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So how's type on the iPad?


While nearly everyone who has actually bought and used an iPad is enthused about the direction computing technology is taking, not everyone is as happy with it's lack of type tools and choices. Stephen Coles (Stewf), editor of, has written a wonderful review about the typographic pros and cons of the iPad and about reading / legibility on this new device that is promoting itself as, among other things, a better e-book reader. Find out what this knowledgable resource has to say.

Apple has always paid extraordinary attention to typography. No reason why we shouldn't expect the same of the iPad.

The Dragon
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Issue 17             
April 2010
Dragon book covers

Dragons are always a favorite but now even more so, particularly at the cinema with Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon Here are few of my hand lettered titles contributing to the phenomena.
Biblioburro - a humble, encouraging story

biblioburroA library that travels on two donkeys, Alfa and Beto, has got to be a big hit with the kids, not to mention the adults in La Gloria, Columbia. After being inspired to get a degree in Spanish literature because of a professor who visited his village twice a month,  Luis Soriano was inspired to personally pass on the power of reading to others. His portable library, Biblioburro, began with just 70 books. Because of a lack of funding, the library building stood unfinished for years. But that didn't stop Soriano who took his library to the people via los burros.

It wasn't always easy. Bandits held him up, hoping for money rather than books...but took his books anyway. However media attention, including a short documentary film, helped promote his mobile library with "4,800 books and 10 legs" as well as enabled Soriano to complete the La Gloria library building (see a video update). Inspiring! And what can be more empowering than reading?
Business as usual?
Freelancers among the uncounted in
the unemployment stats

The ecfreelance statisticsonomy may be regaining a bit of
momentum, but don't tell that to the unemployed. Or to the underemployed, which is what most of the freelance artists I know are still calling their state-of-existence, in various terms. While a lot of big companies have shown a profit the past quarter, it was largely due to lay offs in the past year and a half, and the flotsam are still feeling the pinch.

The independently employed, which comprise 30% or more of the work force and who don't show up in the layoff or unemployment statistics also account for a lot of the big guys' apparent recovery.

In addition to the issues addressed in the chart at the right from the Freelancers Union website, there are also complaints about being paid a lot less, as well as being paid late: three, four, five or more months after completing work. Ouch.
The up side? Creatives are getting more creative! It may not be very remunerative as of yet, but people are diversifying, experimenting, innovating and creating new businesses.

Can't live without us ;-)
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