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January 10, 2012
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Abingdon Press Introduces Book by Babbie Mason: Embraced by God 

Babbie Teaches Women Who They Are and Whose They Are--God's Favorite! 

SEATTLE -- Have you ever thought of yourself as being God's favorite? In John, Jesus expresses His desire that we know God loves us just as much as God loves Him. That makes each of us His "favorite"! Gospel singer Babbie Mason explores this revelation in her new book Embraced by God (Abingdon Press, 2/14/12, ISBN: 9781426741340, $18.95), a manual to develop and deepen our spiritual love life with God. 
Embraced by God Embraced by God is a 21-day encounter that shares the unconditional love of God. The book contains seven promises to study, and each chapter presents four challenges by which to embrace the day. By the end of the book, Babbie hopes readers will increase their capacity to love God and to receive His love. This book is a journey of discovering what it means to be unconditionally loved, approved, accepted, forgiven, blessed, cherished, treasured, and favored by God. 


The concept of the book came when Babbie, a Dove award-winning and Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and worship leader, made a discovery just a few years ago. She'd been in church her whole life, but had never truly understood that God loves her as much as He loves Jesus, and that we are all God's favorite. That revelation changed everything, and she knew if this concept was new to her, she probably wasn't the only one. 


"If you watch what the media says as to where we should find our identity--" says Babbie, "--money, beauty, power and technology--you'll just be confused about who you are and what your purpose is. As a culture we are trying to buy or sell what can only be administered to the soul by Jesus."


Babbie's passion is to help believers realize that only through Jesus can we understand ourselves as women, wives, mothers, and friends. The book is part of a series of concerts, CDs, conferences that make up Babbie's "Embrace Project". 


Advanced Praise


"Embraced by God [is] as warm and caring, as biblical and wise, as Babbie Mason herself. A splendid new resource from a gifted sister." 

--Liz Curtis Higgs, New York Times best-selling author of Mine Is 

the Night and Bad Girls of the Bible 


"Every time you read this book is another experience of being held in the loving embrace of the only One who will always understand you and lead you to victory." 

-- Dr. Thelma Wells, President, A Woman of God Ministries 


"Embraced by God is saturated with biblical truths that are knitted together with biblical stories and heart-warming personal anecdotes that infuse the reader with faith, hope, and the courage to keep believing!" 

--Eulalia King, Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader 


 B. Mason

About the Author


Babbie Mason is a Dove Award-winning and Grammy nominated gospel singer, songwriter, author, creator of the Embrace: A Worship Event for Women ministry, professor of songwriting at Atlanta Christian College and Lee University, and a television talk-show host. She was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2010 and has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs. Babbie has been honored perform for Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Colin Powell, Steve Forbes among many others. Babbie performs a holiday special at Carnegie Hall every year. Babbie lives near Atlanta on a farm with her husband Charles.


Suggested Interview Questions

  • What inspired you to write Embraced by God
  • What do you mean when you say we are "God's favorite"? 
  • What lies do we believe instead of believing that we are God's favorite? 
  • What is the Embrace Project? 
  • How does your book help us learn this lesson? 
  • What is it in society that keeps us from believing the extent of God's unconditional love? 
  • What's the difference between Who and Whose we are, and why is important to celebrate this? 
  • We know how much music is a strong influence in your relationship with Christ; how does writing a book affect your relationship with Christ? 
  • Tell us about a time when you did not feel embraced by God and how you overcame that.
  • What is one thing you hope readers take away from reading Embraced by God?  

Babbie Mason is available for national interviews to promote the release of Embraced By God. To request a review copy, schedule an interview or for more information, please contact Christy Anderson,  [email protected]

Abingdon Press is the publishing imprint for The United Methodist Publishing House.  Abingdon Press has a distinguished record in religious publishing for a broad ecumenical audience and specializes in products for church leaders, as well as scholars and students engaged in theological education and the practice of ministry.  Abingdon Press offers a wide array of quality academic, professional, reference, fiction, Christian living and devotional titles published each year. 
EMBRACED BY GOD By BABBIE MASON Abingdon Press, 2/14/12 
ISBN: 9781426741340 * Category: Christian Living * Price: $18.95 * Format: Hardcover 

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