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August 2010

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It's hard to believe that school is starting - next week (for those of you at SFUSD)!  Remember that we have plenty of binders (free) and pens and pencils at SCRAP.
In the meantime we have some great workshops and events coming up.  The workshop, Accessorize with Toys, on August 28th will be a lot of fun when emiko oye and Shana Astrachan come back to play. In September we will have a new workshop, Relief Sculpture with Found Objects, with Claudia Chapline.  We are offering two workshops in conjunction with the 8th Annual Altered Barbie exhibition and there will be a space set aside in the Gallery for those who want to show their work.
Finally, we have a very special exhibit coming up in September, Recycled, Reinvented, From the Artists of SCRAP.  We will have more information about it coming up and there will be a reception with the artists on Friday, September 24th.


Kenan Shapero, Director SCRAP 
in this issue
:: Save the Dates
:: Recycled, Reinvented, From the Artists of SCRAP
:: Altered Barbie workshops - Barbie Out-of-the-Box
:: SCRAP Workshop: Accessorize with Toys
:: SCRAP WORKSHOP: Relief Sculpture with Found Objects
:: Community Corner: SCRAP Artist Catherine C. Reed
:: Share your work with us!
Events and Workshops!
Save the Dates!
Upcoming events - see descriptions below
For the most up-to-date information go to our website calendar:

Onsite Workshops

  • August 28th, 1p-4p, Accessorize with Toys, emiko oye & Shana Astrachan  $20 + $5 materials fee
  • September 11th, 1p-4p, Relief Sculpture with Found Objects, Claudia Chapline, $20.
  • September 25th, 1p-4p, Dream Catchers, Trash Mash-Up team - Bridget & Jessie McKracken, $20.


Offsite Workshops and Events of Note

  • August 14th, 9p-2a, Big Idea Night, DIYbca, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street, San Francisco.  Go to for more information.
  • September 9th, 8th Annual Altered Barbie exhibit - A Date with Barbie show opening, Shotwell 50 Art Space, 50 Shotwell Street between 14th & 15th Streets.          For more information go to
  • September 11th, 10a-1p, Barbie-Out-of-the-Box workshop, Charlotte Davis, Shotwell 50 Art Space, 50 Shotwell Street between 14th & 15th Streets, $20 or $35 for a team of two, $5/Barbie.
  • September 18th, 10a-1p, Barbie-Out-of-the-Box workshop, Ruby Pearl, Shotwell 50 Art Space, 50 Shotwell Street between 14th & 15th Streets, $20 or $35 for a team of two, $5/Barbie.
  • September 24th, 6p-9p, Recycled, Reinvented, From the Artists of SCRAP, Reception with the Artists, The Gallery at Ruth's Table, 580 Capp Street, San Francisco.  Go to Ruth's Table for more information.
For more information email or call 415-647-1746. 

SCRAP is located
at 801 Toland Street, SF, entrance on Newcomb, between Toland and Selby

Recycled, Reinvented, From the Artists of SCRAP
The Bethany Center and The Gallery at Ruth's Table
580 Capp Street, San Francisco
September 1, 2010 - January
5, 2011
Reception with the artists:  Friday, September 24th, 6p-9p

View the works of a group of talented artists that dedicate a portion of their time and energy as staff members at SCRAP.  Curated by Robert Flynn Johnson, curator emeritus of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, this exhibit will show how our environment can shape ourselves and help the communities we live in.  Ruth Asawa served as president of the board of directors and has been president emeritus of SCRAP for than 20 years.
Altered Barbie ShowBarbie - Out-of-the-Box
The 8th Annual Altered Barbie Exhibit
A Date with Barbie

Altered Barbie Exhibit

SCRAP presents two workshops

September 11th 10am-1pm with Charlotte Davis
September 18th 10am-1pm with
Ruby Pearl

Both workshops will be held at
Shotwell 50 Art Space, 50 Shotwell Street.

Get Barbie out of her box by altering a recycled Barbie - build her an environment, or embellish found items with materials from SCRAP.

Sacred in her box, as she emerges she is transformed by adding or removing limbs and embellishment, with the potential of becoming a fantastic, horrible creature or beautiful icon.  Create a new environment for her and/or her cohorts or decorate a Barbie object.

Charlotte Davis is an artist who has worked in many media, producing art jewelry, assemblage, and sculpture. She was a co-founder of The Soft Touch, a Haight Ashbury Cooperative gallery that op
erated for more than 20 years. She discovered hot glue guns 10 years ago and has not looked back.

Ruby Pearl calls her art Sacred Profanities and creates Altar Boxes, Barbies and fine silver jewelry all focused on the divine feminine, which she shows in galleries in the Bay Area.  She teaches occasional workshops and owned Sacred Profanities Gallery in Berkeley.

Workshop Descriptions
SCRAP Workshop: Accessorize with Toys
Presented by emiko oye and
Shana Astrachan

Date:  August 28, 1p-4p

Join artists emiko oye and Shana Astrachan for an afternoon of creating jewelry from toys!  During this workshop you will learn basic jewelry making techniques and how to use tools such as pliers, cutters and punches. In addition you will learn how to connect parts using cold connection methods.  The materials for this workshop are recycled toy and game parts, as well as other small plastic and metal parts found at SCRAP, jewelry findings, wire, screw eyes and glues.  This class will inspire you to see everyday objects, such as toys, as creative materials to express your individuality through jewelry and small sculpture creations.  You'll leave this workshop with charm bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, key chains and/or small sculptures! Please feel free to bring your own toys or game parts from home to incorporate into jewelry.
About Shana and Emiko
Shana and Emiko are returning Scrap workshop teachers. They have been doing this workshop with kids, adults, and families for 4 years, and every time it's a new experience.  They say "it's amazing seeing people's creativity unleashed, especially in young kids. As artists working in alternative materials, it's a great way to introduce people to a new way of looking at common objects, even trash, and repurposing it into something personal." Last years' workshop filled up quickly, so reserve your space early!

You can see their work locally at these locations-
emiko's work: San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design, Palo Alto Art Center.
Shana Astrachan's work: San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design, The Candystore, RAG
Or online here-Emiko:,
Contact info
ClaudiaSCRAP WORKSHOP: Relief Sculpture with Found Objects

Saturday, September 11, 1-4 pm
Presenter: Claudia Chapline


Join artist and teacher Claudia Chapline and learn how to make a 3-dimensional wall sculpture by attaching scraps and found objects to wood and board panels and other flat surfaces. Create your own composition by juxtaposition of shapes, images and textures.  During this workshop you will learn techniques of adhesive and mechanical joining with nails, screws, nuts and bolts and binding with fibers. Have fun playing with new materials and go home with a personal art work. No special skills required!


Claudia Chapline's paintings and assemblage installations have been shown in galleries and museums throughout the USA and in Europe, Latin America and Asia. She was an artist in residence at Norcal, now called Recology.  She created a recycling trash into art program at Marin Recycling and has curated exhibitions on the art of reuse.

Contact Information

Phone: 415 868-2308
Good Stuff!
Community Corner:  SCRAP Artist Catherine C. Reed

This month's featured SCRAP Artist is Catherine C. Reed, who is both an artist and a scientist! As a scientist Catherine is an entomologist based in northern California. Her research interests include pollination ecology, insect conservation, and restoration ecology. Catherine as also an amazing fiber artist and SCRAP user!  Here you can see two of her pieces from the Goth Grandma fiber art series. Catherine wrote us..." When I got the idea for a Goth Grandma fiber art series I went directly to SCRAP to get the materials. The 42 pairs of ankh earrings and the black fur and satin scraps I got there (as well as old blue jeans found on the street) were essential for Seven Pockets of Wisdom, shown below."
More about the Goth Grandma series from Catherine's website, Bouteloua.....

Mostly black pieces, some inspired by Goth song titles (authentic and fantasy), are made of fabric, lace, vinyl, yarn, found items and old blue jeans abandoned on the filthy streets of San Francisco. Dreams, sexuality, aging, memory loss and death are explored in fantasy landscapes; the naughty boy and the witch present in grandma's mind speak.
Contact information

Catherine Reed


A few More Things!

We were inspired by Catherine Reeds website name and her beautiful work, some of which weaves together her background as a scientist.  (Fungus Mandala Series, Trapped Plant Series).  We thought this a fitting quote for this month!

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."  Albert Einstein quotes

Fungus Mandala #3

Fungus Mandala #3

Catherine Reed


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