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This issues's question comes from Anna P in WA.  Anna writes:
"If my Angels are with me why isn't my life improving?" 
"We are always at your side to help you enjoy your greatest good. Do you recall you have free will?  Perhaps we have not received an invitation to assist you.  Just call out "Angels" in your everydayness or  whenever you desire our help. No task is too great or too small, so ask as often as you wish.  We love to be in your company!"    
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Dear Clients and Friends~
Recently I overheard someone say, "What you see is what  you get."  The silver lining in the worn expression is the truth that if we are willing to improve what we see, we will improve what we get.  Sight is merely the outer reflection of what we believe.  Beliefs are created by words we hear and reinforced by words we speak.  So it seems Crystal Clear that if we wish to improve what we see and what we get, we might better choose what we hear and how we speak.
Angel Blessings In Your Day!
Nancine Meyer, EA CSC
The Law of Subtraction: Making Room
airballoonManifesting all you desire is often stalled because of a blurry focus, resulting from a clutter of random thoughts and idle beliefs.  We speak about what we think, and those thoughts emanate from what we believe.  Beliefs are accumulated from all that we hear and place our attention upon
To create what you truly desire, begin subtracting all that weights your heart's flight.  Be watchful of the words and pictures you allow yourself to hear and see day-in day-out. Do they cheer on your true spirit, or casually add to your ego's fears and excuses?  Start unloading the counterweights you realize.  Allow in instead words and pictures that keep your divine journey buoyant.
Similarly, listen carefully to the words and phrases you
speak Subtract from your speech anything you say that is careless or contrary to your innermost vision.  For example, interjections of "at least" or "one of these days."  The first phrase has nothing to do with gratitude; rather it worships scarcity. The second phrase keeps your desire forever away from the present moment.  So listen for these and other unflattering expressions in your statements.  When you hear yourself speak them, say "cancel-cancel" or "delete."  Then repeat your message as you will it to be. 
Words are the lyrics of beliefs, and the Universe echos the composition.  Sing out loud, sing out strong.
What If?  I Wonder... 
angelWhat if we received others' ideas and views with the same openness that we enjoy cloud formations?  Laying on our backs and observing, rarely do two of us see the same image within them.  And what fun we have in trying to see each other's vision.  Sometimes we see it; other times we do not.  But rarely, if ever, do we deny each other's right to perceive.  Indeed, it seems our awareness is amused until we share again.  I wonder...what if we accepted each other's differing views just as we delight in sharing cloud creations.  Perhaps the "big picture," is learning to enjoy, not necessarily "see," the entire Sky.  Try expanding your dialogues this week by opening your heart to the clouded possibilities.  There's always the chance of saying or hearing, "I see it too."
Ethics or Antics?
airballoonEthical behavior stems not from agreeing to personal or company goals, but rather
from the means chosen to achieve those goals.  A truly ethical environment includes consideration of others in it.  Oftentimes informal cliques of employees or group members who seem to agree on certain issues become "politically" active, and seek to promote the good of those members above the organization or whole.  It is unethical any time a "politically" active clique is involved in character assassination of others in order to gain such group's advantage.  To avoid this kind of power abuse, before you speak of others or their work, ask yourself 3 questions:  "Is it true?"  "Is it kind?"  "Is it necessary?"  Productive criticism is offered with an attitude of honesty, fairness, and consideration of every person.  When we practice the tenet of ethics, we unfailingly achieve the highest good of all!    
Remember:  "Never afford the Ego the power to interfere with the Journey."   
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