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May 2010

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:: Save the Dates
:: SCRAP Workshop: Reframe It!
:: SCRAP Workshop: Wearable Books
:: SCRAP at Maker Faire
:: The Gallery at Ruth's Table
:: Share you work with us!
:: New Feature-Community Corner!
:: Seen at Scrap -Calendar Collection!.
:: Creativity:...Spring Cleaning!

A year ago I wrote about community and building on the energy at SCRAP community.  Developing this newsletter is part of creating and acknowledging this community. With that in mind I hope you will take some time to check out the new SCRAP web site.  We want your feedback.  Just remember that it has only been up for a week and we are still working out the kinks.  The new web site offers you the ability to post comments and images as well as support SCRAP with your tax-deductible donations.
I just want to mention that in this month's newsletter we are posting some of the images we received in response to our Shout Out last month (all the images will be on our Flickr page -; we are excited to offer a Wearable Book workshop with Jody Alexander as well as reprising the Reframe It! workshop with Francisco Hernandez, and we will be at Maker Faire, May 22nd & 23rd.  Maker Faire is a great opportunity to volunteer for SCRAP and check out what is going on.
All the information is outlined below.


Kenan Shapero, Director SCRAP 
Save the Dates!
Upcoming events - see descriptions below

Onsite Workshops

  • May 8th, 1p-4p, Reframe It! with Francisco Hernandez. $20.00
  • May 22nd, 1p-4p, Wearable Books with Jody Alexander. $20.00
  • June 12th, 1p-4p, Printmaking Technique with Dorit Elisha. $20.00+$5.00 Materials Fee
  • June 19th, 1p-4p, Artist Book of collage with Dorit Elisha. $20.00
Offsite Workshops

  • May 15th, 2p-4p, First Anniversary Celebration - Reopening of the Richmond Branch Library, 351 - 9th Avenue, San Francisco
  • May 22nd, 10a-8p & May 23rd, 10a-6p, Maker Faire, San Mateo County Expo Center

To register: email or call 415-647-1746. 
SCRAP is located
801 Toland Street, SF, entrance on Newcomb, between Toland and Selby

image from webSCRAP Workshop: Re-Frame It!

Saturday, May 8 1p-4p
Presenter: Francisco Hernandez


Join teacher and artist Francisco Hernandez and learn about changing the context of ordinary objects by placing them within a Joseph Cornell-inspired frame or box. During this workshop you will use frames, wood pieces, boxes, odd novelties, glass fragments and much more to create a mixed media diorama.  You will reshape or resize a frame, or add divisions to a wooden wine box, to use as a base for a three-dimensional assemblage. During the workshop you will investigate how to bring disparate elements together to create a personally meaningful tableau. (Feel free to bring personal elements from home that you might want to incorporate into your work.) You will leave this workshop with a completed sculptural piece. No special skills required, but do bring your imagination!


Francisco Hernandez is a 5th-grade teacher, boat-builder, sculptor, and frequent SCRAP shopper. His students have created model bridges, buildings, windmills, and dams using SCRAP materials, and he spent a recent weekend building a coop for three rescued chickens. What Francisco loves about SCRAP is that there is "a whole lot of material inspiration under one roof!"


Contact Information
Phone: 415 282-1445

Alexander-wearable booksSCRAP Workshop:  Wearable Books
Saturday May 22, 1p-4p
Presented by:  Jody Alexander
Join librarian and book artist Jody for an afternoon learning to transform old book pages into bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  During this workshop you will use book pages, elastic, bottles, string and glue to create a variety of book page paper beads.  You'll be inspired to use the text on the pages to incorporate into you bead and jewelry work.  You will also have some time to view Jody's book arts and ask her how to questions.  You will leave this workshop with paper beads, a bracelet and a necklace made from a chemistry glass vessel and old book pages!
Jody is a book artist who binds books in many historical binding styles who also enjoys rescuing books in distress and giving them new life as art.  As a librarian and book artist, her art celebrates collecting, storytelling and odd characters.  You can see more of her work on her website at  What Jody loves most about SCRAP is "the chemistry glass, the old office supplies and the element of surprise every time I step foot in SCRAP - I never know what I will find!"


Join SCRAP at the Maker Faire!

This year, SCRAP will be attending the 2010 Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Expo Center.
  • Saturday, May 22nd - 10a to 8p
  • Sunday, May 23rd - 10a to 6p
The Maker Faire bill itself as "The world's largest DIY festival."  It's a family-friendly event that attracts thousands of visitors to celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science, and technology.  Find out more at

Volunteer at the SCRAP table!
SCRAP will have a table to spread the word about creative reuse to Faire visitors, and to engage folks in hands-on projects making art from SCRAP materials.  We'll be there all day Saturday and Sunday.  If you're interested in volunteering your time to help SCRAP host a fabulous table, contact Rachel at
Volunteers will be able to enjoy the Maker Faire before or after their shift!

Teachers at Maker Faire
Maker Faire has made available 500 special tickets to in-school, full-time teachers (of any level from preschool through university with 12 or more students) who sign up for their community of educators.  This offer is first-come, first-serve!  There will also be a Teacher's Lounge at the event.  Find out more at:

Contact Rachel at to volunteer for this fun event!
The Gallery at Ruth's Table

A center for creative learning rooted in the life of artist Ruth Asawa

Taking Root

Curated by Tamara Loewenstein

April 23 - July 23, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, April 23, 5p-8p
Bethany Center, 580 Capp Street (at 21st Street)

Ruth's Table presents its inaugural exhibition featuring the work of artists who have played key roles in the founding of the center. The exhibition includes ceramics, mixed media, prints and paintings by Aiko Lanier Cuneo, Lola Fraknoi, Gabrielle Messeri and Liz Worthy.

Have ideas for new potential donors or have a donation? Contact Rachel at

Have a general question or want to volunteer?  Contact Jenny at

Have a workshop question or idea for a workshop? Contact us at

Share your work with us!

We would love to know what you are creating out there with SCRAP materials?  Please share with us some photos of your work, a little about yourself and how you use SCRAP materials for us to share in next months newsletter! 

Submit to


My motivator of all motivators has to be materials. You can't paint without paint, now can you? Be well stocked and inspiration will surely come knocking. (James Culleton)

New Feature-Community Corner!

Last month we did a shout out for SCRAP users to share with us how they use SCRAP materials.  Each month we'll feature a community member.  This comes from SCRAP customer and artist Margot Hartford.
I am a SF commercial photographer that shares a studio with four other part--time artists. I make light boxes out of found materials, and 
most of my materials come from SCRAP. I purchase the cord, switches, sockets and light bulbs from a hardware store, and wax paper from a grocery store, but I find my fur, boxes, donated candle holders, metal 
wheels and such at SCRAP. Every lamp is one of a kind.

I took the light construction class at SCRAP about two years ago but 
instead of wiring lamps using large sockets I decided to work in a smaller scale and use low watt night lights.  I sell the pieces at Open Studios twice a year.
Seen at Scrap - Calendar Collection!

2010 Calendars have arrive at SCRAP!  There are spiral bound desk calendars with beautiful Charley Harper images, Inuit art and Japanese block prints.  There are also wall calendars.  The calendars can be used for a variety of art projects. The quality of the images and paper stock they are printed on can't be beat!  Come in soon for the best selection!

Creativity:  Spring Cleaning!
By Ruth Oprean Cardillo, Newsletter Editor

May is a great time to Spring Clean and make space in your life in your inner and outer worlds for creativity. The benefits of some time decluttering, cleaning, clearing and organizing your creative life are many.  I work in a studio setting that is very well organized and the organization allows for 300 students and three teachers to focus the majority of their energy on learning and creating.  We have great systems in place and the three teachers work really well together as a supportive team.  Lately we've noticed that our room is packed to the brim with works in progress.  Although exciting, (we're in the chaos phase of creativity!) it is also exhausting to have to work around the piles, stacks and lack of space.  I noticed that the impact leads to feeling overwhelmed and irritated. The projects will be wrapping up shortly and moving out of the room and then my major focus is going to be the work I'm writing about today.
It takes time to have organization in your creative life but the benefits are many.  For me the biggest benefits of creative organization are calm, freedom and more time.  Organizational activities for our creative lives are personal and specific for each of each of us but worth taking the time to reflect on and do.  There will be benefits for you to doing this, which connects you to your motivation for focusing on cleaning and organizing activities.  Here are a few questions for you to noodle on to connect to you own personal motivation to spend some time this month to "Spring Clean" specifically in the area of your creative life.
First, ask yourself which activities in your creative life do you want more time and space for?
After you answer this question, take an honest inventory.
  • Do you have a realistic workload? Is the amount of work you do manage in your personal and professional life reasonable and allows for work-life balance? Do you realistically have the "time -space" in your life for creative activities?  (If not, what needs to be let go off)
  • Do you have a realistic physical space to work with?  If not, what needs to go to make room for this or where could you go to have this?)
  • What are you tolerating?  Often what we tolerate drains us, slows us down and is a kind of interior clutter. The price is less time and energy that we could be putting to better use.  Make a list of the top 10 things you are tolerating and make a choice about cleaning them up in some way!
Next, take action!  Anything!  Move something, throw something out! Physically do something to initiate the change you desire right now.  This gets the momentum going and you might be surprised at what happens next.
Finally, imagine your life 3 to 6 months from now, if you get to work today on some cleaning and organizing specifically related to your creative life.  What would the impact be?
Going through this short thinking routine will connect you to your motivation and inspire you to take action, including signing up for one of our upcoming workshops today!  Our workshops do provide a space for creative play, if that is one of the discoveries you made going through this exercise today!
See you at SCRAP!

Thank you for your time!  We hope you enjoyed this issue of the SCRAP Monthly Newsletter.  Please consider supporting the work of SCRAP through a donation or joining in on an upcoming event.

Kenan Shapero

Ruth Oprean Cardillo,CPCC
Newsletter Editor