Issue: 2010 # 4   October 4, 2010
Ceremony October 8
Garden of Transformation
Our Love
For all of you who know Jordan and Vanessa: their beautiful son was born on June 4, 2010

jake born
Aren't they gorgeous?

jake born 2
And what about granddad holding his one-hour old grandson?

More grandbabies,
trying to decide
who is coming first.
Fawn and Sue
are the proud grandmothers!
caleb's daughter brie
On August 2 Brie was born to Caleb & Jennifer. Remember Caleb,
our chef in 2008?

Mave was born to Sue's daughter on August 3.
baby mave

Lovely, healthy babies
in happy families!!
The program is working. We have continually had work retreatants around, who both benefit from Angel Valley's transformative energy and we benefit from what they contribute
to Angel Valley.
The focus is:
a balanced
exchange of energy.

garden 2010 1

Thank you
for being with us!
For those who left:
we are looking forward
to see you again!
Two precious friends transitioned:


Thank you, dear ones, for all the love we have shared and for what we  learned through you.

garden 2010 2
We are still harvesting.
Is there anything better than eating fresh from the earth?

garden 2010 3 apples

Our fruit trees
were bearing
apples and pears
this year!!

sunflower fall
And now
fall has arrived.....

On October 8, from 3:00 to 5:00pm the Angel Valley team invites those who feel guided to attend a ceremony at Angel Valley on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the sweat lodge incident.
Part of our intent is to once again honor those who passed one year ago and to pray for further healing for all those who have been impacted by the incident. We will be expressing our thanks for all the support that each of us has received in a year, that has been so traumatic for so many.
At the same time we want to focus on how we make the next step. We have learned from the experience. We have grown. For many it has been a process of tremendous transformation, of getting a deeper understanding about life and death and a more profound appreciation for the preciousness of life. Therefore the ceremony will be a celebration of life.

garden of transformation 1
On the occasion, what we have so far called the Memorial Site will be officially renamed The Garden of Transformation.
We ask those who cannot physically be present to join us in prayers and meditation.
We ask each person who would like to present something during the ceremony to contact us, be it a song or other piece of music, a prayer, a poetic text, a statement or any other contribution that comes from the heart. It will be a celebration of love and togetherness.
After the event we invite you to stay for supper. Angel Valley will serve the main dish. We ask attendees to share in the form of bringing a side dish, a dessert or a financial contribution.

Location: The Garden of Transformation
In case the weather is less cooperative, you will find signs that direct you to the Crystal Hall.
Please rsvp at [email protected] or call (928) 634-1320.

garden of transformation 2


What has happened at the Memorial Site?
During this past year many have visited the place and have prayed here, meditated, done ceremonies of honoring and healing.
The heart, as you see it today, formed itself with the stones that were used during the sweat lodge ceremony of October 8, 2009.
The big crystals symbolize those who passed, surrounded by the many who have known and loved them.

Recently trees have been planted, starting with three trees that symbolize the continuation of life on the other side of those who passed. Their earthly life has had meaning and continues to be meaningful.

garden of transformation planting 1
The first five trees have been planted. They form the shape of a pentagon, a five-sided polygon. In addition to the three trees  mentioned, one tree represents all those who were part of last year's ceremony and are still in the physical, plus all others who have ever attended a sweat lodge ceremony at Angel Valley.
The fifth tree represents the Angels.
More trees will come, representing various aspects of transformation.

A spiral is being created, as a symbol of everlasting love that cannot be contained.

In the creative process healing is taking place.
As one sweat lodge participant, who is currently working on it, states:
"Every piece of dirt I move, every rock I touch and
every plant I plant is another step in my healing process".
On September 27 friends of Liz Neuman came to Angel Valley to honor their friend. After they learned about our plan to create the Garden of Transformation they decided to gift and plant a tree in Liz's memory. The tree that was chosen is a Cedrus Deodara, which has a very good chance in the climate and elevation of Angel Valley to grow into a large, powerful tree. Angel Valley's team will nurture the tree in gratitude.
liz's tree 1

liz's tree 2

You are invited to adopt a tree for

Angel Valley's Garden of Transformation

  team in golfcart

The Angel Valley Team
(also those not on the above photo)