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Issue: 2011 #3    March 30, 2011
Prayer for the Water
Transforming Fear
We Send Our Love



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An earth angel came on our path, who added a new tool to Angel Valley's features.



the two labyrinths,

the angel wheel,

the vortex circles,

the angel connection sites,

the divine feminine circle


the memorial heart

we have

an addition to the

Garden of Transformation.


Rebirthing Stone.

 rebirth stone


On a location 

close to the creek,

Rebirth Healing

takes place,

either in a facilitated session or in your

self-guided meditation. 


The concept is that in our process of transformation

there is a death of the old,

our old beliefs,

our fears and traumas, 

our ego/personality issues.

Then we give birth to the new being that we want to be.

This birthing process may be momentarily uncomfortable, but creates a liberation

and a new strength,

with which we  

embrace life in a new way.  

It is a beautiful process

of celebration.    


We will share more about

this exciting feature

as we go.    


We thank you for  

continuing sending

your love and light

to the James Ray trial.


in particular today March 30th in the afternoon,

Michael asks you

to send him prayers,

as he will be testifying.  


Amayra's testimony

is currently scheduled

for April 6th  




We are spreading the word and ask you to join the global prayer for the water in the nuclear plants in Fukushima, initiated by Dr. Emoto, on

Thursday, March 31, at noon in each timezone.

Every person who has watched 'What the Bleep' and who has followed Dr. Emoto's work knows that we have the ability to change the energy of the water.

While we humans thought we were getting so advanced with our technical knowledge, we begin to realize that this same human mind has also invited disaster which the mind can not resolve. It is only through the heart and the energy of love that change can occur.

Let us all step into our power and use our God-given abilities to get into action for the world, for ourselves and for our children.

Please see Dr.Emoto's article at
http://emotopeaceproject.blogspot.com and

If you are interested, and you think you can handle it, you may watch an 8-minute video clip made by a Japanese filmer, called 'Mount Fuji in Red'.

Touching in a beautifully uplifting way is the song that Deva Premal  and Miten have dedicated as a tribute to Japan, called 'In the Light of Love'.

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How do we deal with what is going on in the world? How do we keep our balance, remain centered? Are the news reports overwhelming? Is there nuclear fallout coming our way? Or is there no risk where we are?  Can the information that the authorities give out be trusted? Or is  their 'no problem' the only way to avoid mass panic? Do we take  articles    about possible earthquakes in the western part of our continent serious? Or do we not want to go there at all? Do we change traveling plans, or buy extra food, just in case?

What do we do with things that ARE happening?
What do we do with things that MAY happen?

In many of us FEAR is brought up.
We can try to deny what is happening around us or try to ignore our feelings. We can get into a panic and allow ourselves to be  controlled by the fear. We can also face our fears and do something with it. That is a conscious choice.  Once we dive into this and are willing to look at what it is that we are afraid of, we make a start. It is the beginning of transforming the fear. We may have to dive deeper and deeper into ourselves, finding in what areas in our lives we feel uncertain or unsafe. We may get an idea about what trust issues we have and where they are located. We will run into our core beliefs about our existence, about life. The question why we are here and what are we to do with our life is unavoidable. Once we have decided we want to find answers to these questions we are on our way to transform our fears. How we do that is an individual journey, different for each one of us.
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If you think there is validity to the concept that all energy finds its form of manifestation, and that fear manifests in its own specific way, you may find additional motivation to work on the transformation of your fears. We are all part of a consciousness grid that impacts all of us. If we carry fear, we contribute to the gestalt of fear that impacts the entire world. If we transform our fears we not only benefit ourselves, but we contribute to the possibility for others to transform their fears by bringing this transformed energy into the grid. We are all connected!

Many teachers have spoken that there are only two emotions: LOVE and FEAR. Which do you choose to put your focus on?

Transforming our fear may be the journey of a lifetime. However, the journey is one step at a time and depends only on one thing: our commitment to transform our fears.
You can make that choice NOW! 

Michael, Amayra, Kirstin, Lalita, Fawn, Sue, Rutilo and Stephen   

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