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More about hand lettering in the film industry

Calligraphy's Role in Hollywood
Interested in a brief history of hand lettering and calligraphy in the film industry?
Download the free PDF of an article I wrote for a lettering journal.
Included are frames from a movie with lettering I did for Pablo Ferro.

Issue 5            
Sagittarius 2008 
The Christmas Angel
CD title lettering by Jill Bell
Happy Holidays!
Title designer Pablo Ferro gets his own movie
Pablo Ferro
Pablo Ferro is one of the best known, most creative title designers in the film industry with a huge number of highly successful films to his credit. That doesn't mean much to most people because  he's one of the "behind the scenes guys". But I love great lettering wherever it is found and have a long standing affection for movie title sequences (I am still intrigued by the great opening titles of My Man Godfrey, 1936). Among Ferro's many accomplishments are the titles for Dr. Strangelove and Men in Black which are among those hand lettered in his own inimitable block printing style.

Since I am a fan, as well as having worked for Ferro (hand lettering for titles), I am glad there is new buzz about his work. I was especially excited to hear about the documentary with animation, Pablo, aboutFerro Christmas Ferro and his many accomplishments that is currently in post-production. You can view a trailer on YouTube along with Ferro's "reel". Speak Up has an extensive and informative interview with the film makers and has embedded links to the YouTube flicks as well. Watch for it.

Top right: Ferro's self-portrait from Pablo        Bottom right: handwritten greeting from Ferro
A perfect gift for the letter lover
Doyald Young's books
Dangerous Curves, just published this year, is the third handsome compendium of Doyald Young's suave lettering, astute advice and anecdotes. Young is an accomplished logo, type and lettering designer, as well as a highly respected Art Center teacher. He is talented, articulate and experienced: all adroitly combined in his books. Any one (or two or three) of these sumptuous volumes would make a wonderful gift for all types of lettering aficionados or graphic designers. They are so beautifully and painstakingly designed and are of a superior quality and ample size that they make great coffee table eye candy as well.
Check them out
for further information, descriptions of the individual books and their contents...and for a peek inside.
Note from Jill
Well, we have survived the most exciting election that I can remember and have given thanks for our truly bountiful existence (even though it may seem threatened, our standard of living far exceeds that of most of the world).

So onward to both the most commercial and spiritual season of the year. Personally, I'm far too inclined to see all the commercialism and scoff. But I deeply resonate with the positive values that are also promulgated at this time of year, and wish them to you too...

may joy and happiness be yours
and may peace be with you.

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