Letter News Newsletter
Issue No. 36
May 2012
Graham and Spenser
It's wonderful when a client sends me the lettering work I did for them on product. Here's the Graham and Spencer logotype in use on a variety of things: catalogs, portfolios, pencils and pads, labels and hang tags...all looking fabulous! And best of all, their clothing is lovely too.
Classic chrome
Ford Fury logo
I love great lettering and the play of light on chrome, whether it's 
photographic, photoshopped, or airbrushed. So what could be better than Steven Coles' wonderful selection of glistening 
Imperial logotype chrome logotypes on

Shot by Coles throughout the US and Europe, these photos are
sure to delight lettering, photography and car aficionados alike. Coles has a great eye for typography and lettering and for unique camera angles and doesn't hesitate to include his more weather-beaten finds.
There are a few other metallic goodies such as Leica logos included for your visual pleasure. The site is sure to spark fond recollections of  automobiles that have played a role in your life and perhaps provide a laugh or two (that old Ford logo!).
Secrets inside logotypes

FedEx logo  
Did you ever notice the white arrow formed in the space between the E and the x in the FedEx logo? Find out what other messages are hidden in logos you probably see every day.

for type lovers 
Typecast Webinar Series  
TypeCast Webinars is a brand, new series of affordable type and design webinars for design and lettering professionals. All sessions are given by top-notch experts such as Ilene Strizver and Gerard Huerta, and are available both live and OnDemand. The live broadcasts are interactive and you can ask the presenter questions.  It's a deal for $25 --- it's like having a mini-conference at your convenience.

I'm really enjoying the last month of spring ---

everything is still green, the weather is pleasant and the baby rabbits still abound nibbling on the grass at dawn and dusk.

May you fully enjoy the spring's pleasures.

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