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Robert Rauschenberg
The world is a little grayer now that Robert Rauschenberg has passed away. His insight, humor and incredible lightness of being filled everything he did. Not only was he one of the most fabulously talented and innovative artists of the past century, but I have a special fondness for him as I had some wonderful, zany encounters with him when I lived in LA. I asked him to sign the picture of us (above) that I'd printed off of a video taken at a previous opening of his work at Gemini on Melrose. He signed his name and drew an arrow from it pointing to me. We shared a lot of laughter.

He leaves an immense artistic legacy, not the least of which is a challenge to all of us to listen to and follow our most individualistic, independent muse. He certainly did.

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Leo, 2008
The Clay Cart lettering

What's better than creative, custom lettering
to take your brochure, catalog or theater program to the next level? The playfully sensuous hand lettering of The Clay Cart was one of three titles lettered for plays in the 2008 season of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, a most respected and admired theatrical venue and company. It's a joy doing fun and fanciful work like this.
Design: Looking

Custom font sampleCustom fonts are BIG with businesses
Commercial fonts are fun to create because the style is of the type designer's choice and they spring up unexpectedly anywhere and every where. But custom fonts can be a client's dream providing uniqueness, exclusivity, functionality and longevity. This is a sample of a proprietary font I am very fond of that I recently created for a Nescafe Taster's Choice Gourmet coffee ad campaign.
Currently in progress: another entirely different proprietary font project (romans with serifs) based upon a major retail chain's logotype. The possibilities for need and use are many, and the value of having a custom font can far surpass the investment.

Bibliotheka Augusta Zapf's legacy in Wolfenbüttel
If you are anything like me, you probably have no idea where Wolfenbüttel is, let alone know that the body of Hermann Zapf's work is archived there. This spring I had the opportunity to visit this quaint city, about a three hour train ride north of Frankfurt, Germany and go to the Herzog August Bibliothek. It's a stately old building, or actually about six, as the large collection is continually expanding. Zapf's work is on permanent display in a room dedicated to his art. The consummate craftsmanship and beauty of his work never fails to impress. The library has published a quality hardbound catalog of the Zapf collection, Sammlung Hermann Zapf. A bonus is that much of the city's original architecture from the 1600's is still in tact, so the city is worth exploring as well.

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