Letter News Newsletter
Issue No. 34
January 2012
D'Alfonso-Curran Winery
Toast the New Year with this
Logotype for a great California winery, D'Alfonso-Curran, by Jill Bell.

Asemic writing: trendy & fun

Song 5 by Cecil Touchon
Art by Cecil Touchon
Asemic writing is a wordless form of mark making that resembles writing.The word asemic means "no semantic content"- the linear marks are left for the viewer's personal interpretation. Asemic writing is often done by young children imitating the look of writing, by poets creating "visual poetry", by numerous abstract painters and has become very popular as an art form among calligraphers.
Some artists draw from seeing other forms of writing such as kanji's running or grass scripts, but most have invented their own gestural forms. Having no direct meaning, one is left to extrapolate the meaning of the art for themselves from the quality and shape of the strokes, color, etc. There is even a Google group for asemic writing. Too much fun!

Delightful new book on Hermann Zapf and his work
What Our Lettering Needs
What Our Lettering Needs : The Contribution of Hermann Zapf to Calligraphy and Type Design at Hallmark Cards
by Rick Cusick.
RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press

In spite of the large influence that the Hallmark-produced movie featuring Hermann Zapf had on the calligraphy world since 1966, Rick Cusick lamented that most people didn't know or have access to the full extent of Zapf's accomplishments while he was a consultant to Hallmark (1966-1973). This book remedies the situation. It's a beautiful book (Cusick's a wonderful designer and he designed as well as wrote it), and it's a great story replete with amusing anecdotes, many asides and lots of previously unseen art and fonts in full color.

Listen to the experts!
TDC Judges
How has the abundance of fonts being used by so many on everything from handheld devices to computers affected the quality of typography? Can we have too many fonts? Find out what the knowledgeable and highly esteemed judges of the recent Type Director's Club competition had to say at the recent TDC Salon 2012. The panel consists of Roger Black, Matthew Carter, Paul Shaw,  Erik Spiekermann and Maxim Zhukov. Great insights and overview of the current state of typography.

Still want more? See the highlights of TDC's interview with Matthew Carter.

See more of my lettering work online 
The Dragon
(& happy year of the dragon!)

Stirring it up a little
This is the fourth year of Letter News Newsletter. Time for a little change. You'll still find lots of wild and wonderful lettering,  type info, and a bit of my own work thrown in.
Thanks for your readership!
Much appreciated.
Jill Bell Brandlettering
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