DECEMBER 2011   

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Dec 3 & 4 Bazaar Bizarre
Dec 5 Teacher GiveAway
Give the Gift of SCRAP!
SCRAP Board Report
Holiday Closing Schedule
Dec 10 SCRAP Wrap is Back!
Jan 14 & 15 Mosaics
Jan 28 SCRAP Quilts
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SCRAP at Bazaar Bizarre!!
2011 Bazaar Bizarre
Sat & Sun Dec 3rd & 4th

Concourse Exhibition

620  7th St. (at Brannan) 

HOURS: Sat 12/3 - noon to 6 & Sun 12/4 -11 to 6



Come one, come all & join SCRAP at Bazaar Bizarre SF one of the best indie craft fairs in the nation celebrating its fifth year as a locally produced show with a QUALITY HANDMADE MARKET, entertainers, DIY WORKSHOPS, a crafty RAFFLE, and more!

Click here for more info!

SCRAP Monthly Materials GiveAway for San Francisco Teachers

This Saturday, Dec 3rd 

1-4pm in the SCRAP workshop space.

  Rebekah Werth will demonstrate a hands-on creative reuse paper sculpture project for the classroom using SCRAP give-away supplies! 
Dec 3 project demo
Don't forget -- SCRAP always needs paper and other office materials for our teacher give-aways --
Please donate
what you can!
Here are some materials
we are featuring:

Give the Gift of SCRAP!
Did you know that SCRAP offers gift certificates? Come get a gift certificate in any denomination from $5 to $500 for the teachers, artists, crafters and nonprofits in your life!
SCRAP Board Report
Now that winter is closing in, it's a nice time to reflect on what makes the Bay Area special.
 SCRAP has to be one of the organizations at the top of your list! It is a real gift to our community and we need your help to keep our talented staff thriving and our warehouse put together. Please donate mail a check to SCRAP today or donate safely via PayPal at Help us increase the number of field trips and events for kids, reach out to more schools and businesses, and advance our creative reuse mission in San Francisco.

Have a joyous holiday season and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Dianne Platner
President, SCRAP Board of Directors


 Holiday Closing Schedule..
 SCRAP will be CLOSED: 
for the Holidays and New Year, Dec 19-31
SCRAP Kids Mural
Thank you to Chase Mattison who works at Salesforce! He helped
SCRAP receive a small grant to help us let people know we are here. Our very own Jeff Rahuba led a team of kid SCRAPpers from Bright Works to paint an eye-catching mural!

SCRAP kids mural
SCRAP kids mural
SCRAP kids mural
SCRAP kids mural
SCRAP kids mural
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Season's Greetings!


As the year concludes, I'd like to think back to the great advances that SCRAP has gone through in the past 12 months. Here are a couple that I thought were especially noteworthy:

Our largest "Hats Off to Teachers" party gave materials to over 150 teachers, impacting over 6000 students. And we continue to have growing numbers of teachers come to our new Monthly Teacher Give-Aways every first Saturday. Please continue to tell all the SF teachers in your life about them.

We attended numerous outreach events at fairs and festivals all over the Bay Area. Check us out at Bizarre Bazaar this weekend, it should be fun.

Our workshops are better than ever, constantly being oversubscribed. We also started to experiment with drop-in
Jewelry making workshops. Sign up here for our amazing workshops.  

We've added several new members to the SCRAP staff, including myself, our new Outreach Coordinator, our new Warehouse Coordinator and four great staff members from the Jobs Now program. Come say hi to us sometime.

With all these new hands, we are able to clean, organize and shelve more materials. Making the whole experience here more enjoyable. Speaking of cleaning, we will be doing our winter cleaning from Dec 19 to Jan 1, please note that SCRAP will be closed. Although if you are interested in volunteering, please come by!

Our board has been revitalized and strengthened by the addition of so many amazing, enthusiastic board members. They bring with them new skill-sets and expertise that will ensure SCRAP's growth and success. With their help, we have initiated our first ever fundraising campaign. If you think SCRAP is doing something great, please consider donating to SCRAP to help us host more teacher give-aways, divert more materials from the landfill and attend more community outreach events. Drop off or mail us a check at 834 Toland Street, SF CA 94124 or donate securely online here.

Our founder was honored by KQED and Wells Fargo as a Local Hero for Women's History Month. She was also presented with CBS5's Jefferson Awards for Public Service. Thank you Anne Marie, for being so visionary 33 years ago.

And last but not least, we held our first ever SCRAPPY Sunday fundraiser. Amazing atmosphere, creativity abounded and we celebrated SCRAP while making some new friends. We're planning on hosting many more of these events. Look for our Valentines themed one in February.

     Thanks for joining us in the ride, and see you in 2012!

Shuai Chen

Interim Executive Director of SCRAP

(415) 647-1746

SCRAP Workshop -

SCRAP Wrap is Back! w/Megumi Inouye & Monica Lee

December 10th, 1-4pm    fee: $25


Megumi and Monica are back by SCRAP Wrap groupingpopular demand to share more unique gift-wrapping techniques!

 They have a treasure trove of ideas for gift-wrapping inspired by SCRAP materials that will come in handy for any gift giving occasion. They will demonstrate some new techniques and tips and of course go over last year's favorites. Sign up early and plan to bring a few gifts to the party wrapworkshop. Utilize what you learn in the workshop and get a head start on your holiday wrapping. Using bottle caps, twine, buttons, scraps of fabric and much more participants will create elegant and exciting designs to present their packages and gifts. You will never look at gift-wrapping the same way again!


About Monica and Megumi
 Megumi Inouye is currently the host of the Japanese American Journal for KTSF and has featured Japanese inspired gift wrapping tips on her show. In 2008 Megumi was named Runner Up Finalist in a national gift-wrapping contest.

Monica Lee has been a life long crafter and a long time SCRAP shopper. She is currently the Artist in Residence at Ruth's Table teaching workshops using repurposed, recycled and found materials.

    Together Megumi and Monica have spent over a decade volunteering in San Francisco public schools. They've put on a charity Gift Wrap event at the Felisimo Design House in NYC and worked on the Japan American Grassroots Summit.


 To register for SCRAP workshops click here! 

SCRAP Workshop -
Lost and Found Mosaics II w/Jane Schafgans 

January 14th, 10am to 4pm

January 15th, 1-4pm

(note this is a weekend workshop, Sat & Sun)  

10am to 4pm     fee: $70  


Jane Schafgans is back by popular Jane's SCRAP Mosaics wksp 2011demand to share her wonderful mosaic techniques once again. In this weekend workshop participants will use SCRAP as their treasure trove as well as bring special items from home; beloved broken bits of favorite pottery or keepsakes or other objects, to create whimsical and dynamic mosaic works. Lost art and treasures can be found again and given new life!


Jane's SCRAP Mosaics 2011 - groutingOn Saturday participants will create and layout their designs and devise their route of assemblage. Then Jane will show techniques for applying tile and treasures to their surfaces. On Sunday participants will grout and finish their mosaics.


About Jane

Jane has been working with mosaics for over eight years.  The minute she learned how to work in this medium, she fell in love with it. Jane likes to work with color, both in glass and tile.  She loves how it enhances any space it occupies. Jane's work is primarily privately owned, with the exception of some permanent installations at Lakeshore, Claire Lilienthal, and Gordon Lau Elementary Schools, where she has worked extensively with elementary school children.


 To register for SCRAP workshops click here!  

SCRAP Workshop -
SCRAP Quilts w/ Kenan ShaperoKShapero SCRAP Quilt
Saturday, January 28th
10am to 4pm     fee: $45

As a follow-up to the many wonderful quilt exhibitions around the Bay Area (Gee's Bend, Amish Quilts, Scrap Quilts) join us as Kenan Shapero shares her knowledge and inspiration for the Scrap quilt in the perfect place... SCRAP!


Kenan will begin the class with an Kenan Sahpero Scrap Quiltintroduction to the world of Scrap quilts giving an overview of the various and many types. Then she will lead participants through the materials depot to investigate all the bits of wonderful fabric found at SCRAP that can be incorporated into a SCRAP quilt of their own. By the end of the day participants will have the first few blocks of their quilt done or a small top ready to be made into a sandwich and quilted. Included in the workshop will be information for how to quilt and bind these small masterpieces. Please bring a sewing machine if you have one and if you do not we will have a couple available for use.


About Kenan 

Kenan has been making quilts for 17 years. While many of them are not Scrap quilts many incorporate scrap quilt techniques. She has spent 13 years observing, unloading, rolling, fondling and shelving many tons of fabric at SCRAP!


 To register for SCRAP workshops click here! 

Become a Source for the Resourceful! 
Donate SCRAP bunny

Dear Friends of SCRAP,


As you know, SCRAP has been providing materials in our monthly give-away to San Francisco teachers, teachers

just like Alise Adams.


Alise Adams is in charge of the before-school program at Daniel Webster Elementary. She organizes all kinds of activities for students to do when they get dropped off in the morning before classes start. Because her neighborhood is filled with working parents, the program allows parents to get to work on time while insuring their children's safety. The students can play games, draw, read books or do their homework under Alise's supervision. The budget cuts have left Alise at a loss for how to provide enough supplies for her students: paper to draw on, markers to draw with, games to play, books to read, materials to be inspired by. Through SCRAP's Teacher Give-Away program, Alise was able to get a variety of materials and supplies for her students at no cost to her or her school.


SCRAP has been providing materials to San Francisco Bay Area teachers for 33 years, diverting all kinds of art parts that would have gone into the landfill. In fact, SCRAP diverts over 200 tons of materials, providing everything from toys to sponges, tiles to glass bottles and metal racks to CD's to thousands of teachers, artists, nonprofits, parents and others. We also host creative reuse workshops, drop-in crafting, monthly give-aways and field trips for students throughout the Bay Area.


SCRAP needs your help to continue serving the community and to expand our programs. Please participate in our wonderful programs by contributing a tax deductable donation to support the teachers, artists and nonprofits that depend on SCRAP for their materials.

$250 will sponsor one Monthly Teacher Give-Away, allowing us to give all kinds of materials to teachers just like Alise, impacting thousands of students from pre-school to adult.

$100 will allow SCRAP to divert over 100 lbs of materials from our landfills into the classrooms, art studios and nonprofits that need them.

$50 will provide art parts for two community outreach events, such as the Earth Day Celebration at the San Francisco Zoo. This will help us inspire creativity and spread the word about creative reuse to thousands of people.


WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Mail a check to SCRAP today, or donate safely via Paypal here to help us increase the number of field trips and events for kids, to reach out to more schools and businesses, and to advance creative reuse in San Francisco.


With warm regards to you and yours during the upcoming holidays and New Year,


Dianne Platner, Board President

Shuai Chen, Interim Executive Director 


Donate online right now through Paypal here. You can also donate in person at SCRAP or by mailing a check to: 834 Toland St, San Francisco, CA 94124

SCRAP 801 TOLAND (ENTRANCE ON NEWCOMB), SF, CA 94124 . (415)647-1746 .