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Issue: 2010 # 5 November 16, 2010
Retreat 'Now I Am'
Our Love
We have them completed:
The Photo Galleries
on our website.
welcome bear
A new coat... Thank you, Vasily!

Take a moment
and allow yourself an Angel Valley experience through a slide show.
Visit our webpage
and watch a video
made by
John and Lisa Ward.
group ashley warrenton-smith 2
The students of
Ashley Warrenton-Smith's
'Dancing with Source
Mystery School'
share their experiences at Angel Valley.
During the winter months, between mid December and mid February,
we will have room

Enjoy Arizona's
sunny climate
during a winter retreat!
What we would like
to attract is
What is it
that nobody seems
to be able to resist
the love that a baby
brings out
in all of us?
michael & jake

We enjoyed
Vanessa and Jake
visiting a few weeks ago.
fawn, vanessa & jake
Vanessa, Jake, Fawn

We are still glowing...
The women of
Angel Valley
have started
a women circle:
every Wednesday morning from 10am-12pm
they get together
and do 'something'
that connects us with our Divine Feminine.
women circle w grandmother tree sm
Under the Grandmother Tree

Whether it is the Women Circle or something else, we have felt
major shifts occurring, including in our men.
women circle 1
Sharing, crafts, and much more

Guests and visitors are welcome to participate.

First of all we are grateful to be able to be in touch with you again.

We send our thanks and gratitude to all friends of Angel Valley for your prayers, your love, support, and encouragement during this past period. Some ask us: are all difficulties behind you? No, unfortunately they are not. However, we feel blessed, guided, protected, supported, and loved.

We also thank those few who have chosen to blame us for what occurred in the sweat lodge incident in October of last year. We know that some people have chosen to stay away from Angel Valley or feel we should close our doors. All truths and perspectives are true to the people who hold them even when they are 180 degrees opposite to our own.

This is a life of free will and choice, which are two of the most powerful gifts we have been given by the Creator. We also realize that life has no built-in meaning: it is meaning-less. It is only the definition we give to what happens to us that determines our reality.

We are choosing to integrate both the dark aspects of what occurred and the light aspects. We choose to see it all as a transformational experience for Angel Valley, for all involved and for all of mankind. We believe that birth and death are flip sides of the coin of life.

rock art

Rock Art in Autumn Glow

During these past 13 months we have been reflecting on Angel Valley's Philosophy, Mission, and Vision. One of the results of that reflection is  that we are choosing to expand our communication with those who feel a strong resonance with Angel Valley. We will be bringing Angel Valley Ministries' message out into the world in a more expanded and interactive way than so far.


Angel Valley Ministries will also begin sharing more on the experiences had and lessons learned from the Sedona Sweat Lodge in the 'NOW I AM' retreat in December. 

Before the 1st of the year 2011 Angel Valley Ministries will be sending out an invitation to all the people who are currently on our mailing list. The invitation will be for all who feel a deep and profound resonance with Angel Valley Ministries and have a desire to create a more interactive relationship with us. We will be Co-Creating along with other Kindred Spirits, New Paradigm Messages, Programs, Experiences & Community.

* Recently we began interactive communications with our friends
through Facebook
and we would be delighted to be your friend if you desire.

* The Angel Valley Sedona newsletters will continue and

you will receive at least one quarterly.

Angel Valley Ministries communications will be

monthly and or bi-weekly.


Treat yourself with a wonderful retreat
that will take place around Christmas.
Our beautiful, dynamic, Esther Arends, aka Esther Eagle,
is going to guide an exciting experience of discovery
together with Michael Hamilton.

nowiam 1
nowiam 2

For more details about Esther and about the retreat,
please, visit www.nianu.nl - go to page 'NOW I AM reTreats',
and www.angelvalley.org/pages/calendar/special.html


  team lunch 101107
Team lunch November 7, 2010

The Angel Valley Team
(also those not on the above photo)