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March 2009
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Tech Corner

Interesting read from a Nature Biotechnology paper - "Avoiding the Obvious" by Murphy and Sibley.
In their article, Murphy and Sibley give excellent guidance to inventors faced with the hurdle of obviousness.  I'd recommend this as required reading for anyone submitting a Record of Invention to their tech transfer office. 
My three key takeaways from this article: (1)Rejections of claims based on obviousness will come.   So be prepared.
(2) Inventor input is absolutely critical to addressing this hurdle.   Tell the attorney drafting the patent application "any information that may be useful in attacking this rejection, such as your reasoning or other evidence that one would come to a different conclusion after consideration of the references used by the examiner."  
(3) Prepare for this objection early - while drafting the application.  It is important to paint a "picture of the state of the art when the invention was made."   Good record keeping is helpful with this.  
~Summary by Tod Stoltz, Industry Relations Manager at CBST
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Work supported by the National Science Foundation
Cooperative Agreement No. PHY-0120999.
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Welcome to a new version of the newsletter for the Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology (CBST).  We will be publishing these on a schedule of about once/month and will strive to cover what's new and interesting in our science, education and technology transfer programs.  For now, I am very happy to report that the Center has many exciting new developments, which will be covered in this forum.  Please note that even though our headquarters is located at the UC Davis Medical Center, we have many participants including 8 other US institutions (UC Berkeley, UCSF, Alabama A&M University, Stanford University, Fisk University, Mills College, University of Texas, San Antonio, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) and affiliates from many others including foreign countries, so our newsletters will include their accomplishments as well.  Our field is thriving and we are attempting to report in on its' progress worldwide using our portal, which I also urge you to peruse.  In future articles we will also be including a dialog section where you can ask questions about our programs and ask us if your end-user research or product development can benefit from our knowledge or instrumentation development in biophotonics.  Please look for this feature in future newsletters.

~Dennis Matthews, Ph.D. CBST Director
CBST Research Highlights
World's Most Powerful Commercial Wide-Field Light Microscope - Optical Microscopy eXperimental (OMX)
OMX image of fibronectinScientists at CBST and UCSF working with engineers from Applied Precision (AP, Issaquah, WA) have installed the first commercial version of the world's highest resolution widefield light microscope (OMX) at the UC Davis Medical Center.  Pictured above is an image of fibronectin taken by Joanna Albala and Greg McNerney. 
"The OMX technology is a revolutionary leap in light microscopy and we are privileged to have been chosen to commercialize the OMX system," said Applied Precision CEO Ron Seubert.
"We look forward to working with the researchers at CBST and UCSF to complete our development and make this technology available to the life sciences community," added Joe Victor, president at Applied Precision.
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Meet the Researcher - Dr. Thomas Huser and his laboratory
Dr. Thomas HuserDr. Thomas Huser is an Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of California, Davis. He also serves as Chief Scientist for CBST and Co-Director for the Translational Core of the Clinical Translational Science Center at UC Davis. At UC Davis he applies single molecule fluorescence, Nano-Biophotonics, and Raman spectroscopy and imaging to biological and medical problems at the single cell level. To read more about Dr. Huser and his current research projects, please click on
Research Interests:
Centered around ultra-sensitive optical microscopy and spectroscopy of biomolecular and cellular systems.
Additional Interests: Outside his research, Dr. Huser enjoys reading, sports, and outdoor activities with his family.
Current group members: Tingjuan Gao, Postdoc; Gregory McNerney, graduate student; Sonny Ly, graduate student; Tun Nyunt, graduate student; Tyler Weeks, graduate student; Latevi Lawson, graduate student; Iwan Schie, graduate student -
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CBST Education Highlights
2nd Winter Internship Program for Community College Students - January 2009
Winter Internship Program for CC StudentsThe CBST Education Outreach Team developed and piloted a Community College Winter Program in 2008 in response to a growing awareness that community college students are a valuable resource for expanding and diversifying the science workforce.  The CCWinter Program includes 2 main components: (1) Scientific Research Project-based Activity (80%) and (2) Professional Identity Development (20%).  In 2008, 50 students applied and 15 were accepted.  Of the 15 participants, 11 were accepted into research internships the following summer.  CBST hosted its 2nd Winter Internship Program from January 5-16th.  Students applying to the 2009 program more than doubled (120 students applied), which resulted in an increase of students being accepted (19 students from 9 community colleges of the Northern California region).  We're looking forward to the next round of applications in 2010!  
CBST Knowledge Transfer Highlights
UC Discovery Fellows at CBST
Dr. Amy L. Gryshuk, Mrs. Gabriela Lee and Dr. Satinderpall S. Pannu have been awarded 1-2 year UC Discovery Fellowships from the Industry-University Cooperative Research Program (IUCRP) out of the UC Office of the President.  Dr. Dennis Matthews, Director of the Center for Biophotonics, currently mentors all three Fellows along with other mentors and high-ranking executives at UC Davis and LLNL.  These unique professionals are utilizing their varied expertise to bridge the gap between science and industry, such that they will ultimately help to catalyze change at the university-industry interface
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Joint Workshop between PicoQuant GmbH and CBST at UC Davis
For the 4th year in a row, CBST hosted a joint 2-day workshop, "Making Single Molecule Fluorescence (Lifetime) Measurements Simple",  with PicoQuant GmbH on January 22-23, 2009, at the Oak Park Research Building in Sacramento, CA. Nearly 40 researchers from academia, industry, research and national labs attended lectures and hands-on experiments that covered the latest research topics and methods in single molecule spectroscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging.  Topics included: single molecule detection techniques, fluorescnece microscopy, FLIM, FRET and FCS.   
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Biophotonics Week will include the 2nd International Congress on Biophotonics (ICOB)
In February 2008, CBST hosted the 1st international Congress on Biophotonics (ICOB) in Sacramento, CA gathering thought leaders from around the world, representing academia, industry, medicine, and government agencies to create a strategic roadmap for the future of biophotonics research and education. 
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Plans are currently being developed for a BIOPHOTONICS WEEK in the city of Quebec, Canada in 2010 comprising: 
Frontiers in Neurophotonics (Sept.21-24)
International Congress on Biophotonics, ICOB-2 (Sept.24-26)
Optics Within Life Sciences, OWLS-11 (Sept.27-29)
Biophotonics School (Sept. 30-October 2)
Entrepreneurship Activities
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Fellowships
According to the Kauffman Foundation, "university-industry collaborations are essential to advancing innovations that produce social, economic, and often life-saving benefits"
The  Kauffman Foundation has developed 2 fellowship programs: Kauffman Entrepreneur Fellows program and Entrepreneur Postdoctoral Fellows program - to better understand the "science of startups". Grants to support the fellowships will total $5 million over four years.
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UCD "Little Bang" Competition - Feb. 12, 2009
The "Little Bang" poster competition held February 12th, 2009 was sponsored by the UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship and is the first step to entering the "Big Bang" Business Plan Competition (Nov.-May 2009).  UC Davis students at any level (teams or individuals; undergraduates, graduates and postdocs) work with their mentors to integrate their lab technologies with entrepreneurship and business. 
"Little Bang" - 5 winners in total - 1 winning poster from each of the five competition sectors receive: (1) $3,000 cash prize; (2) Semi-finalist status in the Big Bang! Business Plan Competition (; (3) Chance at Big Bang!'s $15,000 prize money; and (4) Little Bang Awards announcement at SARTA Tech Index Luncheon. 
"Big Bang" 1st round winners are announced on March 9, 2009 and on May 20, 2009 the final presentations and awards will be made
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Awards and Recognitions
"On-the-Spot" Award - Mrs. Gabriela Lee, MBA, MS, UC Discovery Fellow
Gabriela Lee - "On the Spot Award"Gabriela Lee
, MBA, MS, UC Discovery Fellow
, received an "On-the-Spot" Award from Dr. Claire Pomeroy, MD, MBA, Dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine and Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences, UC Davis, for leadership in assembling and submitting a Partnerships for Innovation proposal to NSF. Under the aegis of the NSF PFI, the investigators proposed the development of the Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic at UC Davis to bring together multidisciplinary teams to take medical technologies closer to market. The proposed partnership involves approximately 20 organizations, including academic departments, schools, centers, private and public sector organizations, as well as investors and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.  Pictured in the photo from L to R: Tod Stoltz, Claire Pomeroy, Gabriela Lee, Suzanne Papamichail, and Dennis Matthews.
Two UCD-CBST graduate students receive Lawrence Scholar Program (LSP) Awards 
The Lawrence Scholar Progam (LSP) grants awards (for up to 4 yrs) to the top graduate students at the University of California and Texas A&M University, such that they can conduct research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) while completing their thesis.  The awards partner the student, their university, and a technical mentor at LLNL.  LSP students are encouraged to consider a career at LLNL after succesful completion of their Ph.D.  To read more, please click on

Two graduate students, Mr. Sonny Ly and Mr. Tyler Weeks, affiliated with CBST at the University of California, Davis have applied and been accepted into the LSP for 2009.  Sonny will be working with Dr. Thomas Huser at UCD and Dr. Ted Laurence at LLNL to study the "Dynamic Characterization of Nano-lipoproteins By Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy".  Tyler will be working with Dr. Thomas Huser at UCD and Dr. Matthew Coleman at LLNL to study the "Use of CARS for in-vivo Dosimetry - Effects of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation Using Label-free Imaging Techniques".
Dr. Thomas Huser's Visiting Professor Appointment at the University of Tromso
Dr. Thomas Huser at the University of Tromso in NorwayDr. Thomas Huser, 
Chief Scientist at the Center for Biophotonics,
was recently asked to serve as a visiting professor (4-5 weeks/yr over the next 3 yrs) in the Physics and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Tromso in Norway.  He will have the opportunity to teach a class on Biomedical Optics and present several seminars, as well as work with the University of Tromso scientists to develop novel integrated microfluidic and optical devices for single cell handling, delivery, and spectroscopy that can act as novel diagnostic tools, cellular test beds, and development platforms for a number of label-free spectroscopic systems as well as for the discovery of novel highly specific optical labels.  "The University of Tromso is the northern-most university in the world, and Thomas will be able to see the Northern Lights during his visits in winter and enjoy 24h daylight in the summer."
Calendar of Events
March 12 - Yolo Business Ascent Kickoff - California
                  Business Ascent (5:00 - 7:00 PM) 
West Sacramento Civic Center and Galleria - Max Attendance: 150 
For more info: 
To read more, please click on
March 26 - Yolo Base Camp Screen Tests - California
                  Business Ascent (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) 
Hampton Inn, West Sacramento - Max Attendance: 45 - for presenting entrepreneurs only!
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March 30 - 3rd Annual CBST Spring Science Workshop  
                  (8:00 AM - 6:00 PM)
UC Davis Medical Education Building, Matsui Lecture Hall 
4610 X Street, Sacramento, CA 95817 
Open to UCDMC research community, and all CBST faculty,  students, and postdoctoral researchers. Poster presentations will introduce this year's portfolio of CBST-sponsored research projects.  The meeting will also feature special talks. 
To read more, please click on
June 28 - July 2 - Advances in Optics for Biotechnology, 
                            Medicine and Surgery XI - Clinical 
                            Challenges and Research Solutions 
Burlington, Vermont, USA.  Poster Presentation Abstract Submission Deadline: March 31. For more information -
To read more, please click on
Nov. 17-18 - The California Business Ascent Competition
Private and State Groups came together for California Business Ascent Statewide Business Mentoring and Competition this past February 18, 2009.  The top 2 companies from each community throughout California will compete in the finals to be held in San Diego at the Catamaran Resort in November.
Grants and Funding Opportunities
Grants of Interest to the CBST Community
Pre-application for a Biomedical Technology Research Resource (X02) - Mandatory for P41 application
Application Due Date(s): Dec. 2, 2008, April 2, 2009, and Aug. 6, 2009
 Peer Review Date(s): April 2009, August 2009, and December 2009
National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), NIH
Biomedical Technology Research Resource (P41) 
 Letters of Intent Receipt Date(s): Not Applicable
Application Submission Dates(s): Jan. 25, May 25, Sept. 25
Grants of Interest & UCD Limited Submissions
UCD Academic Senate Funding
- Small Grant in Aid of Research ($2,000) Deadline: April 10, 2009
Fiscal Year 2009-2010 (July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010)
- New Research Initiatives and Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research ($10,000-$25,000) Deadline: April 10, 2009
Fiscal Year 2009-2010 (July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010)
National Institutes of Health Recovery Act Limited Competition: NIH Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research (RC1)
- Due date: April 27, 2009
- Due to high demands, PIs are urged to submit their complete applications to UC Davis Sponsored Programs by April 15th, 2009.
- To read more, please click on,
UC Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives (MRPI)
LOI due: Monday, March 16, 2009, 12:00pm (noon) PST
- Proposal submission deadline: Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 12:00pm (noon) PST. CBST is currenly working on an MRPI proposal in biophotonics and has started discussions with potential participants. If you know of other UC researchers who might be interested to participate, please contact
Advanced Merieux Research Grants
- 5 companies in France, USA and India - interested in innovation at very early stages -
Interestes are infectious diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases (including stroke) and food and water safety. 300,000 euros for 2 yrs.
For more information, contact Christine M'rini, MD, PhD, Scientific Director, Merieux-Alliance at

Economic Recovery Act - NIH Funding ($10.4B)
$10.4 B will be available from February 17, 2009 through September 2010 to NIH, and every effort will be made to spend as much as possible in FY 2009.
Three broad areas that will be the focus of funding for the scientific component of the budget are ($8.2 B for research): RO1s, Supplements and NIH Challenge Grants.
Limited Submission (UC Davis) 09-035: Centers for AIDS Research: D-CFAR, CFAR - Sponsor: NIH
- TOTAL FUNDING AMOUNT: For D-CFAR applications, up to $750,000 total costs per center per year will be awarded. For standard CFAR applications, up to $3M total costs per center per year will be awarded.
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