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Issue: 2011 #1  March 1, 2011
Angel Valley In Transition
Day Retreat 'Chakradancer'
Upcoming Retreats
James Ray Trial
THE Book....
Winter In Sedona
Welcome Home
Holding On With Faith
Even when we have snow....





Snow on cactus....



On January 18, 201

we finally got our zoning issues with the county resolved through a unanimous vote of the Board of Supervisors.

This was preceded by numerous interactions with the county staff and a number of hearings, some of which came out with a negative advice.

We are very happy with the outcome!   

During the fall of 2010 you may have met Mark and Vicki Rock. Mark has been on a journey of profound healing after the sweat lodge incident in 2009. He was active in our 'Garden of Transformation', a project that is to be continued.
After living with us for 41/2 months they decided to move on, yet, are still in the area. Thank you, dear friends! It was a joy having you in our community for that period of time!
Rama is continuing his journey in Europe, after having been part of our group for almost 6 months. We wish you all the best in this next phase, Rama!
 Esther is spending her third period with us in our Retreat and Work Program.
Her sister Inge got the Angel Valley 'bug', as did her friend Shirley.
It is a joy to be part of major shifts in the lives of these beautiful young women.
We also had Iris here for an extended period, and Eric and Josh. Nobody leaves Angel Valley untouched!!!   
Debra Martin and Mark Rock have announced a day event in the Sedona Creative Life Center, called 'Experience the Gift of the Tragedies Around Us'.  
Saturday April 2, 2011
Amayra appeared in court for an evidentiary hearing,
in preparation of the trial of James Ray.
We are proud to announce the birth of our new brochure!!






The short time we see snow at Angel Valley we are in such awe!!!




2011, year of change, of completion, of transition, preparing for THE shift in 2012-2013. At least, that is what it feels like for us at Angel Valley. Old things are being finalized, getting resolved, finding closure, or simply falling away. New ways and opportunities are being presented to us in every moment of every day. We are forced to make different choices by being more in the NOW-moment than ever before! Keeping the faith, as we surrender and trust the unknown is a major theme, especially since our minds can't run this show  any more. What does that mean for Angel Valley? What is the direction we are moving into?  


Chartres Labyrinth in the Snow, February 27th, 2011 


We feel an invitation from the land, from the angels, and from aIl  that has occurred in our own journey, to go deeper and deeper into Healing and Transformation Retreats. With world events increasing in intensity, with people feeling their security, or  rather the illusion of security, being shaken and challenged, more and more people are seeking guidance in changing their lives.


What we see occurring at Angel Valley is a shift into more Individual Intensive Retreats. We are seeing people changing their thoughts, their beliefs, and their actions in a fraction of the time that it used to take to change one's life. Things are speeding up. Today things are possible, that in the past we could only dream about. On a soul level we have all agreed to be part of the shift that we individually and collectively are now experiencing. Angel Valley, through its own transformation, is, more profoundly than ever before, an optimal sacred space in nature to allow this process of integrating and transforming to occur.  


Our Retreat & Work Program is another vehicle where we see miracles happen.


It has become clear to us, that hosting (large) group retreats can no longer be our main focus. Certainly, we will continue welcoming some of our highly valued teachers, who have been coming to Angel Valley for years with their students, and with whom we have a heart-felt relationship.


We will be facilitating more of our own group retreats, along with expanding our co-facilitating group retreats. The key is, and will always be: there has to be a resonance from within between us and the facilitators who come to Angel Valley. From there we can create magic together! If this resonates with you, please, contact us at [email protected] or call (928) 634-1320.  


Keep an eye on our website www.angelvalley.org! In the coming weeks and months we will share more about those changes!      

For more details about Esther and about this exciting day retreat,

please, visit www.NiaNu.nl - go to page 'Playshops', and


 We are looking forward to the following retreats, where Angel Valley will be co-facilitating with three beautiful facilitators:
Sherry Olsen, a returning teacher from Canada,
Yoga teacher Dana Layon from Florida and
Kim Stanwood Terranova, who is coming to Angel Valley for her third annual retreat.
  For more information on the retreats,
and for direct contact with the facilitators, please, visit www.awakenyourspirit.ca,
www.danalayon.com and www.namasteretreats.com

We are looking forward to bringing closure to the sweat lodge incident that took place at Angel Valley on October 8, 2009.

Today James Ray's trial begins. It is scheduled to last several months. The process will be televised live nationally.
Amayra has been asked by the prosecution to testify.

We ask all of you to send your prayers to all involved.
Let truth and heart energy prevail. 
We thank you for sending your loving intentions!   
THE BOOK.....   

We, Michael and Amayra, will be sharing our journey that has brought us squarely into the middle of the Sedona sweat lodge incident, along with all the publicity, controversy and judgment surrounding it.  


No event can ever be understood if we treat it as being separate and disconnected from our conscious and unconscious choices and the subsequent pathways we have taken. After an event like this, all of us who have been directly or indirectly involved, or have witnessed the event from afar, will be making choices that determine the path that we walk. We feel the desire to share our understanding of how our choices, the choices of those directly involved, along with the choices of humanity, all converged on October 8, 2009.


We feel that Liz, Kirby and James have given their lives so humanity would have the grand opportunity to gain profound insights, and, from those insights, make new choices. For those who choose to see, to hear, and to learn through the sweat lodge incident, we feel that there is no better way to honor them ,when all of us live a better and more conscious life because of what happened.


We feel that the most appropriate and effective way to share our journey and to bring our truth into the 'Light of Day' is in the form of a book. This book will be released right after the James Ray trial has concluded. 

Every guest at Angel Valley enjoys that almost all through winter we can sit outside during lunchtime and bask in the delightful wintersun. In December we had some intense rain.
The footbridge did wash away, but is back in place.
Then we had 2 months of dry weather, with an extremely cold spell. When it rained last weekend we could hear the trees rejoicing!
This Sunday we woke up in a gorgeous, white fairyland.  As usual, we had to be quick with the camera, because by noon almost everything was gone.  

In July 2008, Archangel Michael told me, Michael, in a dream, that if I was willing, by 12/21/2012, we could have the foundation for a New Paradigm World laid at Angel Valley!


This would be a New Paradigm World of soul families and kindred spirits living together, working together, and playing together. It would be a world where everyone was being their True Natural Selves. Everyone was living consciously in each now-moment with clear communication being experienced by ALL.


Over the past few weeks I came to the realization that what Archangel Michael said would be here by 12/21/2012, is already here and is already being experienced by all of us who live and work at Angel Valley.

snow-at-av-2 A BIRTH at Angel Valley has occurred. We  may have some distance to go until we will be experiencing the reality that Archangel Michael was referring to 100% of the time. Yet, the foundation has been laid with a lot of soul searching and listening to our Higher Self guiding us on the path of being our True Natural Self in every now-moment!


Kirstin is expanding her ways of expressing herself. We are sending out the call for other kindred spirits that feel the guidance from within to take on responsibility for nourishing  our guests through their dining experience with healthy food. Kirstin's guidance gives her the clarity that she does not want to be the only responsible person in the food department at Angel Valley.  


Fawn is also expanding her ways of expressing herself through her Ministry. We are sending out the call for other kindred spirits who feel the desire to assist in nurturing our guests through housekeeping and making Angel Valley beautiful.


There are other opportunities available for those feeling a resonance with what Angel Valley is committed to provide for its guests. If you feel inspired and guided from within to be part of  the Angel Valley family, please contact: [email protected]ey.org or call 928-634-1320.

We send all of you our love
and we thank all those who are holding us in their prayers!
Michael, Amayra, Kirstin, Lalita, Fawn, Sue, Esther and Rutilo