June 2011

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SCRAP Volunteer News
City Studio Class Wrap Up
2011 Maker Faire Report
June 11 - DIY Screen Printing
June 20-24 - SCRAP Camp!
June 25 - Fascinator Hats Workshop
July 16 - Zip It Up! Workshop

Volunteer Corner


SCRAP wouldn't be able to function without our  

amazing volunteers.

Here's what they are up too outside of SCRAP... 

Tuan Tran Wire Wear
SCRAP volunteer and artist Tuan Tran will be presenting Wire a fashion show event of his Wire Ware series on Sunday, June 12th at Public Works. These amazing pieces are constructed by hand from reused telephone wire.
Click here for more information. 

City Studio Spring 2011

Spring2011 City Stuido at SCRAP
Spring2011 City Stuido at SCRAP
Spring2011 City Stuido at SCRAP

The 3D Collage/Sculpture

SFAI City Studio 

class held at SCRAP offered middle and high school students the opportunity to learn a variety of construction techniques while also considering the lifecycle of the materials they used. The students produced a wide range of artworks from sewn clothing made from wallpaper, to plaster casts and sculptural combines made from the plethora of materials available at SCRAP. SCRAP teaches kids that being resourceful can be a creative process in and of itself, and that is a powerful tool to have as they continue to make art in the future.

~  Laura Boles Faw,

SFAI City Studio Teaching Artist

Maker Faire 2011 Report

SCRAP at Maker Faire


Situated in Expo Hall, our SCRAP table was a productive table of visionary artists, seeking to create unique sculptures with reusable materials; it was a hot-glue-gun mecca. SCRAPers came from all over the bay area-as far as San Jose and Sacramento

~ Cheryl Kapchan, SCRAP Outreach Coordinator 

MakerFaire logo

 SCRAP at Maker Faire

Quick Links



What is up with this weather? I'm used to the fog but rain? And where was our May summer?


Well, whatever the weather, there are a lot of fun SCRAP events coming up this summer. The DIY Screen Printing has been so popular that we will be adding a second session in August. Starting on June 20th we are offering our first week-long teen SCRAP Camp. Aiko Cuneo's workshop, Fascinator Hats, should be a lot of fun and Dorothy Yuki always amazes us with the inventive ways she uses zippers.


Finally, for all you teachers who like to plan ahead, even though summer vacation has just begun (for those in the SFUSD), we will be holding our annual "Hats Off To Teachers" on August 20th.


Warm regards,

Kenan Shapero

Executive Director


SCRAP Workshop -  

D.I.Y. Screen Printing Crash Course w/ Lukas Smithey: 


An introduction to basic techniques and supplies with a focus on low-tech/low-cost methods and recycled materials  

June 11th, 10am-4pm      fee: $45

(note this is a full-day workshop)


Lukas Smithey Patchwerk Press

In this workshop Lukas Smithey of

Patchwerk Press will cover a variety of options for making screens and printing images, from print shop standards to backyard basics. He will go over the many factors to consider,

variables to be aware of and many ways to create images and screens. Participants will practice different techniques for making screens and stencils and explore the range of options for printing images on paper and fabric.Everyone will leave with a thorough

Lukas Smithey Patchwerk Press

understanding of how to print at home and have hands on experience to draw on.  Lukas will bring in examples of varying types of screens and different printed work and lead a discussion on the basic premise and potential of screen printing. Patchwerk Press will provide all the specific supplies necessary for printing with water-based inks.


To register for SCRAP workshops click here!


Sign up your teen for SCRAP Camp!

Summer Studio for Middle and High School Students

Sculpture Mash-Up!City Studio 

M-F June 20-24th, 1-4pm

fee: $125   Ages 12-18


In this weeklong class students will explore a world of unexpected possibilities through the art of creative reuse. City Studio teaching artist Laura Boles Faw will lead students in creating sculpture and 3D collage from materials found at SCRAP. Along with construction techniques and building skills, students will be introduced to a variety of methods for creating their own collages and assemblages. Artists who have repurposed found materials in their artworks will be explored and students will be encouraged to consider sustainability as a part of their artistic process.


About Laura Boles FawLaura Boles Faw 

Laura Boles Faw received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a teacher in various programs including SFAI's City Studio, the Meridian Interns Program, and the Adult Continuing Education Program at SFAI.  She is an artist, curator, and educator.

SCRAP Workshop -

Aiko gourd hat

Fascinator Hats w/ Aiko Lanier Cuneo

Saturday, June 25, 1-4pm   fee: $25  


A fascinator is a slightly-to-very frivolous headpiece or tiny hat. After seeing Princess Beatrice's outrageous fascinator worn for the royal wedding, Aiko was inspired to take a trip to SCRAP, the perfect resource to find the supplies to design and make her version of a fascinator.  Aiko will show

participants how to design and

construct their own fascinators with a SCRAP twist. After a brief presentation,

Aiko rose googly eyes hat

participants will be able to peruse the aisles of SCRAP to find all manner of materials to include in their fanciful creations. Everyone will leave with at least one finished fascinator that can be worn "to the next summer wedding, tea party, birthday party, luncheon, or just a fun ride in a convertible"!


About Aiko -

"I have been an artist in schools for over 30 years, encouraging students to experiment, solve problems, and work collaboratively.  I also teachfamily art Aiko flat pinecone hatworkshops, classes for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and Ruth's Table at Bethany Center.  I want all my students to know that making art gives them another way to express themselves and the freedom to make choices as they use new mediums and learn different techniques.   I want them to be inspired by the challenge of repurposing and reusing materials in new ways. From paper to pine cones, the variety and ever changing materials found at SCRAP ask "What can you do with a material like me?"


To register for SCRAP workshops click here!

SCRAP Workshop -  

Zip It Up! w/ Dorothy Yuki 

July 16th, 1-4pm      fee: $25Dorothy Yuki Zip It Up!


Join us for a zipper accessory extravaganza! Dorothy will teach participants how to make a number of different zipper embellishments that can adorn clothing, coats, or bags.  She will show some flower-making techniques, zipper jewelry, and, if there is time, a quick zipper coin purse.  SCRAP has a plethora of zippers in all sizes and colors, in metal and plastic!  Everything for the class will be provided. Sign up early because Dorothy's classes fill up fast!


About Dorothy

Dorothy Yuki has been a design and production consultant to the fashion industry and started and designed for her own business, In Good Company, which made home and gift products. She also had her own line for Macy's USA. Now she volunteers and is on the board of Eco Sierra Gorda, and mentors Bay Area high school students. Dorothy loves to do anything with crafts!

To register for SCRAP workshops click here!


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