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The weather is warming up. Get those outside water bowls filled up and start freezing some doggie popsicles. Good fresh water is so important for your dogs health.
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Be gentle: After all, isn't that what you would want for your best friend.
           Laura Dorfman

Issue: EightMay 2010
kona's touch
Hello friends,

We have been really busy since this newsletter debuted eight months ago. We started a new blog and then we redesigned our blog which has just debuted last month. "gentle blogging for you & your dog. We have opened a Face book page with many up to date topics on everything animal, mostly dog.  Join us on Facebook. Also kona's touch has been included in a training book compiled by the APDT called "Top Tips From Top Trainers".  Find it at Amazon. We welcomed many new subscribers and always welcome you to forward this to all of your dog loving friends. We are pleased to be able to share our dog training philosophy with you which we hope will enhance your relationship with your canine best friend or at least help make your life with your pooch a little easier.


Be gentle, after all isn't that what you would want for your best friend,
Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
Owner and Founder
Loose Leash Talking
Star and Laura at ParkPositive Training: It's Not Yet The ONLY Way But We Can Hope

Well, we've talked about where to get the puppy, how to get her and how to prepare your house and your attitude. Let's talk about training. That used to make people back up a few steps and be afraid for their precious little puppy. Those days are long gone with this community of trainers. Our puppies are running to positive training classes all over the globe. They can't wait for the trainer to come to the house.
It's important to be very particular when picking a positive trainer. Many trainers who use aversive (punishment based) methods also call themselves positive trainers. If they use any positive reinforcement at all they may market themselves as such when in reality it could be just a small part of their training which also can include forceful, aversive training. When seeking a positive trainer, make sure you ask if they use any aversive or fear based training. Make sure they use harnesses, ez walkers, cotton collars with six foot leashes. Equipment that is aversive to dogs are choke collars, prong collars, any electronic shock or e-collars, or electric fences.
Contact APDT, CCPDT or Truly Dog Friendly for listings of trainers. Then make sure they are totally in accordance with the policies of humane and compassionate treatment of dogs and use those methods in training. Peaceful dog training is here to stay. It's fun for the whole family especially your dog. Teach your children to have compassion and respect for all animals.
Healin' News
Dustin steals KaiyaDog Napping (Not Sleeping) Is On The Rise:
Let's Talk Microchip

Just this week after a family dog went missing in January from  Michigan, he was found near Chicago and identified even though he had no collar, no tags and didn't know his address. He did however, have a micro-chip and he was with his family by the next day. 200 miles from home, it was a wonderful reunion.

Local news in the Chicago area is alarming to dog owners and people are on alert. Dogs are being stolen in home robberies, out of backyards, and taken from cars. This is especially true for small dogs and  pure-breeds who are either being ire-sold or sold to medical labs.
You can take action and make some plans to protect your four legged family members.

I can't say that loud enough. I believe it is the single most important way to keep your dog safe should he get away. Dogs are being returned to their families all across the country by being microchiped. These are small chips that are implanted in your dogs back (by injection from a vet). Then if your dog is found without his collar or tags, a wand like scanner is placed over your dogs back and the info from the chip is displayed. One phone call later, you know where your dog is. check out Home Again A Pet Microchip Company

Make sure your home is safe for your dog to be home alone. Don't count on your dog to be your security system. That's too hard a job for an eighty pound Lab, let alone a 4 pound Yorkie.
If you can't bring your dog into the store with you, consider leaving him home while you run errands. You can also drop him off for a few hours at a responsible, supervised doggie daycare. A little exercise and socialization for Rover is always good.
If your dog is in the yard you should be too. Not only for your dog's safety, but no good can come from a dog unsupervised in the back yard. If something is in the yard affecting your dog, it's a important to know about it. Most likely your dog won't spill the beans with words, just behavior you don't understand. Don't leave your dog in an outside area unsupervised. If you have a tall privacy fence and an adult dog that already knows the ropes, go ahead and let him be outside. As long as any human, child, other animals, or just plain nature can affect your dog, he should not be alone.
kona's touch offers positive dog and puppy training or consultation for Chicago's North Shore. Our positive training and consultations help you and your dog to create a respectful, loving relationship.
At kona's touch, we use peaceful clicker training techniques based on scientific knowledge and years of experience in canine behavior for fun family dog training. For dog training or your personal consultation, call 847-204-7100 or email me at


Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
kona's touch, inc.