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                       kona's touch  
Vol. 2, Issue 6  March 2011
kona's touch

March is Clicker Expo Month in Chicago   


Dear Friends,


Clicker Expo was in town this month in Wheeling, Illinois. Four hundred and fifty dog trainers, vets, behaviorists and enthusiasts from all over the world descended upon the kona's touch territory. (Not to mention a few hundred dogs)! How exciting to have this national conference, to which I have traveled every year, right here in my backyard.


The world of peaceful dog training is growing with leaps and bounds. It's always good to learn and network about new and exciting techniques and research, and it's always great to catch up with my friends and colleagues.


From all the dogs and human's at kona's touch, Happy Spring


Be gentle, after all isn't that what you would want for your best friend,

Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA

Owner and Founder

Loose Leash Talking
Loose Leash

Loose Leash Talking Talks About  

Loose Leash Walking


Walking the dog seems like such a wonderful thought when we are considering getting a dog. Then the dog comes home and before long we realize we have a sled dog in front of the leash and Alaska is the next stop. So much for those visions of peaceful walks.


It's even harder when we find out that we probably caused it to happen in the first few days we brought him home. We must avoid listening to all the helpful neighbors, friends and relatives and not put a metal choke chain, prong or even scarier, an electric shock collar around our best friends neck. It is not necessary, I repeat, it is not necessary.  


There are many different scenarios for teaching our dogs to walk politely on leash without having to cause pain or taking a chance of hurting the trust we build up with our dog. I love using the "Be A Tree" method and have successfully taught two of my own personal dogs to walk politely next to me this way. I only used a simple harness and six foot leash.... and lots of peaceful, positive training.


Find out several pain free options for teaching your dog to walk politely on leash. Check out Pat Miller's great article "Good Dog Walking"   

Healin' News 

Treats: They're Not Just Milk And Cookies Anymore

Part 2


In part one we talked about the importance of the quality and quantity of treats.  We also talked about size, texture and variety. Variety is very important. Your dog will stay focused as long as you keep the variety interesting. Sometimes even dogs get totally bored with their food and stop eating. That's a foreign idea in this house. Being in the business, I'm always trying new and exciting treats for training. That's my dogs favorite part of my job.

The 25% to 33% Plan

If I have a pocketful of treats it's likely that there are 3 or 4 different kinds of treats with different values. Value refers to how yummy a particular treat tastes. It's important to vary the food and treats your dogs eat so they don't get too much of one thing. Allergies can develop in both animals and humans if too much of one particular food is fed too often. If you're working on a particular special new behavior use high value treats. The same thing is true when you are in a high distraction area or for counter conditioning. When you switch behaviors you can use different treats. When it's the everyday, all around treat combination, I like the 25% to 33% plan. When working with a training savvy dog, or doing maintenance, vary the treats. Keep the dog guessing and every once in a while throw in the best one. If you keep them varied and interesting, your dog will respond with even more attention and his work ethic will stay strong and happy.


A high value treat is that very very special treat that your dog goes crazy over. In my house the peaking order is this, from highest to lowest:


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Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
kona's touch, inc.