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Issue: 2012 #2     March 15, 2012
The Ides of March
New Direction
New Life In Your Life
Why Am I Here in AV?
Angels Of the Valley



'The Never Ending Story' 

Although our book was
ready to be printed
in October, 2011,
for some reason that we did not fully understand,
we were guided to hold off
on printing it.

We now know why!

On January 24, 2012 we were served with a new Sweat Lodge Lawsuit.
It was a gift from Laurie Gennari and Laura Prieve, two of the participants
in the sweat lodge
of October 8, 2009
We are now writing
another chapter of our
Never Ending Story. 


We have many projects

at Angel Valley.

The land is begging us

to take on
a number of projects.
Our team can only
do so much.

We know that there are
people out there
who would love

to be in this sacred and

inspiring environment,

and contribute to beautifying

Angel Valley,

in exchange for

room and board.


If you are interested, and have 1-3 months available,

please, contact us.  



We invite you
to visit our website





For those of you

who are active on Facebook, 

be sure to visit our fan page to follow us,

keep up with what's new

and see beautiful pictures.








full moon sm 

We continue our  

full moon celebrations.

You are invited to attend

the Healing Circle

before the Drumming. 




youth program sm


Meet with other young kids and their parents

every first Saturday

of the month. 







The trees are blooming 



The butterflies are sipping nectar



The busy bees are buzzing



New life


March 12-14, 2012


 (Contact First Name) 


     Not everybody is aware how special March 15th is, the Ides of March. We want to inform you about this, so that you can 'ride the wave' of this special energy. Isn't anything that can amp up what is already happening another delight? Well, maybe we tighten our safety belts somewhat...


    The concept of the Ides of March has been mentioned in the channelings of Bashar for many, many years. We would like for you to have access to the entire text. Michael has started a blogsite and has placed the complete channeling there.


     For us at Angel Valley the Ides of March is always a point of reflection, of clarifying our intent and put new things in motion. Each person in our team has been invited to rephrase their reason why they are here at Angel Valley. We will share some of this with you via this and upcoming newsletters. Michael shares his perspective on his blogsite. He is looking forward to have exciting interactive communication and discussions with those who feel guided to interact with him in this way.

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     Angel Valley has its own consciousness with its own purpose for being. We, Angels of The Valley, are committed to listen and to be the best stewards we can be. In the weeks, months, and years ahead we trust that we are doing Thy Will in allowing Angel Valley to reveal its purpose and to follow the direction this sacred land points out to us. In this process we learn and grow, as we have grown from experiences of the past.


     At this moment we are working with our friends Steven and Deborah on the expansion of Angel Valley. They have a vast knowledge and a lifetime of experience with ancient philosophies and teachings, and with alternative healing methods. We give you a taste of what this new direction promises by sharing some quotes from a 'vision statement' that has been drafted.


     Since the beginning of recorded history references have been made in virtually all religious and philosophical writings to either an angelic, spiritual or unseen presence (The Creator of the Creation) as a supporting essence.  Our earliest ancestors held a reverence for those aspects of our natural/physical world that humankind did not, or could not, create.  This concept was held sacred around the world for thousands of years.


     As people have looked away from the grandeur of the infinite, to a concept of possessing the finite, humankind has lost its real connection with this supporting essence. As individuals have focused upon accumulating possessions, society as a whole has lost its contact with this Greater Force.


     Throughout time many ancient philosophers have attempted to remind us to recognize and come into rapport with the great Creative Energies that manifest and sustain our existence. They have invited us to feel our greater inner awareness and bring back balance, harmony, joy, peace and love into our lives.


     At Angel Valley we believe that through your contact with the unequaled beauty of Sedona, your immersion in the wonderful angelic presence that resides here and your access to a multitude of ancient teachings, you will unfold to your highest potential. You choose those ancient teachings that appeal to you. Angel Valley provides the angelic atmosphere that allows your inner nature to unfold in a natural manner.  Within this sacred space your unfolding is supported, enhanced and natural.


    Angel Valley is sacred, yet not unique. The ancients knew full well the importance of sacred space and sacred vibrations coming from music, color and form. We intend to let both the angels and the ancients speak, as we listen to and connect with our Divine beingness, and find the formats to give this form.  


 From this starting point we are developing plans that we will be sharing with you in the time to come. We invite anyone that receives a message from Spirit to share with us.
Send your vision to michael@angelvalley.org or post it on Michael's blogsite http://michaelsvision.wordpress.com

   As we leave the soul's season of

hibernation and introspection behind

we prepare to spring ahead

with all that we have discovered within. 


At this point on your journey how have you changed?

What have you discovered about you?

What brings you the greatest joy?

What excites you the most and inspires you? 


Spring is such a wonderful time with

so much new life within and without. 

What will you give new life to?  

What are you inspired to nurture in your life?





Fulfilling my Soul Purpose


     What makes my heart sing as I have the privilege of spending my days in this precious valley? Not only am I a multi-faceted, multi-tasking individual, I always find a million things to do or that need to be done. I am a DO-er, doing my best to at the same time BE. As I do the many things, there is always this one basic motivation: I love Angel Valley and my original dream of creating an environment for myself and for others to heal, learn and grow is always alive.  Yet, in order not to lose myself in the multitude, I have to narrow my activities down. That keeps me centered and healthy.


     What then, are the things that are closest to my heart?

First of all, being creative, being the artist, creating beauty for myself, for or with others, or at Angel Valley, seeing the beauty in everything and with every person that comes on my path.

Then, working with others, again, there are many different ways that give me satisfaction. However, my favorite is the interaction I have when a person allows me to assist them to deal with grief issues. The miracles that I have seen happening, when I walk with a person on this path for a period of time, touch me deeply. They have a direct relation with the essence of why I am alive.


     Through all that I do, more and more aware, I continue being a student of life, always learning, always growing. In that, I feel I am fulfilling my soul purpose for this journey on earth. 


WHY AM I HERE IN ANGEL VALLEY? - Michael Hamilton 

Following My Excitement


     Have you met me before? Then you have probably heard me talk about my favorite theme: Following my excitement, in other words listening to my heart at any moment and putting that into action. I have written an article about this, rephrasing the focus that I am living as consistently as I possibly can. 


Please, visit  http://michaelsvision.wordpress.com







It was the staircase! I first heard about Angel Valley through a retreat I wanted to attend. While visiting Angel Valley's website my spirit was captivated. I saw the picture of the staircase that leads up Michael's mountain and I actually felt as though I was being pulled into the image on the computer. I knew I had to go there. 

Angel Valley felt for me like heaven on earth. I could breathe easily here, I could fully take in life. When I returned to Texas I felt homesick.My spirit brought me back several times until finally I was guided to relocate my family here.



This place strikes a chord within my soul.

Here I can express the many facets of who I am:

A light worker, an energy worker, an empath, a spiritual counselor,

a nurturer, a grounder, an artist, a musician and a creator.

I love being who I am, especially in this space.

I love using my many talents along with the tools and skills I have acquired. I love contributing to something I believe in... I believe in this place and all that it stands for.

I love being a support for this ministry and a stewart of the sacred land that brought me here.

I love being of assistance to all those whose spirits lead them here.



Dreams are so important to me. Spirit puts dreams into our hearts for a reason. They are a part of the Divine plan and the future of our planet. I urge readers to reconnect with the dreamer within and their forgotten dreams. Or maybe it is time to dream a new dream...


I am committed to express my authentic self as I am always changing, realizing who I am and how I can recreate myself in this new moment. 

I LOVE Being An Angel of the Valley.






We continue our work at Angel Valley with a great sense of gratitude

for everything and everybody who crosses our path.

Sometimes the gratitude is because of the joy that we experience. 

Sometimes the gratitude is because of the lesson we learn.

One of our favorite sayings for the more 'challenging' situations is:

'Thank you for the gift I am giving myself through you'.


Lots of Love & Many Blessings, 


Amayra, Michael, Kirstin, Fawn, Su,
Cara Marie, Phil and Baltazar