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Issue: 2012 #5  September 17, 2012
Transformation Into a New Reality
Land Preservation Trust
Land Preservation Trust
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Gift #1
A 10-15 minute mini reading/session
by phone, Skype or in person NO charge.

Ask your questions on:
Call Michael (928) 634-2400

Receive a spark of light:
Call Amayra (928) 634-2400


Gift #2
is available at NO charge
for all feeling guided or called to Angel Valley.

water crystal
Angel Valley water as photographed by Dr. Emoto. 

Please, bring your own water container. 


 On October 8, 2012,

which marks the three year anniversary of the

Sweat Lodge Incident,

Angel Valley Sedona will begin offering New

'GIFTING IT FORWARD' opportunities for ALL Individuals wanting

to have others Experience the Transformation,

the Magic and the Wonder

of what the

New Reality at Angel Valley has to offer.


In the

'GIFTING IT FORWARD' experiences,

funds can be designated

for family, special friends

and individuals

of your choosing

or the funds can be made available for other yet unknown individuals

being guided or called to Angel Valley.


All Financial Gifts to


are Tax Deductible.

Angel Valley is an

IRS approved 501 C-3 Spiritual Organization.



Pre-order your copy now!
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We are preparing for a 13-day celebration of all the special dates and energies that are happening in December.


Our New Reality

is based upon:


Our Highest Excitement!

Making Friends with the Unknown! Living in the Now Moment with Spontaneity
and Synchronicity! 

Being Our
True Natural Self!  


flyer celebration new reality 

 Mark in your calendar to come to Angel Valley,

whether it be for a day, a week or the full 13 days!

In our next newsletter and soon on our website

you will find more details.



On July 25,
the Day Out Of Time,
we did a ceremony in the Chartres Labyrinth.


Part of it
was the creation
of this beautiful mandala. 



We invite you
to visit our website


and enjoy
the updated pages.

We have added a page 

on the Book and
on Angel Valley Water

under About Us.


An article on
'Following your Excitement' can be found
under the Philosophy heading.

wild flower 1  

We remind you to regularly check our Calendar page. There may be something
of interest to you.



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crystal skull meditation


Our  Crystal Skull Meditations are open to guests

and other visitors. 


Please, let us know

when you intend to come!

if you are coming from town, take the opportunity

to first walk the labyrinth!


Wednesday evenings, 7pm 




We are thankful for the amount of rain that this year's monsoon brought us. 
Wild flowers abundantly

show their beauty.

Datura is amazingly gracious, yet a plant not to touch!



datura 4  

datura 2


Angel Valley,

September, 2012 




We have 3 more months to go! Is the world coming to an end? No, of course not. Yet, in a sense it does, because the world as we knew it, will never be the same. The shift in consciousness that is occurring leads us into new realities, whatever we choose to define that to mean. Our position has been: then let's transform consciously!


Recent information that we received shows that from an astrological perspective there are exceptionally intense conjunctions and squares, that are affecting us globally on all levels. A few crucial dates are coming up on September 18 and 19. Those who had hopes that things will 'go back to normal' in the time to come will find that that is not the case.


On the Fall Equinox, September 21, there is World Peace Day. More than ever, we invite you all to tune into this effort to create a world of love and peace.


At Angel Valley we navigate through these times in our unique ways. Issues that have been playing for a long time are coming to conclusions. Where is our focus, even when the tension at times seems to be building up, or when we feel a tiredness of 'doing the best we can'? How do we keep up our trust in 'anything is possible', because that is how the Universe works? Our remedy is to keep our focus on the gratitude in our hearts for all that is, all that we have and all that we are allowed to do.


Our issue with the aftermath of the Sweat Lodge incident is still not over, believe it or not. We are looking forward to the day that that door finally closes. In the meantime we are patiently moving along in procedures that have a rhyme and reason that we do not understand other than to know that 'it is serving us and this too will pass'.


Our book is with the printer. It is now a matter of days that it will be out.


Regarding our issue with the financial survival of Angel Valley, we have made a lot of changes inside and outside and are inspired and excited about new paths to walk. The people that are being guided, called or drawn to Angel Valley arrive here in fascinating ways and have magical experiences, more powerful than ever. As stewards of the land, we have the task to make it all work in a sustainable way. Our Chapter 11 situation is close to being wrapped up. Now is the time to rearrange Angel Valley's financial foundation. Our dream is to have all commercial funding replaced by private money of kindred spirits, people with a similar dream as we have had since we started here ten years ago. We know the Universe is abundant and that money is available. The Angels are assisting us in attracting people who feel a resonance with Angel Valley and want to be more actively involved. We have started a Preservation Fund for those feeling a Call to be a Founding Member. Please, read the two articles below. We invite any person who has an interest to contact us directly at michael@angelvalley.org, or give us a call at (928) 634-2400.


Last but not least, we are very excited about our plans for a 13-day celebration period in December. We invite you to feel into your heart and you will know whether you will be part of it.


Michael and Amayra Hamilton


  datura plant


The time has come for Angel Valley's founders to establish a Land Preservation Trust. Their intent is to preserve the 70-acre property, of which they have been the guardians during the past 10 years, for future generations as a sacred sanctuary in nature.


Angel Trust I insures that the 17.65 acres, Uriel's Mountain, located west of the creek and the 15.18 acres, Michael's Mountain, located east of the creek remain undeveloped and pristine. Powerful energy lines flow through the surrounding Forest Service Land, then traverse the parcels to be preserved, and on into and through the valley. The preserve ensures that the energy continues to support those who are being guided to the sacred valley and to contribute in the transformation of mankind. It also ensures that the energy flow remains uninterrupted for the greater area.


Angel Trust II creates a sustainable 37-acre campus by consolidating existing facilities, completing unfinished construction, landscaping projects, and expansion of permanent staff/community housing.


The Trust symbolizes the Divine nature that has been Angel Valley Sedona's essence and the focus of its founders since its inception. During ten years many different aspects of the Divine have transpired, both in miracles and in challenges. Support of the Divine has brought Angel Valley Sedona where it is today. The concept of the new Angel Trusts is for as many people as possible to participate, with their spirit, their energy, financially and otherwise. Together we can let this piece of Heaven on Earth flourish.


For information about the 'Angel Valley Trusts' contact Michael at

(928) 634-2400 or michael@angelvalley.org 


Angel Valley, an IRS approved, 501 C-3, Spiritual Organization, All Gifts are Tax Deductible



Since ancient times Sedona has been sacred ground, dedicated to renewal, ceremony, and the conscious creation of one's reality. For hundreds, probably thousands of years, indigenous tribes throughout the Southwest and from as far away as Canada and Mexico journeyed to Sedona for the purpose of healing, releasing the old and bringing in the new. Sedona was, and still is considered sacred ground. No tribes settled or lived in Sedona's red rocks for this reason. Prayers, rituals, ceremonies have always been, and continue to be performed in and around Sedona by those who understand the unique powers that exist. Those who are sensitive to energies continue to be drawn, not just to Sedona's innate beauty but to what people sense is beneficial in their lives.

  michael's mountain

Uriel's and Michael's Mountains, named after the Archangels, are tucked into the verdant green hills, and red rocks of Coconino National Forest and sustain a vibration of Spirit, as does Angel Valley that they are holding in their embrace. It is an area of contemplation, tranquility, rejuvenation, and transformation. It is a place where the essence of the healing nature of Sedona is captured in the purity of the surroundings, the silence, the expansive views, and the glorious night skies. It is away from the business activity and tourism of Sedona, without any subdivisions or other private land nearby, yet its location is just a few miles from town. Hearing and seeing Oak Creek as is passes through the valley at the foot of the mountains, is a true gift in the pristine high desert environment.


The life-force and energy system of Uriel's Mountain and Michael's Mountain runs down into the earth, connecting with sacred lands throughout the world and all those who walk upon them, vibrating its message of openness and willingness to receive and welcome all who feel guided to connect.


The same energy system of the Angels and their mountains expands upward into the heavens, through the galaxies and into the unseen worlds sending a message of desire for loving communion with the beings known as guides, allies, angels, teachers, ascended masters, so that this message can be transmitted clearly and successfully. The vibration of the mountains moves in every direction across the earth - relaying its messages to all who can hear, have the desire and means to respond.

uriels mountain 



Webster's New College Dictionary defines a Kindred Spirit as an "individual with the same beliefs, attitudes, or feelings as oneself". The term's long cultural history and relevance in how we interact with others provides us insights into our desire for love and deep connections with people.


We see Kindred Spirits from around the world reuniting and come together for support, encouragement and are committed to serve the Highest Good of All, and to assist in the Transformation of Humanity.


In June 2008, Archangel Michael showed me a vision of a future version of Angel Valley as it could appear by December 21, 2012. That 2012 version of Angel Valley is now a reality where 'Kindred Spirits' are living and working together with every one 'Following Their Highest Excitement' and being their 'True Natural Self'.


Our Newsletters are being designed for more frequent and interactive communications with ALL who feel a Kindred Spirit connection with Angel Valley. We believe it is time for all of us to find a place, first within our own hearts and then with others that we can call home and where we can communicate with other Kindred Spirits.


Angel Valley's Vision is for ALL feeling guided or called to connect to do so and to Follow Our Dreams. Not everyone from around the world who has a desire to visit Angle Valley will be able to do so. However, everyone no matter where they live on planet earth, provided they have access to high speed internet, will be able to receive inspiration and encouragement directly from Angel Valley's Live Streaming Broadcasts.


Beginning in 2013, 

will be offering Live Streaming direct from Angel Valley!


The Live Streaming will be available 7 days per week and will feature the flowing water of Oak Creek and views of Red Rocks. The Flowing Energy will be felt and will be as if you were here! Additional broadcasts will also be available of events, guest teachers, crystal skull, new and full moon meditations, etc. If you have an interest being a Founding Member of our Live Streaming Broadcasts from Angel Valley please contact us.


We invite all who desire to receive our New Kindred Spirit Community Newsletter to, please, email your contact information to: transformation@angelvalley.org  


Michael Hamilton



We want to remind you of the upcoming retreat

with two experts, Amayra Hamilton and Maria Dancing Heart.


The retreat will be full of life and re-commitment to life.

In whatever phase of dealing with grief issues you are,

it will benefit you!

For details, please, visit our website www.angelvalley.org/pages/calendar/special.html


 coming alive again 1209


Those who have done grief work

with either Amayra or Dancing Heart,

will know how they can make another shift

in their process of resolution and healing.



What a joy to have family visiting from Europe and show them
the beauty of Angel Valley and its surroundings!


hike south  


Lots of Love & Many Blessings, 



Amayra, Michael, Kirstin, Lalita, Fawn, Su,
Cara Marie, Larry and Baltazar