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SF Superhero Award
Presidio Teachers' Night
SCRAP at Reuse Conex
2 Blocks of Art
Visitacion Valley Festival
Save the Date!
Board Report
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Call for SCRAP Artists
Teacher Material GiveAways
WE SCRAP! Educator Workshops
Oct 27 - Day of the Dead Skeleton Scenes
Nov 10 - SCRAP Fabric Covered Books
Nov 12 - Elements in Motion
Dec 15 - SCRAP Wrap it!
SCRAP Receives 2012
SCRAP founder and volunteer Anne Marie Theilen won this year's SF Superhero Street Fair's Superhero Award for Community Creation.
Thanks for creating SCRAP Anne Marie!
SCRAP at Presidio
Teachers Night

SCRAP will be hosting a table at Presidio Teachers' Night:  

Thurs Oct 4th, 5-7pm

For more info click here! 

SCRAP is proud to be part of the Reuse Alliance and will be participating in the Reuse Conex conference in Portland, Oregon in October.

For more information:

SCRAP is hosting a creative reuse art project at

Central Market
2 Blocks of Art

Fri, Oct 19, 4-8pm

On 6th St. between

Market & Howard 


Join us for SCRAP Halloween Mask Making at the

Visitacion Valley Festival 

Oct 28th 10am - 4pm

Leland Ave at Bayshore Blvd

Jeff Rahuba SCRAP Fabric Rolling

Fabric Rolling Tuesdays are back for the summer!

Come to SCRAP every Tuesday 1pm to 5pm to help us tackle our mountain of fabric!

SCRAP Fabric

Join Susan Solstice for scrappy jewelry making every Monday! 
($5 suggested donation) 
Save the Date!
SCRAP Art: SCRAP's 4th
Creative Reuse Exhibition
at Arc Gallery
will feature San Francisco Bay Area artists who use materials found at SCRAP in their artwork from
December 1, 2012 to
January 9, 2013.

Opening Preview Reception: Friday, November 30th, 6:30-9PM

SCRAP Party with hands-on creative reuse activities:
Sat, Dec 8th 1-3pm
Board Report
Sad to see summer slip away, but excited about all that the fall season has to offer at SCRAP (see the calendar). New candidates for the board are lining up and the talent, skills, and passion they bring is impressive. We are hoping to bring in a SFUSD administrator from the Green Initiative, a photographer (much needed), and a "Maker." Results of the election will be posted before we find out who will run our country!! In other news, while on vacation in Central BC, I entered my famous origami paper bag in the Tatla Lake Community Fall Fair and won 2nd place in General Hobbies! SCRAP reaches far and wide!!! Keep an eye out for SCRAP in our community, see you there!

Dianne Platner 

SCRAP Board of Directors, President
Seen at SCRAP!
Oak flat files

Teeth casts


Quick Links  

This Month, I'm excited to tell you about our Art Exhibition. The Arc Gallery has generously donated their amazing space for us to host our fourth SCRAP Art exhibition. If you haven't already, there's still time to submit your artwork for inclusion in the show and we would love to see your amazing artwork made from SCRAP materials: the deadline is October 10th. Just enter online here: The show will be held from December 1 to January 9th with a preview opening reception on Friday November 30th from 6:30 to 9:30, complete with wine, snacks and a fashion show from SCRAP artist and designer Tuan Tran. We're also hosting a family friendly party at our show on December 8th from 12-3pm with hands-on creative reuse projects inspired by the great art that can be created out of SCRAP materials. 


Onsite at the SCRAP depot, we also have plenty planned. We'll be hosting our Materials GiveAway for San Francisco teachers on October 6th. We have two amazing workshops for Day of the Dead- one on October 6th for educators, taught by the wonderful Aiko Lanier Cuneo, and one on October 27th for everyone by longtime SCRAP artist CJ Grossman. Our fabric rolling Tuesdays are still going strong: anyone can come to volunteer on Tuesday afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. And don't forget our Jewelry making drop in workshops on Mondays from noon to 2pm.


Are you looking for a great Halloween costume? SCRAP just got plenty donated, or make your own out of all the fun materials here at SCRAP!


Hope to see you at a SCRAP event soon,

Shuai Chen 

Executive Director, SCRAP 

(415) 647-1746 



Calling all San Francisco Bay Area artists who use materials found at SCRAP in your artwork!

We are having our 4th creative reuse

exhibition at Arc Gallery!


Exhibition dates are Dec 1, 2012 to Jan 9, 2013.

Deadline for submissions is Wed, October 10th.


Click here for more details or to submit your work! 

2012 Monthly Teacher Material GiveAways
For San Francisco Teachers 
First Saturdays 1 to 4pm


Oct 6

Nov 3

Dec 1

 We'll have paper, markers, binders, sponges, National Geos, and much more!

SCRAP 801 Toland (Enter on Newcomb) SF, CA 94124   (415)647-1746

Every first Saturday SCRAP will be holding a WE SCRAP! workshop for educators presenting a creative reuse project that can be used in the classroom, uses SCRAP materials, and directly ties into the curriculum. Participants will learn and create the project and then obtain a materials package to teach the project in their own classroom complete with an instruction sheet that includes a list of California Content Standards that the project fulfills.
10am to 1pm    fee: $15 (for educators only)

Oct 6th - Day of the Dead Ofrendas

presented by Aiko Lanier Cuneo

Day of the Dead is a time to  celebrate and honor loved ones who have passed. Families in Mexico build altars in their homes, filled with offerings for their spirits who they believe come back to visit on November 1st and 2nd. In this workshop, participants are shown how to make an ofrenda. After writing a short paragraph of memories about a loved one, they will create a dimensional altar using boxes and paper pop-up techniques.


Nov 3rd - Make Books w/ Kids 

presented by CJ Grossman 

Join book artist C.J. Grossman as she teaches participants how to make a multitude of books to use in the classroom with a minimum of materials including a special matchbox storybook. Books can be used across the curriculum, and this is a great way for students to strengthen their language skills, be encouraged to tell their own stories, and to produce artwork that raises their self-esteem. C.J. has an MFA from California College of the Arts and has taught thousands of adults and children how to make books.


Dec 1st - Finger Puppet Books 

presented by Patricia Christensen

Finger puppets are fun and can be easily made with many different materials and techniques. These little puppets inspire storytelling; and dialogue seems to come naturally. After creating finger puppet characters, students are eager to write and decorate their creative adventures on sturdy paper. Then holes are cut and finger puppet characters poke up to come alive on the page. Participants will be shown how to make both glued and sewn finger puppets with a variety of treasures found at SCRAP as well as experiment with simple bookmaking techniques.


Patricia Christensen is a SFUSD Visual Art Teacher with 4/5 grade classroom experience. She has taught textiles and mixed-media art making for over twenty years.


To register click here! 

SCRAP Workshop

Dia de los Muertos Skeleton Scenes w/ CJ Grossman 

Saturday, Oct 27th   10am - 4pm   fee: $60


Make your own SCRAPpy
Skeleton Scene for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
Artist CJ Grossman will begin by showing participants how to turn a simple box into a beautiful altar. She will demonstrate two methods that can be used to finish the box. One uses decorative paper the other is a papier mache finish that can later be painted or covered. Then the fun begins! CJ will show participants how to make tiny little skeletons to fit in their
box altar stage and brainstorm ideas for making furniture and other details. Everyone will be invited to search the aisles of SCRAP for fun and interesting materials to include. Participants may also bring any small items from home or photos of loved ones to include in the altar.


About CJ

CJ Grossman is a mixed media artist and art teacher specializing in Book Arts and unique paper cuts. She exhibits her books, mixed media altars and paper cuts nationally, and is in myriad library collections at universities around the country.  CJ has taught thousands of adults and children how to make books by teaching in art centers, libraries, and schools.  She lives in Berkeley with her invisible dog, Twila, whose name changes every month.


To register click here! 

SCRAP Workshop

Fabric Covered Books w/ CJ Grossman  

Date Change! Saturday, Nov 10th   10am - 4pm   fee: $60


Join us in welcoming back book artist CJ Grossman as she leads this fun and inspiring full-day bookmaking workshop. Participants will learn how to make fabric-covered books with all the delectable fabrics from SCRAP at their fingertips decorating with ribbons, cords, buttons, beads, and anything else they can find. Participants can bring items from home to incorporate in their work such as charms, fabrics, or favorite rubber stamps (for a finishing touch on an inside page). CJ will teach two kinds of stitching for the books: a multiple pamphlet stitch, and a more complex sewing method which will allow for up to 6 signatures of paper.  These books can be thick or thin, used for sketchbooks or journals, and are a great gift for the holidays.  

About CJ
CJ Grossman is a mixed media artist and art teacher specializing in Book Arts and unique paper cuts. She exhibits her books, mixed media altars and paper cuts nationally and has taught thousands of adults and children how to make books.  


To register click here! 

SCRAP Workshop for Kids
presented by Green Art Workshop
Monday, Nov 12th 1 - 3:30pm  fee: $40 
(for ages 9 -13)

In this workshop students will create an imaginative hanging sculpture based on the natural elements (earth, fire, water, and air). Students will explore the colors associated with their chosen element, what real or imagined creatures might inhabit this space, and consider what it would be like to experience this element with all five senses. Using found materials from SCRAP, they will construct a 3-dimensional mobile that reflects the essence of their element.

About Green Art Workshop
Elizabeth O'Connor and Susan Lynn Smith co-founded Green Art Workshop. It is a hands-on eco-conscious program that brings teaching artists into Bay Area classrooms and after  school programs.  In our classes, youth create imaginative personal and collaborative projects by re-envisioning everyday materials. We encourage critical thinking and heighten environmental awareness in the creative process.

SCRAP Workshop

SCRAP Wrap It! w/ Megumi Inouye & Monica Lee 

Saturday, Dec 15th   1 - 4pm   fee: $30


Megumi and Monica are back again to share unique  gift-wrapping techniques! They have a treasure trove of ideas for gift-wrapping inspired by SCRAP materials that will come in handy for any gift-giving occasion, especially the holidays! They will demonstrate some new techniques and tips and  of course go over last year's favorites. Using materials from SCRAP including decorative paper, fabric, buttons, and much more, participants will create elegant and fun designs to present their packages and gifts. Participants will be able to utilize what they learn in the workshop  and get a head start on their holiday wrapping. You will never look at gift-wrapping the same way again!


About Monica and Megumi 

Megumi Inouye is the host of the Japanese American Journal for KTSF where she has featured Japanese inspired gift wrapping tips. She was  the 2008 Runner-Up Finalist in a national gift-wrapping contest and appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show for a Wrap Off with Ellen!

Monica Lee has been a professional photographer for 30 years and is a life-long crafter and long time SCRAPper. Monica has taught at SCRAP,  Sunnyside Conservatory and FabMo. Monica is the Artist in Residence at Ruth's Table at the Bethany Center. 

To register click here! 

SCRAP 801 TOLAND (ENTRANCE ON NEWCOMB), SF, CA 94124 . (415)647-1746 .