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June 2010

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:: Save the Dates
:: SCRAP Workshop: Mixed-Media Printmaking
:: SCRAP Workshop: Artist Book of Collage
:: SCRAP Workshop: Introduction to Spinning Yarn
:: SCRAP Workshop: Bind Your Own Small SCRAP Journal.
:: Seen at Scrap-Jute Bags!
:: Creativity: Contribute to our Summer Reading List!

It must be June - the weather has turned cold and blustery, especially where I live on the west side of San Francisco. 
If you are stuck in the fog, why not come in to SCRAP.  We are on the sunny side and the sunshine is bound to spark your creativity.  We have some great workshops this month and next.  Maybe you want to explore collograph printmaking, play with different bookmaking techniques - create a journal or a unique book.  Or this might be the perfect time to learn to spin yarn as the start of a warm project to ward off the foggy chill.
I look forward to seeing you, no matter whether it is in the sun or the fog!


Kenan Shapero, Director SCRAP 
Save the Dates!
Upcoming events - see descriptions below
For the most up-to-date information go to our website calendar:

Onsite Workshops

  • June 12th, 1p-4p, Mixed-Media Printmaking, with Dorit Elisha. $20.00+$5.00 Materials Fee (Part 1 of optional 2-part workshop)
  • June 19th, 1p-4p, Artist Book of collage, with Dorit Elisha. $20.00
  • June  26th, 1p-4p, Introduction to Spinning Yarn, with Jamie Chan and Blas Herrera $20.00+$4.00 Materials Fee
  • July 10th, 1p-4p, Bind Your Own Small SCRAP Journal, with Leah Virsik. $20.00
Offsite Workshops

To register: email or call 415-647-1746. 
SCRAP is located
801 Toland Street, SF, entrance on Newcomb, between Toland and Selby

Dorit1SCRAP Workshop:  Mixed-Media Printmaking    
(Part 1 of optional 2-part workshop)

Saturday June 12, 1p-4p
Presented by Dorit Elisha

Artist Dorit Elisha will share her addiction for printmaking in this fun, easy, and safe printmaking workshop. Dorit is the author of Printmaking + Mixed Media: Simple Techniques and Projects for Paper and Fabric.  Participants will learn a collagraph technique Dorit has developed herself that emphasizes her love of mixed media collage, "found papers", and printing.  Each participant will leave with plenty of hand printed papers which can be used in Dorit's second workshop presentation the following Saturday, June 19, Artist Book of Collage.

About Dorit

Dorit is a mixed media artist and an art instructor. She enjoys using mostly recycled materials in her art.  She works with paper, fabric and found objects and art includes printmaking, collage, book making and fiber art. Dorit says, "SCRAP and any place that offers such a big variety of recycled materials is my main source of art supply. You can always expect to find surprising and unusual objects at SCRAP and that's what inspires my art".


Website: or
Phone numbers: (408) 736 3358

SCRAP Workshop: Artist Book of Collage
(Part 2 of optional 2-Part Workshop)

Date: Saturday June 19th, 1p-4p
Presented by Dorit Elisha

This workshop is an optional second part to Dorit's first workshop "Mixed-Media Printmaking" and can be used as a follow-up workshop or simply as a single session. If you attend the printmaking workshop with Dorit on Saturday June 12th, you'll be able to bring the prints you make in that class to use in this workshop. Participants will use printed, painted, and assorted blank papers as well as photos, ephemera, yarn, fiber, and fasteners to create a one of a kind mixed media artist book. You will learn some collage and book making skills and leave with a funky and colorful book collaged with your own images, prints, and scraps.

About Dorit

Dorit is a mixed media artist and an art instructor. She enjoys using mostly recycled materials in her art. She works with paper, fabric, and found objects and her art includes printmaking, collage, book making and fiber art. Dorit says "SCRAP and any place that offers such a big variety of recycled materials is my main source of art supply. You can always expect to find surprising and unusual objects there and that's what inspires my art."


Website: or
Phone numbers: (408) 736 3358

UrbanFaunaSCRAP Workshop: Introduction to Spinning Yarn

Date:Saturday June 26, 1p-4p
Presented by Jamie Chan and Blas Herrera


Join husband and wife team Jamie Chan and Blas Herrera of Urban Fauna Studio and learn how to spin custom yarn and more!  During this workshop you will learn how to prepare wool from raw fleece and spin yarn on a cd drop spindle, which you will make yourself.  You'll also learn how to spin fun novelty yarns with commercially made yarns and thread from SCRAP!  If there is time, Jamie and Blas will also have on hand one of their own spinning wheels for you to try out. Learning to spin yarn will enable you to create custom yarns that you can use in a variety of projects. You'll leave this workshop with finished yarn for use in your own creations.

About Jamie and Blas

Jamie and Blas have been working in fiber arts for over five years.  Their art consists of spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving and dyeing natural fibers for their work. They are passionate about seeking creativity in people and enjoy sharing their love of fiber and handcrafts. Through combined experience of 15 years in retail sales and 10+ years in education, they have created an intimate space at Urban Fauna Studio where people can be free to explore the fiber arts with tools and supplies that support local and earth friendly business. Here is what they have to say about SCRAP, "SCRAP is a treasure trove of inspiration. Every time I visit, there is something new and projects displayed that inspire me to look at my supplies in a different ways! We're very excited to come to Scrap next and look at what fun materials we can spin into a SCRAP-y yarn!"

Contact Information

Phone numbers:  415-664-1267
Location: 1311 16th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122

LeahVirsikSCRAP Workshop: Bind Your Own Small SCRAP Journal
Date:  Saturday July 11th, 1p-4p
Presented by: Leah Virsik


Join artist Leah Virsik for this SCRAP workshop and learn how to bind your own small journal with a running stitch. During this workshop you will use paper, fabric, buttons, beads, thread, wallpaper, elastic and more to create a small hand bound journal. You will spend some time perusing the aisles of SCRAP to figure out what materials to use for your book.  Leah will then, show you how to incorporate the images and small items into your journal in interesting ways. She will also talk with you about "renegade sewing" and incorporating stitching into your work. You will be inspired by, and learn from, samples of her own work that she'll share with you during the workshop!
About Leah
Leah enjoys making books and painting. She has a passion for paper and bookbinding and daydreams about art when she's not actually making it. She creates books out of new and repurposed materials and works with paper, fabric, plastic, metal, acrylic and collage. She loves to create books and finds they are a fun, accessible thing to make. What's exciting to her about this is discovering all the different materials one can use to make books. What she loves about SCRAP is looking through the potential materials and how it's organized. She finds treasures that she might not have even considered using in her artwork if it weren't for SCRAP!
Contact information
Phone number: 510-418-9383

jutebagsSeen at Scrap - Jute Bags!

We recently received a donation of jute bags from the left over from the Black and White Ball! The bags measure 17"x15"x 5". 

The bags are made from Jute, one of the strongest natural plant fibers.  A rain fed crop, Jute requires little or no fertilizer or pesticides, Jute is naturally biodegradable and can be recycled numerous times.  Strong, long lasting, recyclable and biodegradable, Jute is an extremely eco friendly fabric. 
These bags are sturdy and can easily be sewn or painted on and used for a variety of purposes.

Creativity: Contribute to our Summer Reading List!
By Ruth Oprean Cardillo
We thought it would be fun to kick off the summer with a SCRAP summer reading list with suggestions from our staff and call out to SCRAP users for suggestions!  We'll be compiling our list over the next few weeks, so please contribute and look for an update in the next Quicklook Edition! Below please find a suggestion that I am contributing to get the list started!
You can contribute to our summer reading list by sending your suggestion to us at  The focus of our summer reading list is creativity, art and the environment and creative reuse. 

SCRAP SUMMER READING LIST-here are a couple of suggestions to get our list started!

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,
by William Kamkwamba

William Kamkwamba was born August 5, 1987 in Dowa, Malawi, and grew up on his family farm in Masitala Village, Wimbe, two and half hours northeast of Malawi's capital city.  At the age of 14, he had an idea. He didn't have money. He didn't have supplies. All he had was a book with pictures. He went to a junkyard, found a bicycle rim, PVC pipe, an old tractor fan.  Then he proceeded to bend, hammer and glue. His idea was to make a windmill, because a windmill could make electricity, electricity could pump water, and water could grow crops for his drought-plagued village in Malawi, in southeast Africa. 
"Normal people do not collect garbage," he admitted, laughing. "The people in my village thought there was something wrong with me." But three months after he started, he'd done it. He had made a small windmill with enough energy to power one light bulb.  This inspiring story is a true SCRAP reading list treasure about hope, possibility and the power of creativity, desire and imagination as essential forces of change.

Magical Secrets about Creative Thinking
, by Kathan Brown, Crown Point Press. 

Written by Crown Point Press founder Kathan Brown, this is a book to be savored.  In the preface Ms. Brown states about writing this book, "I decided to do it because I have some Magical Secrets about creativity.  I learned the secrets from masters, artists who've spent their entire lives finding strategies for creating miracles, and who have had acknowledged success.  My contact with these masters has come by way of etching, so as I talk about the Magical Secrets I'm going to explain the basic etching process to you."  The book uses the etching process and stories from sixteen master printers who worked at Crown Point Press to write about the truths of life.  The book is rich with anecdotes, abundantly illustrated, and on the included DVD the books photos come to life.  If you are an artist, and art lover or someone simply interested in learning by example and working in new ways this book is a must read!

"In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but how many can get through to you." (Mortimer J. Adler)


Share your work with us!

We would love to know what you are creating out there with SCRAP materials?  Please share with us some photos of your work, a little about yourself and how you use SCRAP materials for us to share in next months newsletter! 

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Curated by Tamara Loewenstein

Dates:, April 23 - July 23, 2010
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Ruth's Table presents its inaugural exhibition featuring the work of artists who have played key roles in the founding of the center. The exhibition includes ceramics, mixed media, prints and paintings by Aiko Lanier Cuneo, Lola Fraknoi, Gabrielle Messeri and Liz Worthy.

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Thank you for your time!  We hope you enjoyed this issue of the SCRAP Monthly Newsletter.  Please consider supporting the work of SCRAP through a donation or joining in on an upcoming event.

Kenan Shapero

Ruth Oprean Cardillo,CPCC
Newsletter Editor