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The Community of St. Nicholas

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How You Can Help


We ask you to think about how Saint Nicholas helps you to connect to God and to appreciate all God's gifts. Saint Nicholas needs your financial support so that this wonderful place where we come together as a community of faith can be here for all of us. Our vibrant, caring community supports and nurtures each and every one of us in our times of need and our times of celebration. We warmly welcome each newcomer. And we reach out to those in need beyond our doors.


As we heard at the all-parish meeting in October, this request for financial support takes the form of a pledge commitment for the year 2012. This enables us to plan and budget, knowing what our income will be. Pledge forms are available  by clicking here, and on the shelf as you enter the worship space. Our stewardship period runs through November 27th. If for some reason you are not able to pledge within this timeframe, pledges will be accepted after November 27th. However, receiving as many pledge forms as possible during this period will allow us to begin planning for the year ahead. With all of us working together, it will be a year full of promise and hope.


Thank you in advance for your generosity and support for Saint Nicholas.


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"Pledge Weekend" being this coming Saturday & Sunday, November 19 & 20, we offer this special "I am St. Nick" email as a way of sharing our stories with the Community of St. Nicholas, and inviting you to share your own.


Following are personal stories from your Stewardship Team about how the Community of St. Nicholas has touched and changed us.


We invite you to click here to share your own story for the next issue of I am St. Nick.


We further invite you to consider the many ways your gifts of time, talent and treasure will help bring others home to a community that touches them as deeply as it touches all of us.


Finally, if you have not already done so, we invite you to download a pledge card from this link and bring it to church with you this weekend.


We hope you'll take a moment to read the stories below and share your own. 




Bob Kalicki, Douglas VanHouten & Val Gruenwald

St. Nicholas Stewardship Team


I am St. Nick


The community of St. Nicholas has changed my life. I've always felt that since most of time and energy is spent outside our church walls, most of our ministry happens outside those walls as well. However, my truth is that the community of St. Nicholas informs how I live "the other six days."


I am inspired to be a better person when I watch Earl make someone completely welcome in acts as simple as walking over to get a bulletin for someone who didn't take one upon entering.


I am reminded to live a bit more carefree when I witness our children--at their place of honor in church--simply enjoying being together and, without thought, sharing the materials provided for their common use.


I am mindful of the need to share the talents I have been given when I watch Bob step up to share his voice with the choir, and when I see Garrison and Jess faithfully join in choir practice.


I am motivated to serve others in my daily life--in even basic human acts such as holding open a door for another weary commuter at the train station--when I watch Scott, Eve, Cindy, Bob, Jay, Manny and others in action caring for our guests at the Holy Innocents Food Pantry.


I am humbled when I see the warm welcome Manny gives people during the week as they come to St. Nicholas seeking a safe place, shelter, a kind ear, and most of all a reminder that God loves them.


St. Nicholas is not a building. St. Nicholas is the spirit in the air in the walls of our building - a spirit palpable outside our walls. St. Nicholas is you. St. Nicholas is the person who seeks that reminder that God loves them. St. Nicholas is every guest at our Food Pantry. St. Nicholas is our music.


I am St. Nick. And, as such, I am also responsible for taking a share in everything written about above.

-Douglas VanHouten 


I am St. Nick


Chili Supper 2011

"I am St. Nick." When Douglas proposed that simple statement to guide us as we think about stewardship, it immediately felt right. In four words, it sums up what the experience of St. Nicholas has been for me.   The emotional reaction came first - the same kind of feeling I get when I am home, surrounded by the people who know me best. Where I can take a sigh of relief at the end of the day and settle into its comforts. As I reflected on the similarities, I realized that St. Nicholas is my family of faith, my second home.


I realized that just as we cherish each member of our family at home, seeing how each one contributes something unique that makes our family what it is, we are each a treasured member of our family at St. Nicholas. No one is anonymous. Every single individual brings another experience of God's love to our midst, as we gather to celebrate the liturgy as a family of faith.


I also thought about what it takes to keep each of those families sheltered, cared for, educated, challenged, and all the other things that go into creating a strong, loving family. I know that as "Mom" (now "Grandma"), I've had a pivotal role to play in each of those areas. Along with every other member of my family, there are unique ways I contribute to what's most important to us. This is so true of the role each and every member of my St. Nicholas family plays, as well.


The physical home where these things happen is an important part of our family's story. It is where we gather, where each person is nurtured. It is a little oasis when the cold winds howl outside. It's where each person who crosses the threshold knows he or she is loved and appreciated. It's where we talk of what matters most to us, explore the depths of our experiences, discuss - and debate - what we believe. Isn't that exactly what our experience of St. Nicholas is, too? It's hard work to keep our home that oasis. There is physical work to be done and bills to pay. I know that both homes need my elbow grease and my financial contribution to be that place I want for my families.


Why have I chosen St. Nicholas for the past 9 years? It's required far more hard work and personal sacrifice than my previous (huge, wealthy) church! It is because St. Nicholas lives out the Greatest Commandment Jesus spoke of, in a way I have never experienced in any of the many churches I have known. When asked by the crowd, Jesus said all the laws and commandments come down to just one: "Love your God with all your heart; and love your neighbor as yourself."


St. Nicholas is where I find this message being lived. And I want to do whatever I can to keep that experience alive for my immediate family and my faith family. I can do that best by remembering that "I am St. Nick."


-Val Gruenwald


I am St. Nick


Bob K. I am Saint Nicholas just like you, as a part of this congregation, are also Saint Nicholas. We as individuals make up the total that is this community that we love and work to make successful.


My journey to Saint Nicholas began when Patty felt a void in her life. Patty went to several churches and eventually visited Holy Innocents in Hoffman Estates. When she walked into the service and saw a woman presiding she felt that this Episcopal Church must be something special. She became very excited and that excitement rubbed off on me and I joined her as a member of Holy Innocents.


When Holy Innocents merged with Saint Nicholas in January of 2007, the energy generated with this merger was apparent. The combination took place seamlessly with members of both congregations working together to make the spring rummage sale a success.  


Eventually, I became involved at Saint Nicholas and made a commitment of time, talent and treasure to this place of worship that means so much to me. Saint Nicholas has filled a void in, and given more meaning to, my life. I feel fulfilled by being building manager, treasurer and supporting the food pantry.


This may sound corny, but I have a sense of God when working at Saint Nicholas whether it's with the landscaping, stocking shelves for the food pantry, overseeing the things that need to be done to keep our building in shape or setting up for our service. This sense of well being is very satisfying.


I know each of you loves this very special place also and I ask each of you to reach deep down inside of yourself to make a commitment to help Saint Nicholas grow by giving of your time and talent and to make a pledge so that Saint Nicholas can continue to grow.


-Bob Kalicki


I am St. Nick.

You are St. Nick.

We are St. Nick. 


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