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June 23, 2011
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The Evil of an African Dictatorship is Met By A Christian's Stand for Justice  

The True Story Mugabe and the White African will bring Zimbabweans' life and struggle home  

SEATTLE - Mugabe and the White African (Lion Books, distributed by Kregel Publications, July 15, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-7459-5546-9, $14.95) chronicles the deeply moving and life-threatening struggle of a Christian family from Zimbabwe to protect their legally owned farmland, to protect the lives and livelihoods of all those working on the farm, and to live to see justice.

Mount Carmel farm was purchased by Mike Campbell from the independent Zimbabwean government and operated with the help of his son-in-law and author of the book, Ben Freeth. The Campbell farm had been a successful operation, and the family was busy raising the third generation when Mugabe's government began to target all white-owned farmland for the government's land reclamation program.

Mugabe and the White AfricanDespite the personal danger and the historic threat to his family as white farmers, Mike Campbell fought Mugabe's tyranny. He and his family paid dearly during the years-long historical court fight, but at last in 2008 he won his case. However, the consequences of living in the realm of a dictator that flouts justice caught up to them and within a year the family farm was burned to the ground anyway.

In the book, Freeth grapples with the root of evil in his country and the malevolent spirits that have allowed the leaders to inflict such suffering. He describes appalling acts of violence perpetrated against farmers and farm workers and the wanton destruction of highly successful commercial farming enterprises, which were once the backbone of a flourishing economy on a troubled continent.

But Freeth doesn't believe he and Campbell were only fighting Mugabe. He believes Ephesians 6:12 more accurately reflects his family's fight: "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

Freeth says, "The land issue is not a struggle for land. It is a struggle (politics aside) for the control of the spiritual places, the 'High Places.'... It is a struggle of good against evil 'in the heavenly realms.'"

The courage of Mike Campbell, Ben Freeth, and their family is a remarkable witness to the grace of God in Christ. Mugabe and the White African is told as a lesson to the Christian community to stand together with their brothers and sisters who live under the tyranny of Mugabe or any evil ruler, to pray they will find deliverance.

The release date of Mugabe and the White African on July 15, 2011 is timed to correspond with the July 26, 2011 PBS debut of the award-winning documentary of the same name. For more information and air dates, visit:

Advance Praise for Mugabe and the White African

Freeth lays bare a beautiful but lawless land fouled by fear. A 'Clockwork Orange' state where racism, greed, and violence are ultimately humbled by almost unimaginable courage. Richly described, bravely chronicled, and utterly compelling.
-Mike Thomson, Radio Foreign Affairs Correspondent, BBC
About the Author:
Ben Freeth

Photo Credit: BBC News

Ben Freeth, MBE, is a British-born Zimbabwean farmer. He has lived in Zimbabwe most of his life and is raising his three young children there, together with his wife Laura. Ben's story has already been the subject of an award-winning documentary which won Best Documentary 2009 (British Independent Film Awards), was nominated for the BAFTA Outstanding Debut Film 2010, and shortlisted for an Oscar in 2010.


Suggested Interview Questions for Mugabe and the White African:

1.    Can you explain the Land Reclamation Programme?
2.    Describe President Robert Mugabe, how he came to power, and what he has done to Zimbabwe.
3.    How will Zimbabwe ever free itself from a man who proudly calls himself the "Hitler of our time" in a land where a Supreme Court ruling is meaningless?
4.    Can a white man ever truly be considered an African?
5.    How do you bring up a young family amidst threat and violence? How do the grandparents back in the UK feel? 
6.    How do you teach faith to your children amidst the injustice and violence you live with?
7.    Did Mike Campbell share your faith?
8.    What could the upcoming (Zimbabwean?) elections mean to white and black Africans?
9.    More people have died at the hands of post-Independence African dictatorships than were killed in the whole of the Second World War. How do you see the role of Christians around the world in your fight?
10. Why do you choose to stay in Zimbabwe?

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