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Crystal Clear February 2010 
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Main Street Angel
"A miracle is but a shift 
from hurt to healing"
Attracting Angels
~Try the following~ 
Make an
Angel Wish List
for whatever you would like to manifest. Draw a halo over each word or phrase.  Read your list aloud, adding "thank you, angels!" after each. 
Be a receiver all day today.  Expect something good. Angels love to give to those ready to receive.
Leave something better than you found it. Angels love improvement and will gladly assist in your life, your community, your environment
 Smell your favorite fragrance.  Angels are attracted to beautiful scents.  
Take a break and do an Angel dance: 
  Spin around in a clockwise direction awakening each of your energy centers.  Ask an angel to be your
What's your personal magnetism?
If you'd like to share with others how you attract Angel blessings in your day, please send your  story in 25 words or less to:  
Notable & Quotable
 March 20th:
 Random Acts of Kindness Day
Here's what you can do~
Starting today, after each act of random kindness you extend, think or say, "my Angels made me do it!"  Nancine will receive the energy from these acts of kindness during that period and channel the energy in whole from everyone to Archangel Raphael on Saturday March 20 at 10AM, for Raphael to distribute in healing
to all people, all lands. 
"Miracles are a kind of exchange...
they bring more love
both to the giver and the receiver."  ACIM
Watch for Nancine's new blog, "Angel Whispers" at MSA's website.
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Dear Clients and Friends~

Long ago, there was a ketchup commercial with musical lyrics that began with the word, "an-ti-ci-pation."  Delighted faces would wait for its thickness to seep from the bottle, implying that it was well worth the effort and wait; that indeed there was no other like it.  In this month of hearts and romance, let your Truth be the blossom and your heart's desire the confection.  Have faith in your Divine Process, however prolonged it may seem.  It's Crystal Clear there is only one You, and the Universe anticipates your every move with delight.

Angel Blessings In Your Day!
Nancine Meyer, EA CSC

Telepathy: A Possible New Standard?
To engage in perfect telepathic communication, we must first live in airballoona place of spiritual authenticity or holy truth.  Holy truth is not created from facts and information; rather it exists when we speak from our Heart or God-Center.  This is the place where there is no need to opine, dispute, or convince; rather we speak cooperatively aware of our one Divine Link.  In our physical world of multiplicity and competition, we can best return ourselves to spiritual authenticity through meditation; that is, receptive stillness.  It is in this receptive stillness that we are free of mindful thoughts and understand only our natural contribution to life.  When each of us are in this place that outreaches fear, we send out our heart-line.  We communicate from that place in you and that place in me in which the entire Universe dwells: a place of love, truth, light and peace.  It is here that we are truly One, Holy Spirit.
"The Holy Spirit's function is to take the broken picture of the Son of God and put the pieces into place again."  ACIM
What If?  I Wonder... 
TurtleWe have all experienced fear in our sleeping dreams from time to time.  The best part seems to be when we awake at the story's climax, just as we are seemingly calling "help!"  Eyes open up, breath restores to easy-going, and a smile of cheerfulness arises from the disappearing anxiety.  Moreover, once we've realized it was a dream, we sometimes try to go back into it and imagine conquering the fear to change the outcome.  And so it is also in our everyday deliberate hours as we reach for all that we truly desire.  It may be the interview, the cold sales call, the change of career or change in environment.  No matter which, I wonder...what if  we approached the fear of the unknown outcomes, the fear within the chances we take, as we do the fear within our dreams...Aha! The worry, the trepidation, the panic, and even the need to bolt are all a part of the story I create. Yes, "I create."  And, "I decide."  Remember this truth in your waking hours, and don't quit in the middle of your story; stretch instead for the joy assured once the underlying anxiety dissipates within your divine power!
"Nothing shall keep me from center...fear shall be my greatest friend...I'll rise from the ashes of the choices I've laid...and protect the king till the end.."  Mark Stanton Welch, I Am A Hero
Valentine's Day: Identify Your Passion

hearts.afireWhether you are seeking a new soul mate, or desire to infuse more passion into an existing relationship, you will attract only what you are willing to imagine.  This is because the expanse of your imagination signals your wavelength, and we attract and are attracted to whatever is on our same wavelength.  Valentine's Day is the perfect time to examine your romantic wavelength.  Is it authentically You?  Or do you need to rewrite your story?  Here's an exercise to get you started. 

List 3-5 abstract words you think of when you say or hear the word  Romance; for example, Passion, Relationship, Love,
Attention, Devotion.  Next, write a connection between the abstract word to a specific sensation it brings to you; that is, what do you see, hear, touch, smell and taste when you use the word. Finally  give yourself a brief explanation of the connection you state. Here's an example of how it might look:

(Word) Passion

I see:  ______________ Explanation:_______________________

I hear:_______________Explanation:_______________________

I feel: _______________Explanation:_______________________ 

I smell:______________ Explanation:_______________________
I taste:______________ Explanation:_______________________
Continue the sensory process and explanation for each of the words you have used to describe your idea of romance.

Ask your Angels to help you give personal clarity to the abstract phrases you use in stating all of your desires.  Make a practice of using your five senses; or as the song goes, "put your whole Self in."  Strengthen your personal wavelength, and the Universe will become a clearer echo. 

 "...and that's what it's all about"  (Hokey Pokey)

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Main Street Angel's newsletter.  It's Crystal Clear your Angels brought you here!  Angels are all around you each and every day.  And in this month of hearts and flowers, we invite the Romance Angels to bring you your share of passion and joy--in your work, in your play, and in your relationships.  Keep your heart and your words welcoming!

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