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They're Starting To Look At Each Other
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There's an app for that. Whether you are a PC or Apple fan, check out the many apps for dog activities, dog friendly venues, health reports and many other dog related ideas.


Apps for iPhone 


We are currently concerned about apps for smartphones. Due to a Dog Fighting app we want to make sure we never encourage dog fighting in any form.  

Alex and Ty

Go over to iTunes for great information with Jolanta Beal on her Blogcast  

The Dog Trainer 


Cat And Dolphin Play Together

Cat And Dolphins Play Together

Kaiya  climbs a tree 

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog."


              Edward Hoagland


Vol. 2, Issue 7   April 2011
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Again Happy Spring: It May Really Be Here     


Hello Friends,


This month's newsletter is busy with lots of good information. We are so pleased to announce our joining the Himalayan Animal Rescue Team in Nepal. We at kona's touch, inc. are an equal opportunity business interested in helping dogs, all dogs including those at the edge of the world. For details about our USA HART team leader role read Healin' News. Also keeping those multiple dog households stress and cranky free can be easier if you know what you are looking for.  


We're getting ready for spring puppies and fitting nice pain free harnesses on our more rambunctious pullers. Check out the Freedom Harness at  Wiggles Wags & Whiskers or call us at kona's touch.  

You don't need hardware around your dog's neck to have him walk politely by your side. 


From all the dogs and human's at kona's touch


Be gentle, after all isn't that what you would want for your best friend,

Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA

Owner and Founder

Loose Leash Talking
Kaiya Lhotse' looking

They're Starting to Look At Each Other


In houses with multiple dogs the best way to know that everyone likes each other is if they are NOT looking at each other. They can be playing, sleeping on top of each other, eating together and even madly in love with each other, but the minute they start staring at each other, then it's time for you to watch. The moment they start giving that "snarky" look, it's time to brush up on the meaning of your dog's body language . It's better to study them now before you need them. Let me explain "snarky" so we're all on the same page here. My definition of "snarky" in terms of my dogs is the human equivalent of  when you're upset with your spouse, sibling, parent or (any other human that you love or live with). Even the way they chew bothers you. Just tonight, or just this week, it seems to bug you.  Sometimes everything he/she does "rubs you the wrong way". Well, this happens with our dogs too, and we call it  "snarky".  With dogs as with humans, it can escalate quickly and it can get scary. If you don't fix it as each thing happens, it can get so bad it's hard to fix.


See blog for full story 

Healin' News 


Photo from HART This "Healin News" story is very special and close to my heart this month. kona's touch, inc. is proud to announce that Laura  will be the USA Team leader for the Himalayan Animal Rescue Team (HART). HART team leaders 

I have given shout outs to HART in past newsletters and now we are so pleased to be helping them any way we can. kona's touch, inc. has always been about advocating for the welfare and safety of dogs and all animals. There are many dogs and animals around the world who need help. We are proud to help in the USA and to help advocate for HART.   


Animals all around the world are in need, as are people, and HART is on the far ends of the earth offering their help. It serves as a shelter with a different style than our shelters here in America. With an experienced team of vets, technicians, and many permanent and traveling volunteers the dogs in Pokara are being cared for. I am so grateful for this shelter in the land that I have loved most of my life, and it is there for the animals I have loved all of my life. 

 See HART's Web-site 


kona's touch offers positive dog and puppy training or consultation for Chicago's North Shore. Our positive training and consultations help you and your dog to create a respectful, loving relationship.

At kona's touch, we use peaceful clicker training techniques based on scientific knowledge and years of experience in canine behavior for fun family dog training. For dog training or your personal consultation, call 847-204-7100 or email me at


Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
kona's touch, inc.