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Your dog can find plenty of creative ways to push the boundaries of good behavior. Be on your toes to reward proper manners and eliminate temptations.
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  Remember, you're not the only one who can overeat on Thanksgiving
Issue: Two  November 2009
kona's touch
Our first newsletter was a success, with a huge positive response. Thank you all and please keep the suggestions coming for topics, I will be happy to cover as many as I can.
The next two editions will be filled with many holiday ideas.
A happy and safe Thanksgiving to you, your families, and of course that includes all of your four-legged companions.
Be gentle, after all isn't that what you would want for your best friend,
Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
Owner and Founder
Loose Leash Talking
Happier, Healthier HolidaysHappier, Healthier Holidays

  1. Stress can rise as the holidays approach. Watch your canine family members and make sure they stay calm and safe. Dogs pick up our stress as well as their own. You can use DAP, rescue remedy or have a little lavender scent throughout the house.
  2. Company changes routines: Watch for doors being left open, food being left out, meal schedules changing, relatives (especially children) your dogs are NOT familiar with. Make sure your guests understand "house rules," when it comes to the dogs. Tell them which dog bolts out of the front door and which one gets nervous around small children. If you get the response "Yea Yea Yea," don't trust that the person will follow your "house rules". Then advocate for your dog and make sure if your guests don't follow the rules, your dog is still safe.
  3. A frozen KONG in the crate or a special walk can be great stress reducers for your pooch ... and for you!
  4. Make sure your dog is getting his/her regular exercise (if not more) and regular diet to accommodate the changes, especially if you are going away.
  5. And don't forget, there are very few dogs you can leave alone in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day UNsupervised! Is your dog one of them? If you're sharing the stuffing bowl, make sure all dogs involved get along and can share safely.
  6. If you are traveling with or without your dog, check out the Archives on our web site for travel tips.
Healin' News
Titer Test Your DogTiter Test Your Dogs
For many years this secret has been just that: A Secret
Vets can and will Titer Test your dogs to see if they are already protected against certain dog related diseases. Parvo and Distemper are the two most popular to Titer and since Rabies is a legal issue, they have not started that program YET. Here's hoping they do.
A titer test is a simple blood test that measures the levels of antibodies to a certain disease. If the dog has enough antibodies, he/she will not need to be vaccinated.
As with humans, dog vaccinations are highly controversial, perhaps even more because humans have more protection and regulations from the government. Many dogs have reactions to vaccines and some require hospitalization. Some dogs are so allergic to the vaccines, that they don't make it. Get your dog Titered as a holiday gift.
For more information on Titering your dog, see Blood Test for Dogs to Test Immunity.
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Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA
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