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Understanding the Times 2012
October 5 & 6

Grace Church of Eden Prairie, MN
(SW suburb of Minneapolis)  

This year's speakers include:

(Christian White House correspondent)

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A DVD by Joseph Schimmel

What are Emergent Church leaders teaching that has so many of our current generation tuned in to their "doctrine," but tuned out to holy scripture?  This DVD takes a closer look at the Emerging Church and its leaders, their teachings, and where it is all headed when compared with Bible prophecy. If you are familiar with any of the leaders spoken of in this documentary, and you love truth, then you don't want to miss a second of this compelling, thoroughly- documented exposť uncovering the truth behind the Emergent Church.This film is about 2 hours in length 
for $20 + $5 S/H It features a companion DVD exposing rocker Bono. Bono is not the nice social-gospel Christian you think. 
New Jan
Jan Markell
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A poignant novel by Randy Alcorn

A first for Olive Tree Ministries (so you know it's really good!): A work of fiction by Randy Alcorn based on his research into the persecuted church in China. It challenges readers to consider if they are prepared to suffer and die for their faith. 
With the backdrop of a world that is daily becoming more dangerous for Christians, this work of fiction is an inspirational one. It will remind you to continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ amidst the increasing spiritual apostasy in our world, while encouraging you with the eternal perspective it describes. Purchase this book for $15 + S/H

A DVD by Grant Jeffrey

What if there were hidden forces with no ties to democracy or constitutional rights in power? Is it about peace and unity? Or it it about ultimate global power?

Leading researchers, authors and minds like Grant Jeffrey, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Edward G. Griffin, Gary Kah, Chuck Missler and Jack Kinsella take you through the incredible and hidden world of surveillance, rights and freedoms, global government and Bible prophecy.

Yoga Uncoiled From East to West: A Look Into the Practice of Yoga in the Church

Yoga Uncoiled

A DVD by Caryl Matrisciana

Before you buy into "Christian Yoga," take a look at this DVD and learn of the Hindu gods that come with the Indian practice! Implementing it in a church or calling it "Christian Yoga" does not sanctify it! This is one of Caryl's finest exposes. View a trailer of this DVD and purchase it for $18 + $5 S/H.
Why Is This Message Controversial?
By Jan Markell

Note from Jan: In a few days a prominent "discernment ministry" is going to release their review of Jonathan Cahn's, "The Harbinger" and companion film, "Isaiah 9:10 Judgment." I have been proud to work with this ministry over the years. But if "discernment" is now tearing down a person's character and throwing a message of repentance into, "The Shack" category, then I guess I'll have to re-think whether I remain such a ministry.  I guess it's true: Christians not only shoot their own, they also watch them die a death of agony. In today's world of deception, we do need ministries who tell the truth, but not in the tone of the review that will come out shortly. 
Cahn's book and Joseph Farah's brilliant film, "Isaiah 9:10 Judgment," are counting for eternity. Both are calling for individual and national repentance and nothing more. It had to be discovered by a Jew and I believe it is one of those phenomenons Daniel predicts will be sealed until the time of the end. It is now unsealed so that many would be saved and a message could be given to America. 
The DVD is just two hours and more powerful only because it is visual. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to order it. It's available from a number of sources including this ministry. Olive Tree is not carrying the book at this time. 
Find my radio interview of Jonathan Cahn here. He returns to "Understanding the Times" radio in mid-June. Find that info here. 

My thanks to sister ministry leader Terry James of Rapture Ready for his great review below.

God is gracious to warn before judgment. I sincerely hope people are paying attention.

The Harbinger: A Review by Terry James
May 31, 2012

A phenomenon has taken place in the book publishing world. The secular book market -- headed by the New York Times' Best-Sellers list -- has let slip through its normally anti-Christian critics' hands a book of profound significance. It is on the surface a work of fiction that is at the same time deeply ingrained truth from the only source of truth there is -- the very Word of God. 

Not since Hal Lindsey's Late, Great Planet Earth and Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins' Left Behind series has such a volume been allowed to reach such a mass audience by those who control that level of mega sales in the book publishing industry. First-time author Jonathan Cahn outlines the stunning fact about The Harbinger with the simple understatement from the opening page: "What you are about to read is presented in the form of a story, but what is contained within the story is real."


I've been studying Bible prophecy for more than fifty years and have been writing about eschatological matters in terms of prophecy's progression through our daily lives for most of forty. In all that time, I haven't seen a case for current issues and events as having prophetic relevance presented in a more evidence-based way than in this book.


To my way of thinking, this book defies the art of fiction writing because the template would have it that there be action that builds to a crescendo, always keeping readers on the edge of their seats, wanting to get past the present life-and-death cliffhanger and onto the building suspense of the next. The Harbinger is all narrative through dialogue between three people, basically. It is, as the author says, a story, but one that is real. Unheard of! A Christ-centered story, with no real action, so massive in its appeal that it makes the big show -- the NY Times Best-Seller list?


Certainly it is not formulaic. The Harbinger is inspired. There

See Joseph Farah's documentary based on Jonathan Cahn's book, The Harbinger.  Olive Tree Ministries carries this DVD and you can purchase it for $21 + $5 S/H. 

can be little doubt about it after reading it. Most everyone who reads the story will agree, I'm convinced. That is the secret of its appeal. That is the power behind its defying the odds to crash right through the critique barrier that the secular guardians of contemporary literature constantly put up against scribes who would mention the name of Jesus Christ in ways other than as invective.


It is obvious: The Lord of Heaven wanted this book written and disseminated widely. There's no agent or publisher who can see that that is done in a more proficient or powerful way. There is no critic or system of critiquing that can change such a course as He determines. The question becomes, then: Why is this book so important that the Lord has forced it past those anointed defenders of literature who rarely let such works get past them?


The Harbinger itself gives the answer.


The protagonist, Nouriel Kaplan, sits in a publisher's office high above the streets of central Manhattan. He is there to propose a book idea based upon his strange experience. The woman executive, with a reputation for being straight to the point and known to rarely entertain a face-to-face meeting with a prospective author, impatiently asks what the book is about that could possibly be so mysterious.


Nouriel gives her the answer. "An ancient mystery . . . that holds the secret of America's future . . . and on which its future hangs. And it's not fiction -- it's real."


The story then begins to unfold, as I've said, through an unconventional (for successful fiction) narrative -- dialogue that basically involves only three characters. But, wow! What dialogue!


DVD Trailer: The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment (Based on the bestseller The Harbinger) 
DVD Trailer: The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment (Based on the bestseller The Harbinger)


The Harbinger's phenomenal success isn't about the scintillating way the three converse with each other, however. The "wow" is in the subject matter discussed and the astonishing details unveiled as the story progresses. America's past, present, and future are at the heart of the experience that Nouriel Kaplan -- by way of ancient biblical seals mysteriously provided him -- unveils throughout the book. His telling gets to the heart of what I and many other students of Bible prophecy sensed following the horrors of September 11, 2001.  


I wrote the following in the introduction to my book, Prophecy at Ground Zero, released in 2002:


Television screens across America and the world repeatedly flashed videotape of the huge passenger jet crashing full-throttle into the enormous building. Dazed people watched in awestruck disbelief while trapped victims leaped from the building's top floors, some holding hands with others when they jumped. The massive twin towers disintegrated and crumbled to flaming rubble. It was the most heinous terrorist attack ever recorded. Almost immediately, angry, frightened people began demanding answers to the insanity now forever etched in their memories.


Many churches were filled the Sunday following the attacks in New York and Washington D.C. There was an instinctive sense that those murderous acts of terrorism were somehow foreordained. That the carnage now known as "Ground Zero" and the uncertain future is, in some troubling way, linked by prophetic destiny.


"Prophecy At Ground Zero: From Today's Middle East Madness to the Second Coming of Christ" goes a long way toward shedding light on, and providing answers for, the dark, troubling questions that continue to arise from the decimation of September 11, 2001. You have, for many months, heard the pundits on network and cable news shows. They have analyzed the terrorism, the war on terrorism, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from every angle imaginable. Except from God's angle. And that's the only one that counts!


I'm writing this review to tell you that Jonathan Cahn has, with The Harbinger, been given the blueprint to what 9/11 was and is all about. He dots the I's and crosses the T's. He connects the dots through a mysterious prophet who interacts with his protagonist.  


Pardon me for mentioning another of my books, but in The American Apocalypse, I time and time again make the connection between the United States and Israel as linked to each other in God's great providence. Jonathan Cahn's book makes clear that linkage like none other.


The Harbinger has its frightening aspects to be sure, but, once you've read it, you won't be able to say you haven't been given truth about the Israel/America connection and the defining prophetic event of our era, the falling of the towers on 9/11.


Please believe me. You must get and read this book. You will have no doubt, then, why it is a best seller!


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