Issue: 2010 # 3 June 1, 2010
Free Will and Choice
Michael's Vision
Amayra's Vision
Kirstin's Vision
Fawn's Vision
Group Retreats - different pricing!!!
Individual Retreat - exciting news!!!
Spirit Camping
Retreat & Work Program
Of course you have noticed we have
a new website.
have you
visited it lately?
There are lots of
new pictures,
showing how beautiful Angel Valley is!

prickly pear 1

And then....
the Photo Gallery
is still a project
in the making!

Have a look in the next few weeks!

The invitation in our previous newsletter led to quite some responses from people who would love to spend some time here.

prickly pear 2

What we had not mentioned is,
that your contribution has to be of a practical nature.
We thank those
who offered
holistic services.
However, as much as we appreciate your talents and your willingness, that is
not always
where our needs are.

volunteer jade frank

We have created a
list of projects that
will match the
people being guided
to Angel Valley.
If are feeling called
from within please
feel free to contact us!

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Are you interested in the expe
riences of our current volunteers?
Find them on our website!
On our website
we have testimonials, which we chose to call


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Take some time and enjoy the beauty of other people's experiences!

We thank those whose comments we have been able to use.
It would be wonderful if you have an experience that could be added.


garden fennel

Work is being done in the garden.
We have started to enjoy the greens from our garden!

garden red cabbage
Every chef who has worked at Angel Valley over the years has heard one repeating question:

Share your recipes
with us!!!

However, that recipe book has been 'in the making' for years....

plate w food

Kirstin came up with a solution : let us put some of the favorites on the website.

Have a look!
Speaking of water:
Are you aware that you can have the same amazing quality
of the water
in your home
as Angel Valley has?



1. ALL are welcome to  fill up at our
faucets and receive

2. You can purchase your own structured water device for your home, your shower, your kitchen, your garden or your pool from us!
Please call us!

that the desert is

prickly pear 5

The photos on this page were taken
on June 1.
The prickly pears
have just started
to bloom.
Aren't they
absolutely gorgeous?

is the yucca that is just ready to show off!

One of our regular teachers brings yogi to Angel Valley, who just HAVE to do their practice in the breaks of their meditation sessions.
Isn't she terrific?

And what do you think about the assistance that our cat Yin is providing?
Angel Valley is really
all about service!


In this newsletter different members of the Angel Valley Team will be sharing their Visions according to their experiences, beliefs, and perspectives.
mosaic icon 
Like in a mosaic where different pieces of material come together to create a beautiful expression of art, Angel Valley Sedona is a place where different people come together to form a beautiful expression of life. When everyone is being their unique puzzle piece we will see that everything and everyone fits and the manifestation will be a magnificent expression of True Self's living and working in alignment with one another.

We are introducing four new concepts that reflect our new awareness, new insights and that are in tune with our current perspective on personal responsibility and accountability.
Please review and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

We enjoy being in communication with you again!
My sharing is only from my point of view and does not necessarily express any other person's point of view or perspective. It is time for me to more fully express me and to let my light shine more brightly. It is time for me, as a co-founder, to take more of the responsibility that comes with living and working at Angel Valley.
I have chosen to take my Personal Experiences around the October 8th Sweat Lodge and use them as My Guidance on my journey through life! Within days of the incident I began walking the Labyrinth and repeating the following mantra: My Higher Self is Guiding me! Not My will but Thy will be done!
I am taking these opportunities to review My Beliefs and My Choices and to be my True Natural Self. Since July 2008, I have been carrying a Vision given to me by Archangel Michael. This is a Vision of a New Paradigm World where everyone is Living in The Now Moment, everyone is Being Their True Self, everyone is Following their Highest Excitement, and everyone is receiving Direct Guidance and Messages, from Source, The Creator God.
For further reading on my perspective on the New Paradigm, please, visit
God has given Me the Gift of Free Will and of Choice. I and I alone have the freedom to choose how I will respond, what Attitude I will hold, and what Beliefs I will choose to embrace around what happens to Me. With these Gifts I take on the Personal Responsibility and Accountability for all of My Conscious and Unconscious Thoughts, Words, and Actions.
 michael 1
Some Decisions I have made were at times based on beliefs I took on from others, in a sense giving my power away. One such choice was to have one set rate for each group retreat participant. This idea was presented to me by one particular facilitator and I went with it. The new pricing concept presented below is a result of my reviewing my past choices and then making a new choice.

I am choosing to more Consciously Follow My Excitement in my life, in what I do in and with Angel Valley. I have not always allowed My Excitement and My Light to shine brightly, while at the same time always Inviting Others to Follow Their Excitement and to Turn Up the Brightness of Their Light.
I am inviting any Individual or Facilitator that feels they had an experience with Angel Valley, its Co-Founders or Staff that was felt as being out of alignment to contact me. Please let me know what was felt as being out of alignment and what can I do to bring things into alignment. My intent is to bring ALL past and current relationships into Balance and Alignment. I will do my best to address all responses where things were felt as being out of alignment and do my best to bring them in alignment ASAP.

Michael  Hamilton

The Philosophy as we have put it into words for Angel Valley is very much how I focus my intentions in my personal life.
See www.angelvalley.org/pages/aboutus/philosophy-vision-mission.html
One of my favorite themes is to be as much as I can in my Divine Feminine Power. That points me towards being in my heart, listening to my inner voice and to see the Divine in myself, in others and in everything around me. It directs me to be aware of what the Creator God presents to me by what I attract.
Looking at what has been on my path over this last period, I have had major opportunities to practice remaining centered, to focus on what is really important and to trust that things will all work out for the highest good of myself and everybody around me. Working harmoniously with others, with whom I may not always share the same insights and viewpoints, is another field of learning and practice. In the meantime I count the blessings in my life, feel gratitude for the place where I have the privilege to live and work, including the challenges in 'my sandbox', and enjoy my life.
 amayra 1
I am looking forward to connect, or re-connect, with more beautiful people that come to Angel Valley and to see them blossom.

Amayra Hamilton


I, too, have taken on the mantra of my higher self is guiding me.  Knowing that I will know what I need to know when I need to know it.  Two very powerful statements that have re-shaped my life.
These days I am listening to the call of something larger than me to go deeper into my shadow side, my darkness my fears.  I was asked to just show up, witness, hear these beliefs of this wounded-ness that have lived inside; to see the beauty and gifts that each one gave me through my life;  to thank them and bring them into the larger, more accepted place within me.  Mine is a path of going deeper into my soul.  To dance the dance of life with all parts of me, knowing that love is the only way.

A poem by Jelaluddin Rumi:

            The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
            Don't go back to sleep
            You must ask for what you really want
            Don't go back to sleep
            People are going back and forth across the doorsil
            Where the two worlds touch
            The door is round and open
            Don't go back to sleep

Where will you be when the call comes? Will you answer it?

I leave you with words by David Whyte:

"... sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn that anything or anyone that does not bring you alive
is too small for you..."

I came to Angel Valley to find freedom from the prison I had created in my life. I have found that freedom. It is in living from the heart, a place where trust in the Creator of all brings me to total peace and harmony within and without.
If you too want freedom, I invite you on the journey of a lifetime. Come to Angel Valley and go within your heart, where your true self, your Soul, lives. Listen to your heart! In doing so you will hear the voice of God.

The only place you can contact God is from within the heart.

Fawn Foster

We have found that most visiting Group Retreats have a focus that is mainly based upon a Personality who is offering his or her teachings and insights about a specific theme or topic. Angel Valley and what it has to offer is generally a secondary reason for the participants coming here. Group Retreats by their very nature create more of a business relationship between the Facilitator and Angel Valley.
We have decided to step away from one set rate for our lodging, which has been a simple concept for us to handle. We are now introducing the element of free will and choice regarding the accommodations for all Group & Individual Retreat participants.
We have established a new pricing arrangement for Group Retreats with five options, which reflect a difference based upon where a person chooses to sleep.

group ashley warrenton-smith
Please, visit our webpage:
For the new pricing and the group guidelines:

This change is effective per June 1, 2010 for all new Group Retreat contracts.


Individual Retreats generally focus on a personal theme or topic of self-reflection, self-discovery, and connecting with self. This can be achieved by individuals being alone in Nature and connecting with Spirit. It can also be achieved with the assistance of our individual holistic services. There is always the possibility of interaction with staff in one way or another and is based upon synchronicity and inner guidance. Angel Valley's Philosophy, Vision, and Mission play an important roll in Individual Retreats.

We know that for many, many people both the Individual Retreats and the Group Retreats serve as a very valuable support vehicle and tool, and we will continue supporting both.
We have reviewed our individual retreat programs and have come up with an more empowering way for people to be at Angel Valley for Individual Retreats.
We are introducing 'Conscious Energy Exchange' Programs for ALL Individual Retreats effective June 1, 2010.

We are taking a leap of faith and have remove all set rates for Individual Retreats Accommodations. Give what GOD and your Higher Self guide you to give in Exchange for what You Have Received. For the time being we will continue with a set rate for the meals, and for the individual holistic services.

individual sofia

Please, visit www.angelvalley.org/pages/aboutus/avm/conexen.html for more information on our Conscious Energy Exchange concept.

Visit www.angelvalley.org/pages/services/retreats/individual.html and www.angelvalley.org/private/individualinfo.html for more details.

Please call 928-634-2400 with any questions, comments or requests.

From April through October we will be offering camping at Angel Valley. There are five beautiful camping sites in the shaded area close to the creek. A shared bathroom is available for those camping sites. All campers will be responsible for their own camping equipment and their own food. Please, call for additional information.

Over the past years people have been guided to Angel Valley and have offered their services as volunteers. Some have stayed for days, some for weeks, and some for months.

Because of our beautiful experiences in working together with these kindred spirits that have been guided to Angel Valley, we recently have implemented an official Retreat & Work Program. 

Please, visit www.angelvalley.org/pages/aboutus/volunteer.html.

Some of our current Work Retreatants have shared their experiences, which you can read at

We welcome you all to enjoy the peace and quiet of Angel Valley
and allow yourself to be healed, rejuvenated and transformed.

The Angel Valley Team
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