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She started it all and we celebrate her life.
Our tribute to Kona
Kona Tribute

The time they are with us is  short. Use it well, with love and compassion.

   kona's touch
Vol. 2, Issue 1
October 2010
kona's touch
Waggin' Tales Turns One

Dear Friends.

Our e-newsletter is one year old this month. We are having so much fun writing it and hearing from all our subscribers. So far the reviews are great and we are so appreciative of your feedback. As always, please let us know if you have any interests you would like us to cover.

This month we are celebrating Kona's life as we go through the 10th anniversary of her death. We hope to always learn from all of our relationships with our canines and this was no exception. In grief, kona's touch, inc., arose. In celebration, we have many years of peaceful, respectful dog training behind us, and hopefully many years more.


Be gentle, after all isn't that what you would want for your best friend,
Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
Owner and Founder
Loose Leash Talkin

The Pack Is Content: Are Your Dogs Ready For An Unexpected Life Change

Sitting on my bed working on a quiet morning, my three dogs sound 3 Dogs sleepingasleep, I can't help but reflect on the last year and a half with wonder. I have watched their lives totally change in the last eighteen months, and watched them deal with an extraordinary amount of stress and watched them excel.


I often find myself saying to clients -- and friends for that matter -- that most of us don't need "obedience titled" dogs. We need dogs that are part of the family, practice "house rules", can adjust when changes happen and are stable enough to "go with the flow".  How do we get them that way? Practice, practice practice. Not the kind that gets you to Carnegie Hall, but the kind that we do everyday, all day.


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Healin' News

It Takes a Team                            Kona eagle

Ten years ago at 6:07 a.m. on the 21st of October, Kona drew her last breath and  died peacefully in our arms. In the ten weeks we had to prepare, we did everything we could to keep her safe and free from pain and discomfort. One thing we did not have to do however, was gather specialists and a health-care team to help us out. Gratefully, we already had that in place.

The moment we got the diagnoses, we went into shock. Most people do. At a time when thinking was impossible, the fact that we had traditional vets and alternative vets already in place was invaluable. It was not planned, and we didn't do it consciously, but we were so lucky to have them ready for action.

Before you need to, this is the time to gather resources. Educate yourself about the many modalities of health-care available to your dog. The choices are plentiful. There are specialists in every field for your pup, i.e., Western-oriented vets, Eastern-oriented vets, dental, orthopedic, cardiac. Way too many to mention here, but I can pretty much guarantee that if your dog has an ailment, there a specialist for that. 


There is accupucture, chiropractic, rehab, and massage therapy. Also nutritional, homeopathy, and herbal and flower essence therapy are available. Again too many more to mention, but hopefully this will get you thinking. The need is not to forecast your dog's crisis. It is to develop the foundation of trusted medical people to guide you.

Now that you know who's out there, use your resources to find the right people for you and your dog. Talk to friends you trust, trainers, groomers, neighbors. Use the internet to get specific information. THEN you can make an informed decision that is best for your dog.

We at kona's touch believe that integrative pet care is essential for your dog. Many vets are great for yearly check-ups with healthy dogs, but make sure you and your vet have the same philosophy of care in case you find yourself having to deal with scary diagnoses. Second opinions are always available and could save your dog's life. Remember it takes a team.

All we wanted to do when Kona got sick was love her, cuddle her and spend as much time with her as possible. With an already trustworthy team of vets on hand, we were able to do that. I can't imagine trying to find someone we trusted while we couldn't think straight. We didn't have to; we just picked up the phone, told a few of our key professionals what happened and they took over. We didn't give up making decisions.  We just knew we could trust the options offered, as they would be the best for Kona. We just had to love her and we didn't forget the cuddles.

kona's touch offers positive dog and puppy training or consultation for Chicago's North Shore. Our positive training and consultations help you and your dog to create a respectful, loving relationship.

At kona's touch, we use peaceful clicker training techniques based on scientific knowledge and years of experience in canine behavior for fun family dog training. For dog training or your personal consultation, call 847-204-7100 or email me at


Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
kona's touch, inc.