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I love a great sign, and these sign museums are wonderful places for letter lovers to visit this summer...or anytime.

The Neon Museum
AKA: The Boneyard. Las Vegas

MONA The Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles

American Sign Museum

Letters from Buchstaben Museum

Buchstaben Museum of Letters in Berlin
Along the same lines as the sign museums above, Buchstaben Museum in Berlin and has a lovely collection of lettering and signage. More recognition of our lettering heritage is a good trend!

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Issue 20             
August 2010
Maria Puck Cafe logotype

This cafe in Las Vegas is run by Wolfgang Puck and named after his mother. Sometimes the simplest looking jobs are the most difficult. The lettering that I did for this logotype took many rounds as it had to bridge Woflgang's own comps, the existing Spago logotype and the creative director's writing. Fortunately, it primarily reflects the creative director's writing (Mick Hodgson / PhD)

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CAP issue 137 cover
All the title of issue #137 of Computer Arts Projects is a little ambitious: the issue is filled with wonderful articles, interviews and advice (including mine).

Published in the UK, cover to cover it's chock full of type information from many illustrious type designers and critics. It even comes with a disc full of fonts.

It's always great to come across something that not only validates the importance of what you love, but which illuminates it in some way as well. And it was great to be invited to participate in the issue. Check it out.
Bell speaks at TypeCon
Title Man: Harold Adler
Harold Adler
Back in the '40's when all movie titles, posters and lobby cards were done by hand, Harold Adler began his lettering career in the film industry. Amazingly, he not only survived all of the ensuing technological changes but become a veritable trend setter creating lettering for such renown title designers as Saul Bass and Pablo Ferro. Remarkably, he worked up into his 80's. So Adler and his work were the perfect subject to present at at TypeCon in Los Angeles next week, particularly as I knew Harold Adler, worked for Saul Bass, and did hand-lettered titles for Pablo Ferro.

While it is primarily an overview of Adler's work, life and illustrious acquaintances, it also provides a glimpse at the evolution of film title design in Hollywood.

There's still time to sign up and go to TYPECON 2010. If you'd like a postcard keepsake of Harold, e-mail me with your snail mail address and "keepsake" as subject.

Above: Harold with film title for Comanche hand painted on glass.
Below: lettering he did for Carmen Jones.

Carmen Jones
Note from Jill
I'm looking forward to going to LA next week and getting away from the 99 degree, 60% humidity here. It always amazes everyone except Angelinos that September and October are the hottest months in LA, but it's also why the beaches are so fabulous during the summer.

Hope you are staying cool!


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