience in canine behavior for fun family dog training. For dog training or your personal consultation, call 847-204-7100 or email me at


Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
kona's touch, inc.