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JUNE 2012
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Seen at SCRAP!
Roll Fabric at SCRAP!
Drop-In Jewelry Making
SCRAP at Larkspur Farmer's Market
SCRAP at San Mateo Cty Fair
Board Report
Staff Corner!
SCRAP's Reality Web Series Debut
June 23 - SCRAP Paper
June 30 - DIY Party Decorations
WE SCRAP! Educator Workshops
July 14 - SCRAP Shag Rugs
July 28 - SCRAPpy Terrariums
Aug 11 - Hats Off to Teachers!
Coming In August...
Seen at SCRAP
cinder blocks
Decorative cinder blocks perfect for your patio or garden! Just $2 each. 
Jeff Rahuba SCRAP Fabric Rolling

Fabric Rolling Tuesdays are back for the summer!

Come to SCRAP every Tuesday 1pm to 5pm to help us tackle our mountain of fabric!

 SCRAP Fabric

Or if you can't make Tuesdays, come by anytime Monday through Thursday 9am to 5pm and ask for Wayne.  
Susan Solstice
Join Susan Solstice for scrappy jewelry making every Monday!
($5 suggested donation) 
Larkspur Farmer's Market
June 23
9am - 2pm
Larkspu Farmers Market poster
Ellen Burns presents SCRAPpy crafts at our community outreach table at the Larkspur Farmer's Market.  
For more info click here.
SCRAP at the
San Mateo County Fair 
Sun, June 17th
3:00 - 6pm

Join us at the San Mateo County Fair in Redwood Hall for a SCRAP Creative Reuse Art Challenge activity!
Board Report

We were busy last month.

May was strategic planning and election time. The Board of SCRAP continues to grow in stature, professional contributions, and passion. We are planning for the next 6-9 months of growth on site, in the community, and at the board level. I'd like to announce our slate of officers:

President: Dianne Platner 

Treasurer: Cathy Hwang 

Secretary: Larisa Dzwonczyk 

VP Operations: Becky Barton

VP Community Outreach and Fundraising:Michael Bongiorni

VP Governance: Jack Gold


This is a good time for SCRAP, a great organization with a lasting mission and a to die for board. Thank you for your service.
Dianne Platner
President, Board of Directors
Staff Corner
Artist and SCRAP staffer
Air Feller has her artwork up at Hangr 16 in the mission. 
Up through June 19th.
Don't miss it!  

3128 16th St @ Valencia
San Francisco, CA 94103

Thank you to our volunteer vocational training groups for all your hard work!
  SCRAP's Reality Web Series Debut..
SCRAP Birdhouse Challenge
In this episode of the Yahoo online competition series Plugged In, actress Alicia Silverstone takes viewers to her hometown of San Francisco. The first challenge takes the contestants to Check it out here! 
The SCRAP Birdhouse Challenge!
SCRAP Birhouse Challenge
If you thought the birdhouse challenge was fun on our Plugged In episode, now's your chance! Come to SCRAP's workshop space on Saturday July 21st anytime between 10am and 4pm and enter our birdhouse challenge. We will have a variety of materials and tools laid out for you to use. You will get 20 minutes to create your own birdhouse. Each birdhouse will be photographed and posted on our Facebook wall. The birdhouse with the most likes by the end of the week wins a $30 gift certificate to SCRAP. Everyone gets to keep their amazing creations!
Maker Faire SCRAP table 2012
Maker Faire SCRAP Robot
Reuse Robots!
  SCRAP's new entry way..
Entrance to SCRAP
Dedicated to educating about SCRAP and creative reuse, we are currently seeking artist work to feature on our small entryway wall. Work should incorporate creative reuse and be 2 dimensional. Please send photos of your work to 

Donate SCRAP bunny
Quick Links

Welcome to the summer months! What a great time to relax, hang out and to create art.


Here at SCRAP, we have some amazing programs this summer and we would love to see you here:


We have so many great summer workshops lined up, including our second WE SCRAP (workshops for educators). Sign up for our papermaking workshop, DIY Celebrations, WE SCRAP: Hornbooks, Scrappy Shag Rugs, Coil Baskets or Mosaics. Hurry before all the spots are taken!


If you know a creative 12-16 year old, please send them to our SCRAP Camp: Mosaic Mash-up. Taught by our SFAI City Studios instructor. This week-long class will help students design and create 3D Mosaics using SCRAP materials.


Now that summer is here, come to SCRAP to roll up your sleeves and help us roll fabric! Fabric Rolling Tuesdays are back. Join a group of amazing dedicated volunteers and staff and help us tackle our fabric mountain. Volunteers can get community service hours as well as first dibs on the amazing fabric that come through our doors.


And stay tuned for our next Scrappy Sunday announcement..


See you at SCRAP soon,

Shuai Chen

Interim Executive Director, SCRAP

p (415) 647-1746
SCRAP Workshop

SCRAP Paper: DIY Papermaking w/ Susan Peterson  

June 23rd,  10-4pm    fee: $60


DIY papermaking is messy but a lot of fun! It makes a highly textured sheet of paper that feels wonderful and can be used for many projects or even as an artwork in itself. Once you get the technique down, you can make many sheets of paper in a variety of colors. Join us in welcoming Susan Peterson as she teaches participants how to make paper pulp to create different kinds of paper. She will show participants how to make & use a mold and deckle as well as how to make beautiful paper with inclusions such as colored or metallic paper bits, flower petals, or other fun materials that can be found at SCRAP. Papermaking is relaxing and fun, and the results are fabulous! 


About Susan 

Susan Peterson is an artist and arts educator with more than 20 years of experience. Growing up just outside Boston she moved to Arizona for graduate school. The wide-open spaces have kept her in the west, settling in San Francisco. This landscape, as well as travels to Africa and Asia, have had a strong influence on her work. Susan is a ceramicist but loves all crafts and runs Craft Labs. She has a studio in the Mission district in a former mayonnaise factory.

SCRAP Workshop

SCRAPpy Celebrations & DIY Party Decorations

w/ Monica Lee  

Saturday, June 30th, 1-4pm    fee: $30


Have a fun party or celebration right Monica Lee Paper Cakearound the corner or coming up over the summer? In this workshop avid SCRAPper and artist Monica Lee will share her DIY ideas for party decorations using and repurposing everyday items and materials found at SCRAP. Table center pieces, place settings, "goody" bags and boxes, bows, invites, tags, garlands, and banners large and small are some of the project ideas she will present. Starting the workshop off demonstrating a few projects Monica will then open it up for individuals to work on their specific interests. There will be a table full of fantastic and inspirational decoration ideas that each participant can tailor to their needs! 


About Monica 

Monica Lee has been a professionalMonic Lee Gift bag photographer for 30 years and is a life long crafter. She is currently the Artist in Resident at Ruth's Table (A Center for Creative Growth Rooted in the life of artist Ruth Asawa) at the Bethany Center where she teaches art workshops using found, new, and repurposed materials open to all ages in the community. She has volunteered for many years in the public schools working on art auction projects and where ever she is needed.  


WE SCRAP! Workshops for Educators
Creative reuse projects for the classroom that tie into the curriculum and use materials offered at SCRAP's teacher material give-aways.
10am to 1pm    fee:$15
This is a great project for helping kids exercise their historical imagination, and understanding what it was like to be a child centuries ago. A hornbook was what children of the 14th through 18th centuries (including youngsters in colonial America) used to learn their ABCs. It wasn't really a book at all! We'll adapt SCRAP materials to come up with our own replicas, and you will receive everything you need to repeat the project in the classroom.

Aug 4th - Coil Baskets presented by Sharon Anderson

Many cultures have been making coil baskets for centuries, using the native materials available to them. This project can be integrated into the state requirements to study California history. Participants will create their own one-of-a-kind basket using the same coil technique as the California Native Americans, but instead of Tule, we will use discarded cords, yarn and fabric from SCRAP.

 SCRAP Camp: Mosaic Mash-Up!   

July 30th to Aug 3rd, 1-4pm
Parc Guell wall
Antonio Gaudi/Parc Guell 
For ages 12 to 16     fee: $125 


SCRAP Camp is an adventure learning about creative reuse, art, and the environment! In this week long class, students get to explore a world of unexpected possibilities through creative reuse that only SCRAP can offer. 


Teaching artist Laura Boles Faw will lead students in building mosaics and 3D mosaic sculptures using materials found at SCRAP. Students will be introduced to a variety of mosaic techniques and 

Watts Tower entrance
Simon Rodia/Watts Towers

building skills and learn about artists whose work incorporates creative reuse and mosaics in inventive ways. Students will be encouraged to consider sustainability as a part of their creative process and learn about the variety of materials at SCRAP.


About Laura
Laura Boles Faw is an artist, curator, and educator who received her MFA from SFAI.  She is a teacher in various programs including SFAI's City Studio, the Meridian Interns Program, the Adult Continuing Education Program at SFAI and most recently was visiting faculty in the sculpture department.  During the school year, Laura teaches a City Studio sculpture class for teens at SCRAP.


SCRAP Workshop
SCRAP Shag Rugs w/ Sharon Anderson 
July 14th, 1-4pm   fee: $30  Sharon Anderson Blue Shag Rug w dogs

Learn to make easy, no sew, rugs with SCRAP fabrics. Sharon will teach participants how to weave fleece and fabric strips into a canvas backing as well as demonstrate a second "knotting" technique. Participants will make an 18 x 20" small rug. This can be a relaxing small group project. Create a picture, pattern or random design. These deep, cushy soft rugs will add rich color and creativity to any room!
About Sharon
Sharon Anderson is the organizer of Diamonds in the Rough; a Creative Cooperative, a free MeetUp group where women of all ages can teach each other how to make treasures from trash. She has taught home schoolers and elective classes at a local private elementary and middle school.


SCRAP Workshop
SCRAPpy Terrariums w/ Alana & Annakai
July 28th, 1-4pm   fee: $25 

TerrariumCome join us and learn how to make fun SCRAPpy terrariums! Participants will be guided though the process of building their own terrariums. Arranging succulents, charcoal, gravel, sand, decorative rock, shells, moss, driftwood, crystals, and anything else you want to add to form miniature plant worlds within glass vessels. All ages can enjoy this workshop because terrarium-making can be done as meticulously or wildly as you like! Terrariums make great tabletop decorations to add a bit of green into any room, and they're also perfect gifts for any occasion. 

About Elana & Annakai
Elana and Annakai are the
TerrariumsSucculent Sisters, a terrarium-loving duo who sell their miniature plant worlds in flea markets and to their friends and family. They share a mutual love for all things Japanese; unusual hairstyles; and accidental poetry. They are rising seniors at The Urban School of San Francisco. Examples of their work can be found at their website.


Jeff Rahuba Bunny Hats Off!Hats Off to Teachers! SCRAP's Annual Celebration & Materials GiveAway for SF Bay Area Teachers
August 11th, 10am to 4pm


We need your help! Donate supplies now!
We're hoping to supply 200+ teachers
for their classrooms at our Hats Off to Teachers Materials GiveAway and Celebration this August. SCRAP is currently collecting office and classroom supplies to give away to teachers. Please let us know if you would be willing to set up a donation drive at your work or in your neighborhood. We can provide you with all the materials and bins that you need.
Coming in August...
August 18 & 25: Garden Mosaics w/ Jane Schafgans
SCRAP 801 TOLAND (ENTRANCE ON NEWCOMB), SF, CA 94124 . (415)647-1746 .