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Issue: 2011 #2   March 15, 2011
Spring At Angel Valley
March 15 - The Ides Of March
THE Book....
Still Holding On With Faith


The splendor....


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.... and the fragrance!  


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On March 10, 2011 we received the following notice from our attorneys:


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton,



It has been a struggle,

but we are happy to report that we have reached a settlement. 


The ten lawsuits filed against us by participants of the sweat lodge tragedy

on October 8, 2009 

have been resolved,

after a long journey

of twisting and turning through the legal field.

We are grateful

for all the support,

seen and unseen,

spoken and unspoken,

that we have received.

Faith has been

our constant companion guiding and directing us

in our choices.

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James Ray's trial

is slowly moving forward.

A court order has told us

to stay away from any

news reports of the trial.


The date of our testimony

has been postponed.

No new date has been set yet to appear in court as a witness for the prosecution.


Once again

we thank you for sending 

your loving prayers!
That the truth may prevail!
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On March 12th our dear friend Cynthia Williams
sent out a beautiful letter
to all her contacts.

had encountered for herself and in many phone calls she received on the day of the earthquake/tsunami, that many of us have felt what happened with the earth
on a physical and
on an emotional level.
She wrote a wonderful letter full of suggestions on how to recognize which is which, and how to handle discomfort.
Most of all she wrote about how to
deal with fears that may come up because of what we are experiencing.

If you are interested,
email me and
I will forward the letter to you.




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We return quickly this time, even before we have been able to answer the many beautiful responses we received to our previous newsletter. Know, dear friends, that we feel your love and support! Your presence with us is felt more strongly than ever before.  


We want to give you an update on a few topics and alert you of the date of the 15th, the Ides of March. Most people are not aware of today's special energy. We invite you to read the article below, a summary of a message from Bashar as channeled by Darryl Anka, and take advantage of this cosmic impulse. Create a focus for yourself, for your life, and send energy out to all who need a strengthening of their focus, and support in the goals they set for themselves. Include also our brothers and sisters who are severely impacted by the recent earth movements. Pray that in whatever way the earth expresses itself, the pain of individual trauma may be soothed. We are all part of what is taking place globally, the more we live in the oneness which is our true essence.    

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March 14, 2011


Two weeks ago we showed you Angel Valley in the snow, the only snow we had had this winter. Yesterday I took pictures of the blossoms, with a temperature of 75F. Don't you love it? Spring is here!  


Creating the New Paradigm world as revealed by Archangel Michael on July 21, 2008, has been a wobbly journey to put it mildly. During these past thirty-three months I have experienced people coming into my life and then almost as quickly as they came they left. I am also experiencing people coming into my life and staying because they are discovering more about their own True Natural Selves. I have been challenged to the very core of my being along with my all my beliefs as a result of the October 8th sweat lodge incident.


I made a choice to move forward with FAITH and into a full trust with the now-moment!


My ego/personality mind has been fighting for its very survival. Because the mind functions on fear and doubt it has been attempting to climb back into the driver seat and take control of my life. It wants to know what is next and how everything is going to work out.


Today, March 15, 2011, I can say without any doubt that at least 51% or more of my life choices are being made based upon my direct communication with my Higher Self and GOD/SOURCE and on my commitment to do 'Thy Will'!


The future has not been written in stone! All of our now-moment choices will attract the experiences and the reality that align with those choices


The present is not a result of the past! The past is created in the present! The present is a result of the present!


What we learned and taught yesterday, is already out dated! We are free to attract any new paradigm reality, which already exists, that we imagine and dream it into our lives.


The Teacher and the Taught create the Teachings!


When we are present in each now-moment we will be aware of the new insights and informational downloads being transmitted by Source, received through our Higher Self, which will teach us new and sustainable ways of playing with the stewardship of money, with time and space, with the earth, and with each other.


I believe Angel Valley to be a sacred space for exploring our true natural selves in the now-moment and where we can all receive inner guidance and clarity as to our contribution in Uniting Heaven on Earth into a New Paradigm World.


I invite you to visit Angel Valley and to experience it yourself.


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For information contact: michael@angelvalley.org or call 928-634-1320




Message from Bashar via Darryl Anka:

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The idea that you have called in your society 'The Ides of March', though technically speaking it is your 15th, recognize that there is a larger window than just a single day. You can draw a window from about your 12th day of March to your 18th day of March, give or take a day or two on either side, depending upon the year, depending upon the changes that have gone on in your collective consciousness as to the energy that surrounds an approximate midpoint of March 15th.


This gateway that we are referring to is the result of your collective consciousness on many levels, both physiologically and non-physiologically, coming to a certain point of momentum, a certain point in the cycle of the changes and the evolution that goes on within you.


As each and every one of you, individually, begins to explore and investigate certain things and move in certain directions, your collective momentum creates energy gates that afford the individuals in your society an opportunity to ride the collective energy of that gate through a doorway to another level, another accelerated momentum of yourself.It is an opportunity in this Ides of March window, for you to have better assessment about who and what you are, to more precisely clarify who and what you believe yourself to be, who and what you desire yourself to be.  


This timing is a particularly important one. It is like unto the eye of the needle, in that the only way you can really allow yourself to pass easily, without struggle, pain or effort, through the transitional eye of the needle doorway and to really let go of all the things that don't belong to you because only you, only the true you, the real you, the natural you will fit through the eye of the needle. Anything that does not belong will not fit. If you try to bring it with you through the eye of the needle it will be a struggle, it will be a strain. It cannot fit.


Now especially is the time for clarification and cleansing, for releasing those ideas, those belief systems, patterns and habits, that may have been placed within your consciousness by your parents, by your peers, by your society, that do not define the you you prefer to be, that are not about who you KNOW you really are, in your heart of hearts, to let them go and to redefine and reassess yourself. This momentum that exists right now is SO fortuitous for high acceleration


If you are really willing to let go of those things that don't work for you, then this timing is when you can really take advantage of the collective energy of your society, that affords you to ride through the doorway, so that on the other side, at the end of this particular timing of cycle you can find yourself truly beginning to function as a new person in a new reality, having let go of those things that have been holding you back, weighing you down. You find yourself much more highly accelerated, feeling lighter and seeing more instantaneous manifestation in your lives, keeping things more in the present, more in the now, more immediate, rather than projecting into the future or into the past. Letting go of those things that don't serve you will help you remain more firmly in the present and allow you to gather and integrate all your energy in the here and now, so that you can function with more awareness, more consciousness.  


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The channeling is longer, talking about manifesting and prayer,  stating that all exists in one moment, and that it is just a matter of see that everything I am asking for has already been given to me. Bashar also shares that there is no such thing as lack of motivation or lack of trust. The question is what am I trusting in. This is not philosophy! This is physics!


If you are interested to read the entire article, please, email us at

info@angelvalley.org and we will email it to you.  

THE BOOK.....   

We shared in our previous newsletter that we will share details of our journey of learning and transforming in a book that we are writing. As we are working diligently on the manuscript and all other aspects involved. The title is




We are sure that once the book is out you will all be wanting to read it. We will let you know when it will be available.  The outcome of the trial will not impact our experiences and what we share. Yet, we do not want to impact the trial in any way, shape or form. Therefore the book will not come out until after the trial.


We will keep you in the loop on our progress.

We send all of you our love
and we thank all those who are holding us in their prayers!
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Michael, Amayra, Kirstin, Lalita, Fawn, Sue and Rutilo