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Crystal ClearSeptember 2010 
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Attracting Angels
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30-Second Rule
What If?
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Main Street Angel
"A miracle is but a shift 
from hurt to healing"
Attracting Angels
~Try the following~ 
As you start out the door today, say aloud:
 "Come along, Angels!" Angels love invitation in any form.
Try some totally new food for breakfast or lunch. 
Angels love adventure.
Write a paragraph, create a song, sketch or doodle. 
Angels love to create.
Speak your desire(s) aloud and often.
   Angels love your persistence, just like
family and friends.
What's your personal magnetism?
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Dear Clients and Friends~
Recently I heard someone say, "why do some people always have to see the negative in everything?"  The Angels remind us that the Universe consists of co-opposite values.  For instance, we would not experience great sorrow if we did not also know of great joy.  And so on and so forth in the understanding of all known values.  Consequently, the same is true of "positive" and "negative."  There is no one of us who has not experienced speaking or acting "negatively," or we would not know what our "positive" moments and contributions are.  We all have capability of the full fields.  Without watchfulness, from time to time, either of any opposite values may swing into the extreme, evidenced in our words or deeds.  Visualize a teeter-totter ride that has the ability to shift to a one-sided tilt.   Be aware of your own fields of experience in life's ride.  And when you're affected by someone else's tilt, be the energetic pull back to a balanced beam.  In the case of "negativity," hold your judgment and offer random words of kindness instead. Why even Winnie the Pooh befriended Eeyore! 
Angel Blessings In Your Day!
Nancine Meyer, EA CSC
Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Guide
Divinity and The 30-Second Rule
At business networking meetings, we're usually asked to introduce our company or service with a 30-second statement--which means about 1-2 lines. While there are more rule-breakers than non-, those who have honed their defining statement down to the thirty seconds, more often invite interest and continuing dialogue with others later on. 
So then, it seems crystal clear that this is an excellent rule to apply in describing one's divine or spiritual purpose.  Once it's written, because of its brevity, this 30-second defining statement easily becomes your personal mantra or chant.  Spoken publicly or privately, the more you say it, the more you will attract those people, places and events which further it.  And alas, therein lies the gist of synchronicity.  Here are a couple of lead-ins to get you started (hint: use a verb other than "make"):
My Divine purpose is to____________________
I serve/help people who____________________
If you've been struggling with understanding your divine purpose ("why am I really here?"), this process will map you right to it.  It's a simple exercise that honors and furthers your Highest Self.  Give it a try.  Start di-Vining the True You today.  Ask your angels to lead the way!   
"My divine purpose is to entertain people into the Light. 
I serve people who wish to identify and change powerless patterns and worn-out beliefs, which interfere with acquiring all that serves them best."   Nancine Meyer
What If?  I Wonder... 
We give so much of our time to communicating our material Selves--the managed image and personality.  We email, phone, text, blog, and chat on FB, Twitter, and all the many other social media channels.  We entertain ourselves with Google and YouTube. The platforms for us to publicly educate, opine, debate, and otherwise perform are many.  Our material Selves are well-satisfied with these choices of expression.  And, thus, the Ego retires: "Ahhhhhhh."
meditateBut I wonder...what about the spiritual Self--the more personal, often secretive, but infinitely most real?  Doesn't it need some daily chat as well?  What if we choose some moments each day to connect with the higher Self through meditation (silent reception), automatic writing (just moving the pen), or by listening to a few moments'  breath while noticing nearby surroundings.  What if we connect with a personal dance or create a personal song?  Journal the heart's desires and pledge to new supporting beliefs?  I wonder...what if the Angels have chat rooms?  What a great place to receive inspiration, love, and support. What a wonderful "offline community" to revive true Self!  Just think: the Moderators are always in; Friends are already on board, and there's no need to create a "profile," simply log-in.  Hmmm, I wonder how many more choices exist to communicate with authentic Self, so Spirit too may resound, "Ahhhhhhh."
Notable & Quotable
"We cannot enjoy the Light without regard for the Shadow;
but neither can he see the Light while entertaining but darkness. 
Seek therefore true balance."  Nancine Meyer
"Let everyone sweep in front of his own door,
and the whole world will be clean."  Goethe


We hope you enjoyed this issue of Main Street Angel's newsletter.  It's Crystal Clear your Angels brought you here!  Angels are all around you each and every day.  As we fall into Fall, we welcome Archangel Uriel and the angels of change to help us in "letting go and letting in!"  Keep your heart open and your listening ears tuned!

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