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"A miracle is but a shift 
from hurt to healing"
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This issue's question comes from Rudy R. in 
AZ.  Rudy writes:
"What becomes of our guardian angels and spirit guides once we die?
"When you die from your physical body, you will evolve into your Light Being. You begin your afterlife within a "healing pod."  It is here that we your heavenly hosts assist you in attunement to your re-NEW-ed life.  Because your existence does not end, we assure you neither does our great love for you each, nor the roles we play in helping you."
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Dear Clients and Friends~
Welcome to the first issue of Main Street Angel's newsletter, Crystal Clear.  You'll find de-LIGHT-ful discussions and entertaining lessons to activate your most authentic Spirit.  There'll be "bus stop" reads to inspire your position at your next business exchange.  We'll keep you updated on MSA events and list valuable resources for you to entertain. You'll have an opportunity to have your questions answered if you send them along to your Angels.  With each issue, we promise you new inspirations with practical applications to move you along your way whispering, "now that I think of it, it's Crystal Clear."     
Angel Blessings In Your Day!
Nancine Meyer, EA CSC
What If?  I Wonder... 
What if we gave less time to placing ourselves at a perceived advantage over others?  I wonder what it would be like to enter our business meetings or family exchanges noticing the good in one we perceive inferior?  I wonder how the meeting will turn course if we listen to an opinion without the need to be heard?  What do you want from your next human exchange?  Can you see it?  feel it?  hear it?  touch it?  make it come alive?  What if harmony, and not superiority, is the true key to abundance?  I wonder...what would our world look like off the teeter-totter ends of "I've-got-it-you don't" versus "You've-got-it-I-don't?"  Try inter-dependence this week:  Serve someone you perceive to be a servant; Accept service from one you perceive to be superior.
Water LilliesOne of the best ways to develop your sixth sensory ability is to exercise the first 5 senses.  We see, hear, smell, taste, and touch in and about our physical world every single minute of each day.  But can we recall the magnificent potpourri before retiring?  Set a goal to enjoy all that your five senses are bringing into your every moment today.  Take time in your day to meditate on the delectability of the present moment's five sensory links.  Record your discoveries in a journal and reread them before  you retire.  Trust your angels: 5-will-get-you-6!
Ouch! Those SMART Goals!
Writing out objectives has become a dreaded project within itself.  With this said, whether you are writing them for your job description in the company or at home for spiritual and personal growth, the process is always effective, particularly when they follow the S.M.A.R.T. goals' outline: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.  While we should be excited with the treasure map before us, most often we are little more than relieved that the writing project is over and simply hope for the best reward. So perhaps it's time to put some action words into the goal-setting acronym using its mirror image:  T.R.A.M.S.
Talk      Talk to others about goals they entertain or have
             reached.  Success triggers ideas.
Risk      Try a new approach or strategy.  Experimentation
             has led to many acclaimed inventions.
Assume  Speak of your goals as though they are already
             accomplished: "I now have, "I attract," "I receive!" 
Mark      Mark your calendar with monthly stepping-stones.
             Use the dates to review and act further.
Serve     Give of your talent to improve the largest good,
             and the largest good will return to you.
Remember:  "While it is impossible not to believe what you see; it is equally impossible to see what you do not believe."   
Congratulations to Rudy R. who won a 15-minute Angel reading for sharing his question in our newsletter. If you would like to do the same, send your question of general interest to Ask Your Angels.  If your question is selected for Crystal Clear discussion, you'll receive a 15-minute Angel Reading too!  
We hope you enjoyed Main Street Angel's newsletter.  It's Crystal Clear your Angels brought you here! See you next time!  Oh, and be an Angel and forward us to your Friends.  Just click here, it's save and secure.  

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