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May 18, 2011
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The story of Esther like you've never heard before 

Romance, suspense, and faith intertwine in

best-selling author Joan Wolf's vivid retelling of the ancient story

SEATTLE - The story of Queen Esther is full of romance, suspense, and danger. A Reluctant Queen, The Love Story of Queen Esther (Thomas Nelson, June, 14 2011, ISBN: 1595548769, $15.99) is a fresh account of the journey of biblical heroine Esther from common orphan to queen of Persia. Master story-teller Joan Wolf sees Esther and King Ahasuerus as a young couple on a difficult road together: Esther is wracked with guilt for lying to her husband about her heritage, and the king, despite his vast kingdom, is a lonely man. Haman proves to be a cunning antagonist, seducing the king into trusting him implicitly, while threatening the existence of the king's love, Esther, and her people. The fate of the Jews is in Esther's hands-but her own life is at risk no matter her decision.

A Reluctant QueenAuthor Joan Wolf says, "A Reluctant Queen is a fresh look at the story of Esther, the book in the Bible that for me has always held the seeds of a deeply moving love story." 

More than a fairy tale, the moral imperatives of A Reluctant Queen go far beyond the Brothers Grimm and turns Esther into one of the great heroes of the Old Testament. A beautiful heroine, an exciting and complex hero, an evil villain, a stirring love story - the story of Esther has it all, and Wolf brings it vividly to life. It's the story of a love that triumphs over hate because a woman stands up for her God, becoming a courageous hero to her people throughout the ages.

Meet Joan:
Joan Wolf
Joan Wolf was born in New York City but has lived most of her adult life with her husband in Connecticut, where she raised two children and countless numbers of assorted animals. Joan is the author of 45 historical novels including The Road to Avalon which Publishers Weekly lauded as "historical fiction at its finest."


More about A Reluctant Queen: 


You know the Bible story. Now discover the love story.

Experience the intimate, profoundly stirring story of Esther, a simple Jewish girl, and the Great King of Persia, who finds in her the companion of his soul.

In this meticulously researched novel, you'll journey into the mind and heart of Esther. Experience her first frightened days in the king's harem and her gradual awakening love, her anguished realization that she is God's chosen instrument, and her courageous defiance of Persian law that ultimately saved her people from destruction. 

What has for been a powerful historical story for thousands of years will come alive when seen through fresh eyes as a tender love story. Be immersed in the richness of the culture, be thrilled with the political and personal intrigues, and be inspired by the incredible act of faith of one young woman-chosen by God "for such a time as this."  



Interview Questions for A Reluctant Queen:
  1. What draws you to historical fiction, and now biblical fiction?
  2. You've had a successful career writing for the ABA, why start writing for the CBA now?
  3. What is it about the historical account of Esther that led you to write a romance story about her?
  4. Why did you move away from the traditional interpretation of King Ahasuerus's character?
  5. You love animals. Do you ever incorporate them into your books?
  6. What is your favorite historical era to write about?

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