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TypeCon 2010

hits Los Angeles this summer
August 17th-22nd
Century Plaza Hyatt Regency

Type makes a big splash when TypeCon 2010: Babel takes over the City of the Angels.

SOTA, The Society of Typographic Aficionados, presents its annual letterfest, featuring more than 70 of the brightest names in type and design, including: Akira Kobayashi, Doyald Young, Jill Bell (yes, I'm returning home to talk about old movie titles), Teri Kahan, Sean Adams, Richard Kegler, Kevin Larson, Jean Franšous Porchez, Hank Richardson, Matthew Carter, John Downer, Gerald Bieler, Shelley Gruendler, Adam Twardoch, Adrian Wilson and more.

TypeCon 2010 will explore the hot button topic of web fonts and much more. Special events include the fifth annual Type and Design Education Forum and an international exhibition of type and design. Dozens of workshops, presentations, panel discussions, networking events, tours, and social gatherings will form a typographic adventure that will inspire you for years to come!
Check it out.

Noush poster

There's  more of my lettering work to be seen!
Issue 18             
June 2010
Rambla - Here We  Go Again

Here We go lettering
I really enjoy jobs like this done for Jo Jagielo, producer, that included the title Here We Go Again, and two different corporate logos.
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Type portraitsNelly Furtado

Type portraits have always been a curiosity. With the advent of the computer they have became easier to create, and far more intriguing such as this 3D portrait of Nelly Furtado. Here are  25  typography portraits to enjoy, savor...and it's fun to test yourself to see if you recognize the subjects.
AIGA Award winner
Manuale Zapficum honored.

Jerry Kelly just received official notice from the AIGA that Manuale Zapficum was was included as a winner in it's 50 Books/50 Covers of 2009 Competition. Designed and edited by Kelly along with David Pankow of RIT, Manuale Zapficum is a limited edition, hand bound, letterpress printed tribute to Hermann and Gudrun Zapf on the occasion of their 90th birthdays. It's based on Zapf's Manuale Typographicum of 1968.

Contributors set quotes by Hermann or Gudrun Zapf in fonts created by them and the pages were printed by local letter press printers and vellum bound by Campbell-Logan Bindery. I was fortunate to be included (my page below) in this lovely tribute to the most worthy couple.

In addition to pages designed by all of the above, Rick Cusick, Doyald Young and Nancy Leo-Kelly were also contributors to this lovely commemorative book.

Manual Zapficum my spread
Top: title page, Bottom: page I designed using Zapfino, Palatino Nova light and titling.
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